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5/5/14 9:43 A

Without seeing an elevation map I'm just guessing but 1000 calories seems really high for that.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,271
5/5/14 6:15 A

The problem with the Tracker as far as Hiking goes... it does not mention distance covered, over a period of time. I could hike an easy trail at a relatively slow pace and take 60 minutes to do it. Or hike the same trail at a much faster pace, spending the same 60 minutes overall but doing the trail twice, and covering twice as much distance. The faster pace should give me more calories burned, but the Tracker only looks at the time and not the distance covered.

When I'm really unsure about the calorie burn on something like that... to be on the safe side, I'll look at the calories burned for "Walking" (and there are mph speeds given for walking) vs. hiking for the same amount of time. And then "enter your own exercise" for something in between, to account for the hills & rougher terrain. Note that there is an entry in the Tracker for Hiking with a backpack-- there's one for a pack under 10 lbs. and also one for a pack 10-20 lbs.

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
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5/5/14 12:01 A

I have found that the Fitness Tracker seems to track hiking with a lot more calories than it should. While what you are doing can technically be considered hiking the tracker will consider hiking to be more rigorous than what it should be. I believe that sparkpeoples idea of hiking would include rough terrain, walking poles, climbing over rocks, through swamps, and all with backpacks and gear on your back.

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5/4/14 4:36 P

Sounds like hiking to me. Although, hiking and walking can be very similar.

There are lots of different places a person could walk, but if you find yourself walking over roots, rocks, tree branches, etc.. it's hiking.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
5/4/14 4:17 P

Sounds like a good place to hike!

KAYLABGAME SparkPoints: (1,436)
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5/4/14 4:00 P

I Recently discovered the hiking trails at a local park and loved it. The short trail is 2.5 miles and is considered easy/moderate.

When I try to track it in my fitness tracker I'm not sure what to put it under. Hiking or just walking? I generally walk it in about 80 minutes and have a backpack just under 10lbs.
There are hills you have to walk up so I thought it might be considered cross country type hiking.
When I do that however it says I've burned like 1000 calories so I am really unsure of that.
Also!! This trail is out in the woods and isn't paved or anything. They keep everything as natural as possible.

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