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4/18/12 8:17 P

Yea, I'm all share, share...but someone using your property and water without asking is bad.

This person is controlling your belongings and stealing the water. I would give him a written warning and if he continues I'd call the cops.


hey, turning the water off...well done!!!

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4/18/12 3:54 P

Never! I was taught to respect people's space and belongings. I may have asked to borrow it once, but you have a real special person on your hands!

SHELLSEA60 Posts: 104
4/18/12 3:27 P

I would never do something like that, Yeah, keep the water turned off from the inside.

TNCAMPERCHIC SparkPoints: (3,219)
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4/18/12 3:21 P

Wow...I cannot believe that. The nerve of some people.

JETB133 SparkPoints: (4,040)
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4/18/12 10:12 A

No way!!!!! That is totally unacceptable!

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4/18/12 10:02 A

WOW some people have nerve. I'd tell my neighbor (if it happened to me) to stop trespassing and if it happens again call the police. I'd even take pictures of him using the hose and water as evidence because lord knows cops can be SLOW when its not an "emergency".

I can't believe your neighbor would do something like that. That just floors me.

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DMJAKES Posts: 1,634
4/18/12 9:40 A

Wow--that's gutsy of him to keep doing it even after you caught him. I'd turn off the water and mention to him that that you expect to be asked for permission in the future before anything of yours is "borrowed". If he doesn't do so, he should expect the police to be notified. That gives him formal notice that the behavior has been seen and won't be tolerated. Some people just need to have it stated to them very plainly before they get it.

LULU8278 Posts: 313
4/18/12 9:19 A

Wow. I simply cannot believe that someone would do this. Good for you for turning off your water and I'd probably report the theft.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,148
4/18/12 8:30 A

It is very wrong and very rude. Take away the hose if he doesn't stop!

PROGRESSFORWARD SparkPoints: (85,668)
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4/18/12 8:06 A

Turn off his water supply, you are not being irritable.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,642
4/18/12 7:37 A

yes! I agree! Your neighbor is stealing!

Tell him if he's so concerned to plant grass for you!

don't take his stupid excuses!

and charge him for the water he used. If he won't pay, go to the police!

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
4/18/12 7:09 A

disconnect your hose only put it out when you're going to use it and then put it away as soon as you're done with it !!!! problem solved no hose no "borrowing" it... good luck !!!!

4/18/12 6:26 A

I wouldn't do it either but I am always amazed at the liberties some people take. I often wonder if I am the loser for not taking these liberties. Sort of like nice guy finish last?

Anyway, I will continue to be a nice guy.

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LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (74,331)
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4/18/12 5:11 A

No I wouldn't. I think that you did the right thing.

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 9,698
4/18/12 1:01 A

I can't even imagine doing that. What nerve and shame on them.

CRYSTALDANCER SparkPoints: (79,483)
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4/17/12 7:20 P

I agree with everybody else. That is stealing. Turn it off outside. Completely rude of him.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (201,617)
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4/17/12 7:09 P

I would check my water bill for a month now that you have locked off his supply - then check prior months' bills. If they are ANY higher, I would send him an invoice for the difference for EACH month the usage was higher - especially if you were out of town and the usage wasn't yours. I would add on a nuisance charge - and if he is not willing to remit, THEN I would definitely go to the authorities - with the evidence of his thievery. OR - since he wanted to help your lawn grow, I would offer him the option of planting and caring for it ALL SEASON in exchange for your having already paid for HIS water. OMG - what nerve he had!!!!!!

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4/17/12 6:08 P

I'm glad you turned off the water on him. That's trespassing and stealing. What the heck is wrong with his own hose?

SPORT_LOIN Posts: 72
4/17/12 4:17 P

No hosing

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,866
4/17/12 2:37 P

People are just getting worse and worse everyday! I can't believe he had the nerve to do that, I'm glad you shut the water off so he can't just go there again.
You should of said excuse me but I'm paying for that water your using and by the way when should my whole family be over tonight so we can all take our showers at your house!!!!! Some people just have huge kahoonas ... That was so rude, I wonder what else he's doing when your not around. He shouldn't be over in your yard at all.
I'd call the cops and see if there's anything that can be done , that is trespassing...
Good Luck!

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SHAYSIE Posts: 1,923
4/17/12 2:31 P

File a complaint with the township about the dogs too!

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/17/12 2:29 P

my sister had neighbours once who filled their above-ground pool with her hose - because she lived in a neighbourhood that charged for water.


- stealing
- trespassing
- non-neighbourly
- rude

It's wrong on a lot of levels

AKWALSH Posts: 312
4/17/12 2:28 P

Ridiculous! In my neck of the woods, you could get shot for something like that!

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,965
4/17/12 2:25 P

I live in a semi-rural neighborhood. The houses are still close together but people here, I don't know, have no manners, or care for others. I've another neighbor who lets their 5 dogs use my yard as a toilet. I have said something about this, and they have gotten better but still do it!!

I FEEL SO FRUSTRATED!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?! It's just rude. I don't do these things to them. I'm glad it's not just me!!!

I found the valve from the inside and shut it off. Just in doing this, I felt I had to do a little victory dance. There have been times that I have been away for weeks at a time and who knows how much water he used during these times. I also have a receptacle outside that I put a lid on that you can lock, so I'm going to lock this as well.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (107,610)
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4/17/12 1:55 P

definitely not 'just you'! That is wrong on many levels. He's stealing. He's on your property. He's making a mess.

I've caught our neighbor more than once letting his little froo-froo dog use our yard (without cleaning up). He needs to be really careful. We have a golden retriever...payback wouldn't be pleasant for him!

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KELEKONA Posts: 605
4/17/12 1:54 P

And file a complaint.

Though keeping it shut off from the inside is good security. There was a tactic going on where thieves would turn on the water and break in while you ran outside to shut it off again.

70LBSTOGO2 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/17/12 1:49 P

unacceptable! I would say something. Especially if you pay for water use.

I would never do that with out asking.

One day at a time...

I am thankful everyday for the support system that I have.

Keep up the great work everyone!
LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,403
4/17/12 1:47 P

I would keep it turned off from the inside, then turn it on only when I want to use it.

He is stealing from you... I would not tolerate that.

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TRI_BABE Posts: 2,965
4/17/12 1:29 P

I caught my neighbor today using my hose and water outside to clean off his mower.

I thought I have heard the water on outside at other times but wrote it off to something else in the house. But I heard the water on outside today and went out and sure enough, he was using it to clean off his mower (and in my yard). I said, "Is something wrong with your hose??" He said he was doing it there so maybe grass would grow there (I've not landscaped there yet,)

I said, more like just weeds will grow there now, and went back inside. But I heard him continuing to use it.

I told my Mom he was doing that and she said she saw him doing that before when she visited. I never agreed to let him use it.

I am also unemployed and don't really want to be paying for someone else's water usage.

Am I just being irritable today, or is this something that you would do???

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