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CATIEBELLE Posts: 6,085
8/17/13 2:38 P

Not for several years because I usually get the time off my cellphone.

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PHDMAMA06 SparkPoints: (76,801)
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Posts: 5,835
8/17/13 1:16 P

Nope, I have not worn one since high school!
Running watch, now that's another story ;)

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SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 9,719
8/17/13 1:16 P

yes I still wear one.

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,088
8/17/13 1:14 P

I love wearing watches. And I freak out if I forget it.

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JPRSAVETTE SparkPoints: (5,215)
Fitness Minutes: (3,408)
Posts: 177
8/17/13 1:11 P

i have not worn a wristwatch since i was 8 years old and went through 5 Timex watches in under 6 months............

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DENRNAJ SparkPoints: (94,115)
Fitness Minutes: (135,332)
Posts: 3,456
8/17/13 11:38 A

Mine is more for the date- can't remember!

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8/17/13 11:22 A

Never leave the house without it! It works like a charm!

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (58,543)
Fitness Minutes: (2,138)
Posts: 3,712
8/17/13 11:20 A

I usually wear one...and have since childhood. a cellphone is nice, but it's not always handy when you need the time. A wristwatch is! emoticon

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/17/13 10:02 A

No, I have no need for a wristwatch when I have a cell.

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WSHAYES1 SparkPoints: (13,708)
Fitness Minutes: (2,317)
Posts: 88
8/17/13 9:57 A

Yes, never leave home without it. emoticon


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KIPPER15 Posts: 6,901
8/17/13 9:21 A

I wear a wristwatch as I need it for my job and my hubby gave me a lovely one.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
8/17/13 6:31 A

No, I do not. I wear a Nike Fuel Band

KRAFTYKRAFT SparkPoints: (61,649)
Fitness Minutes: (45,889)
Posts: 3,124
8/17/13 6:24 A

Yes, I still wear one and I tend to get quite neurotic if I am not wearing it :) I have a watch collection at my disposal to change depending on my mood for the day

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
8/17/13 6:22 A


MAXINOVA SparkPoints: (27,312)
Fitness Minutes: (15,054)
Posts: 870
8/17/13 1:58 A

I lost mine about the time I became a stay at home mom and then my smart phone took it's place. I remember feeling very lost without it at first.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,661
8/17/13 1:17 A

I always wear one! I would feel lost without one.

When I do forget, I absentmindedly lift up my wrist to look at the time! LOl!

MSTOWE57 Posts: 1,930
8/16/13 11:13 P


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KLDJSURVEY SparkPoints: (105,925)
Fitness Minutes: (30,877)
Posts: 682
8/16/13 9:43 P


MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
Fitness Minutes: (18,507)
Posts: 1,377
8/16/13 11:17 A

Yes, I have a nice one I wear to work and if I'm going out.

ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (95,517)
Fitness Minutes: (86,993)
Posts: 4,761
8/16/13 10:48 A

no - but sometimes i miss it...

Grand Rapids, MI

HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,720
8/16/13 10:45 A

no not since grade school

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BRANDIW7 SparkPoints: (32,744)
Fitness Minutes: (25,479)
Posts: 34
8/16/13 10:30 A

I love to buy watches, but I almost never wear them!

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
8/16/13 10:18 A

Funny thing. I have probably 10 different watches but I never wear one. Use to in college and before I was in front of a computer all the time but now I have the big box to tell me the time or my Fitbit or my phone so don't need the extra weight to slow me down!

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STEELER71 Posts: 8,042
8/16/13 10:12 A

I have a bunch of watches. I have Gossip watches in every color you can think of but my favorite watches are Joan Rivers'. I have casual ones and dressy ones. Her watches seem to last forever.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (108,108)
Fitness Minutes: (64,595)
Posts: 7,255
8/16/13 9:55 A

I always wear a watch! The few times I've left home without one, I find myself checking my wrist all day.

I have a Seiko that sis gave me many, many, many years ago. It has Eeyore on it. That's what I wear everyday.

I also have a HRM watch that I wear when exercising.

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BOBBI_260 SparkPoints: (11,269)
Fitness Minutes: (3,960)
Posts: 726
8/16/13 9:47 A

Haven't worn a wrist watch in a long time now emoticon

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SONICB Posts: 4,327
8/16/13 9:40 A

I would if I weren't too lazy to replace the batteries in the ones I currently own. Also been meaning to buy a Lego watch. :P

8/16/13 9:38 A

No, I use my cell.

