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2/20/11 8:45 A

we have bad days some time just try for a good day today

2/19/11 2:25 P

Thanks for the encouragement. I tried not to be too hard on myself and got right back on track. Guess we may need those kind of days every once in a while.

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2/18/11 10:10 A

I agree that tracking even the bad days is important! I have some really high calorie counts on my tracker!!

Sometimes a day of eating all the wrong things can be good for the soul and help you see what is important. The good thing about a bad day is tomorrow is always around the corner and if you are honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes and propel yourself forward.

Brush it off and keep on moving forward!

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2/18/11 9:07 A

i plan to do a long run tomorrow morning. I am actually looking forward to it.

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2/18/11 9:07 A

me either, I did not make it ot the gym and I ate peanut butter cookies last night. I am getting refocused today.

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2/18/11 9:01 A

Tracking everything you eat and being honest about it is an important part of assessing what your problems are so you can be more productive with your weight loss goals. If it was a one time thing, then I wouldn't worry too much about it hindering your goals, but don't make a habit out of it. No one can be perfect all of the time. So take the good with the bad and chalk it up to a mistake that you can learn from and better yourself with.

Good Luck!

2/18/11 8:48 A

Bad day may not even be an adequate description of yesterday. I had a bunch of errands to run so I ended up eating out all day. Breakfast and lunch I did sooooo good, but then I had a bad afternoon and consoled myself with a fast food dinner followed by a candy dessert. I'm not sure if I deserve any credit for actually going back and tracking all I ate, but I did it. I'm determined that today I'm gonna get back on track though. I can't let yesterday throw me off.

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