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7/15/10 6:56 A

Great job! Thanks for sharing your story!

MEMARE Posts: 2,362
7/15/10 6:56 A

Congratulations! I believe you have arrived! emoticon

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QUILTER2010 Posts: 11
7/15/10 6:55 A

Way to go... Keep up the good work!!!! emoticon

KDUNN51 Posts: 69
7/15/10 6:54 A

You are a winner! You are doing great and should be very proud of yourself.

PIGGSY1 Posts: 77
7/15/10 6:53 A

That is awesome. 2 miles in 20 minutes. What's next? emoticon

SUSANJEAN5 Posts: 59
7/15/10 6:49 A

You go girl.
Thanks for the motivation to continue.
Live, laugh and love

CINDYYB Posts: 1,533
7/15/10 6:44 A

Thanks so much for sharing inspiration! emoticon

Cindy - Northern Virginia

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7/15/10 6:42 A

Awesome job! Conrats!!


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CAROL3SAN Posts: 18,479
7/15/10 6:33 A

Girl you rock!! That is a very impressive accomplishment! emoticon emoticon

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KAATII Posts: 86
7/15/10 6:32 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

MIGCIN Posts: 34
7/15/10 6:32 A

emoticon Good for you! You should be proud, I too can identify with being the fat friend not only the fat friend but the fat sister. Imagine growing up with 6 sisters and all of them are tiny except me. Lots of sad days but congratulations to you! Good luck with your future challenges.

ASTRALL Posts: 1,176
7/15/10 6:30 A

Good for you! Well done!!

Do not fear successs nor change - embrace it and see where it takes you.
NAKIOMA Posts: 2,927
7/15/10 6:27 A


What have you done today to make you feel proud???
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7/15/10 6:16 A

Good for your Pattihyr!! Your post rang so true for me. As the (former) fat-friend [who actually dropped out of college because I failed phys ed - I refused to do the running] I now have a half-marathon under my belt and train local moms how to complete their first 5K. All because Sparkpeople helped uncover that inner "athlete" hidden within me.

Watch out world...there's no stopping you now!


Susan from PA ♥

You've got to think about the 'big things' while you're doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction. -Alvin Toffler
7/15/10 6:15 A

Congratulations for realizing that exercising is for you and no one else. Great accomplishment on your run. Next thing you know you will be running marathons. Way to go!

MRS-DUTCHER Posts: 141
7/15/10 6:11 A


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7/15/10 6:10 A

Amen sista. emoticon Granma777

7/15/10 6:09 A

Patti, You go girl! I am also trying toi become more athlete-like than I've ever been. I'm working out 4-5 days a week and once a week with a personal trainer. Your post inspires me to try harder and ask my trainer to push me harder!

MAKELE Posts: 291
7/15/10 6:08 A


Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith

EVILMOM5 Posts: 170
7/15/10 5:52 A

Way 2 go - emoticon

I don't want to feel like all eyes are on me! When I do soo much for my family I just feel like everyone is looking at me. I am the big girl.
SAFETYSUE Posts: 7,994
7/15/10 5:21 A

Amazing feeling isn't it. I remember all the times in school I was told similar things. My own counselor told me I could never get into vet school, that women just don't make it in Vet school. Oh if we only had the wisdom we gain as we get older and see that we can do whatever we put our minds to. You go Girl!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MINGA3 Posts: 677
7/15/10 5:15 A

Well done you.
Ive just been walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, for 1 whole minute I jogged (this is only my 2nd time on it) I Know its not long but we all have to start somewhere and thats my start.
You give me the belief to know that I will get there if I stick with it.
Keep up the good work.

CPESCE1 SparkPoints: (20,845)
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7/15/10 5:04 A

Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment to be proud of. Keep up the great work!

GREEKGAL1 Posts: 3,535
7/15/10 4:55 A

You can do anything you put your mind. Way to go!

JAZZMICA Posts: 342
7/15/10 4:24 A

wow! congratulations indeed!

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7/15/10 4:05 A


LAUR1E Posts: 119
7/15/10 3:47 A

Good on you!

TOOT59 Posts: 4
7/15/10 3:45 A

You are that athletic girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you've inspired me to be that girl again. emoticon

CREWBUM Posts: 12
7/15/10 3:33 A

Good for you! That's really awesome and I'm really proud of you for sticking with it....I'm still working on that part lol. That's definitely something to be proud of and an awesome accomplishment. Congrats emoticon

TECKEL Posts: 9
7/15/10 3:33 A

Today WAS a good day!! Today was a GREAT day!!!

C@ngratulati@ns and keep up the good work.

ONE*BUSY*MOM Posts: 4,916
7/15/10 3:23 A

Of course you can be that athletic girl -- you already are! Way to go on your run and keep up the great work!

