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TERZA_RIMA Posts: 296
5/7/11 1:04 P

lol...and that's not counting all the yummies I eat once the drinks have done away with my inhibitions...

RULE32 Posts: 110
5/7/11 12:22 P


5/6/11 10:58 P

yes drinks have too much calories..

5/6/11 9:23 P

Haha-half my holiday weight came from beer & booze. It goes down much easier than it comes off! In good news, if you drink three before dinner you might fall asleep and skip dinner altogether.

MSGNOME Posts: 555
5/6/11 9:01 P

At least its a delicious calorie sucker! emoticon

Gin with diet tonic is pretty low calorie if you want to get your gin in while dieting...

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,192)
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5/5/11 11:15 P

I think there's always an initial shock when people start at Spark and log what they've eating first, instead of starting up the "diet". It's important to understand your habits before you start to change them. That way when temptation is calling we know just how bad it can be.

I think starting out slowly is a good plan... along with really educating yourself about what you're eating, which is where the tracker will come in handy. Just make smart food choices, stay active, and make goals to keep yourself motivated.

BARBIEJ73 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/5/11 10:48 P

I had a fairly reasonably caloric day until I had a few gin martinis after work. I plugged the gin into my calorie counter and WOW! It took 31% of my dinners calories, putting me well over the edge! I'm new to this and planning on starting my real diet Saturday after the work week is over. Slowly but surely, I'm changing my thoughts on the food/drink I put into my mouth. Anyone with anymore words of wisdom, they're always welcome!
Thanks, Barbie

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