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RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
8/16/13 7:42 A

I'm a watch FREAK - just can't afford the ones I really want, like Omega, Tissot, etc...

I wear a Bulova MarineStar watch most of the time. I really love it and bought it for myself for Father's Day 2 years ago. I also have a Timex IronMan sports watch I use mainly on weekends for all the weekend warrior type stuff I do and for running, etc. It's great having a tough watch for the great outdoors!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
8/16/13 7:16 A

Yes I wear one everyday and have since I was about 11 years old. I am stickler for punctuality!

LKS2GAB2 SparkPoints: (37,765)
Fitness Minutes: (24,191)
Posts: 1,230
8/16/13 7:09 A

No quit wearing because it bugs me at work when I am typing all day.

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FAITHP44 SparkPoints: (81,119)
Fitness Minutes: (46,157)
Posts: 5,001
8/16/13 7:00 A

All the time - except in the shower.

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,149
8/16/13 6:51 A

I wear a waterproof one and never take it off.

THROOPER62 Posts: 21,815
8/16/13 6:41 A

Online Now  • ))
I wear a sports watch time, steps and heart rate

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,332
8/16/13 6:38 A

I haven't worn a wristwatch regularly ever. I dislike the way they feel.

LATTELEE Posts: 4,697
8/16/13 12:12 A


JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (310,021)
Fitness Minutes: (246,760)
Posts: 8,984
8/16/13 12:04 A

Yes, I love my wrist watches!!!

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MAMA_CD Posts: 1,505
8/15/13 7:16 P

Yes, I tried to just use my phone but kept finding myself checking my wrist so I wear it all the time. I've been wearing one now for 46years.

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BERRY4 SparkPoints: (179,729)
Fitness Minutes: (94,224)
Posts: 8,548
8/15/13 7:11 P

Yes - one for fitness & one for "dress"

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KKLENNERT809 Posts: 9,180
8/15/13 7:09 P

Yes, I always have

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8/15/13 7:05 P

I use my cellphone.

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TCANNO SparkPoints: (172,415)
Fitness Minutes: (104,661)
Posts: 29,317
8/15/13 6:37 P

Yes, I feel undressed with out it even having a phone that I never look at

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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/15/13 4:34 P

I've worn one since the age of eight or thereabouts. I would go nuts without it!

HOLLYM48 SparkPoints: (182,412)
Fitness Minutes: (116,404)
Posts: 10,287
8/15/13 4:19 P

yes, especially at work, drives me crazy when I forget it!

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8/15/13 4:15 P

I kill wristwatches... emoticon

If I wear them the proper way (face out), then they just die (or, in the case of digital ones, go insane). If I wear them facing in, then I tend to smash them when carrying things. Apparently it's genetic, since my Mom and brother have the same problem.

My late husband got tired of me going through watches a few decades ago, and bought me a nurses' watch: a beautiful time-piece that hung from a gold neckchain. It was my "signature" piece of jewellery until it died last year, and I haven't found a replacement for it yet.

I love BK's idea of being "free" of the clock, so maybe that's why I haven't really looked that hard for one... Besides, the Man never takes his off, so I can always ask him for the time if I need to know when we're out and about...

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SHERYLDS Posts: 13,702
8/15/13 3:51 P

it's on the cell phone and the need for a wristwatch

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JOY73YL Posts: 1,405
8/15/13 3:32 P


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,393
8/15/13 3:26 P

I do not. I feel rebellious like I'm escaping being "tied to the clock" hahaha... besides I can see the time anytime i need to, it's right there on my computer screen.

I would wear one as a "jewelry piece" but i never did care for the feeling of bracelets on my wrist - or watches.

My son (17) LOVES to wear a watch and I guess all the rage these days are really BIG HEAVY watches. I swear it weighs a quarter of a pound lol. But it does look pretty sharp, I will admit.

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ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (159,507)
Fitness Minutes: (235,700)
Posts: 23,219
8/15/13 3:11 P

I still wear a watch. love wearing a watch.

emoticon emoticon

8/15/13 2:58 P

Do you still wear one?

Me: Nope, never did.

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