~~ Leslie ~~

7/15/10 3:15 A

super awesome! Wow emoticon

7/15/10 2:51 A

Good for you Girl, the possiilities are endless

Busilicious babe
UCRGIRL_ Posts: 720
7/15/10 2:15 A

That is amazing!! That is something to be proud of!

"Dieting, to me, means a temporary situation until I can get to a certain number on the scale only to go back to how things used to be. It is what kept me from embracing all that this great journey could offer. But no more—I am living a healthy lifestyle!"- Nancy Howard

NONIE_C Posts: 3,340
7/15/10 2:05 A

emoticon AND YOU DID!!!

~*~ Nicole ~*~

Wishing you some sort of success every day, and the ability to always see your blessings.
7/15/10 1:55 A

Great! Good for you!!!

VAMPS351 SparkPoints: (11,026)
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7/15/10 1:47 A

Congratulations... you should be proud of yourself.
emoticon emoticon

ALIZAHH Posts: 328
7/15/10 1:30 A

I was the one who was never picked on a team and failed gym in school and now I am a certified water aerobics teacher. We can all do it.

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SPARKLYN- Posts: 48
7/15/10 1:26 A

What do you mean "maybe you can be that athletic girl after all?"
YOU ARE THAT ATHLETIC GIRL AFTER ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

KEVIN1031 Posts: 47
7/15/10 1:20 A

That's is so inspiring and you should be proud of all your accomplishments. I have a similar story just as a guy instead. I recently lost 234 pounds with the help of weight watchers :)

Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels!!
7/15/10 1:18 A

Congratulations on your success! This is very inspiring to me, as I cannot wait to get back to running again. Thanks for the post!

7/15/10 1:02 A


Lately I've been having similar feelings and shedding old beliefs about what people thought of or expected out of me. I now realize, with training, anyone can do it!

Easier said than done -- you should be very proud!

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7/15/10 12:50 A

Good for you! You should be proud!

LESLIE056 Posts: 1
7/15/10 12:32 A

You ARE that athletic girl! Keep up the good work and enjoy the benefits!

APARNA1406 Posts: 2
7/15/10 12:17 A

That's great dear friend.
Keep it up.

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,205
6/11/10 10:32 P

What a wonderful accomplishment! You are an inspiration and great role model. Keep up the good work and Spark on!

Seaside, Oregon

Eat healthy.. Exercise daily.. repeat! and Consistency.. that is the secret!
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6/11/10 6:31 P

Great job! I never thought I could be a runner and now people think I am. I still have a hard time viewing myself in athletic terms. But I'll second you on the confidence! SparkPeople is great at buildign that.

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" - Alice from Alice in Wonderland
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6/11/10 12:09 P

Woohoo -- congrats on reaching a great goal and thanks for sharing it! Now, in addition to reaching your own goal, you are motivating other people to reach their goals.

Welcome to the SparkPeople community -- there are so many great people here supporting and motivating each other so we're happy to have you join the team!


"Your daily actions and words impact more people than you ever realize!" -- SparkGuy

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6/11/10 11:53 A

boy do I remember those days... and the thing is, when I look at my pics from then, I wasn't even THAT fat, maybe a little heavier than the doctor would want but far from fat...I sure felt fat then though

You are still leaps and bounds ahead of me as it took me 20 minutes to travel 1.27 miles today... BUT... I'm still amazed and so proud of myself for this


emoticon emoticon

Keep up the good habits!


~ ~ Barbara ~ ~

Start date: March 4, 2010 @ 232 pounds

I live a healthy lifestyle ~ I have 4 beautiful children that I will (God willing) see grow up ~ My relationships are awesome ~ I have an amazing amount of energy ~ I feel healthy ~ I feel good about myself ~ I look better than I have in years and I get better looking each day ~ I have self-confidence ~ I am a success ~ I respect myself.
6/11/10 11:45 A

So, for basically my whole life (almost) I've been "the fat friend" and the girl that just made jokes about things because it was easier than admitting I was embarrassed about how much better most people were at most things than me. Swimming, running, soccer....I wanted to be that athletic, confident girl - but, "that just wasn't me, and never would be..." (or, so I was told).
In Junior High, we had to run the mile in gym class once a year. They said it was to test your endurance and "to just have fun." In my mind, it was cruel and unusual torture. Well, there I was...ready...sneakers on, shorts tied, hair up....
.....and 20 minutes later there I was....out of breath, sweaty, feeling embarrassed, with even lower self-esteem then before. It was a good day. :)
Haha...not really.

But, TODAY WAS!! Not only is it years later, but I'm doing these things for the right reasons. Not to impress anyone, really, but to prove it to myself that I'm NOT that chubby seventh grader; I am and Should be confident.
Today, I ran two miles.
In 20 minutes.
I have doubled what I did in seventh grade, and I could have gone longer!!
It's just so exciting!!
Maybe I can be that athletic girl after all. :)

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