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JKWH72 Posts: 29
7/24/12 11:15 A

i just discovered the recipes and they are awesome!! I have made the Napa cabbage and cucumber slaw, BBQ pulled pork, southwest chicken and blackbean soup and the marinade for steak or pork. SO FAR SO GOOD! have enjoyed adding new recipes to my collection and I am really lookiing forward to the indian dishes. I love ethnic food.

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7/19/12 5:04 P

I love the spark recipe site as well, also because for one thing there is a wide range of sources for the recipes, including the sharing of many real people just like me.

It is really a fun and useful site.

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7/19/12 3:21 P

Thanks for taking the time to write such a kind comment. I will most certainly pass this along.


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LUV-4-LIFE Posts: 14
7/19/12 1:53 P

I have never been a big fan of cookbooks or recipes simply because they always seem to be filled with 23847983274 weird ingredients that I don't have in my cupboard and would never use again, and, they look like they will taste... strange. ( I'm a very picky eater ).

It was an amazing surprise to find the recipes here have such an amazing range and include some that are so simple, and right in line with what I have on hand. This whole site is so awesome!

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