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7/24/13 6:35 P

Thank you, and I'll check out the team :)

KIMBAJL Posts: 2,763
7/22/13 4:38 P

Zumba :)

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7/22/13 4:35 P

Try the Kinect to Fitness Sparkteam!

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7/22/13 11:57 A

I do the Nike X-Box Fitness game and the Zumba workouts and they are tough, but good.
Those are the only two I have tried.

7/22/13 11:46 A

Hi All! I have an XBOX and would like to try the Kinect workout games but hate buying them and being disappointed (I was with many of the wii workouts). I love many types of workouts including kickboxing, plyometrics, yoga/pilates, dance etc. What do you all recommend?

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