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6/30/13 11:11 A

Went to visit family over the weekend and my sister brough a bag of chips and 2 plates in to watch TV. I could have said no, but hello....she was eating it, so I did too. She's always been a bad influence on my health! I just have to avoid her and I think my binging will remain under control... emoticon One can hope~

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6/30/13 11:10 A

I feel for everyone who posted here, because I can relate.

I haven't had a huge binge in a while, but this is because I don't live with family and I can control absolutely everything I eat (I mean, theoretically we can all "control" what we eat, but since I only need to worry about myself there is some freedom). I don't buy snack foods or desserts, or even things like bread beyond the typical black bread here (Ukraine) because I know that I have bad self-control over them. Last year when I was talking to a doctor, they asked me about my eating habits and said that I shouldn't just always avoid pleasurable food because I won't be in this bubble at social events and I should also learn to be around these foods and learn to consume them in moderation (HA!). So, occasionally I will buy chocolates or other sweets, and no matter how I think that I will eat 1 serving over the next 4 days, this doesn't happen. I will eat beyond where I feel sick from the sugar, entire boxes/bags of things, etc. A few days ago I bought some chocolates with caramel and sweetened condensed boiled milk inside and I made it work within my calorie range, but it was because I was doing things like eating cucumbers for dinner and going to bed hungry. This chocolate overindulgence was about 400 calories/day (yes, I managed not to eat them all in one sitting!). Maybe this doesn't sound too bad, but when my calorie range for weight loss is 1200-1550, that is a significant portion! Oh, and in between days 1 and 2 of having these chocolates, I may or may not have waited until midnight to eat more chocolate -- it's a new day, new tracker, right??? emoticon emoticon

Now I try to drink coffee because I think it is satisfying, especially with milk in it, but sometimes this means I am drinking 5 cups, which also is probably not the healthiest habit.
This is the most in control I have been with bingeing, overeating, etc. but it is extremely hard for me. Sometimes I even have dreams that I am eating cakes, and when I am awake, I am almost always thinking about food.

I know you were not asking for advice here but I just want to encourage you to stick with your plans and don't give up your goals! There were days when I could eat entire pizzas and follow up with ice cream, like when I was 12 years old, or other times where I wanted to eat something sweet so much that I binged on raisins! (And I also love peanut butter like the previous poster) Over time, this changed. I think this takes time and effort, forgiving yourself, believing that you can change if you want to, and finding some good alternatives/social support/whatever else that can help you when you recognize an urge to binge.

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6/30/13 10:32 A

Actually Russell, my weakness is peanut butter or almond butter usually. I'd take a jar or natural crunchy peanut butter over a chocolate bar any day of the week. Believe me, I can easily eat just as much or more calories from nuts (and other fats) than I can from carbs. ;) However, my cravings usually consist of a combo of both. Don't even get me started and chocolate and peanut butter together. Although, in the midst of all this I actually was craving protein as well... a nice juicy chicken breast or an oily Atlantic salmon fillet.

But I understand what you're saying. I thought the same thing too and I'm sure it's the case with a lot people. So I cleaned out all the sugars (there wasn't much to begin with, chocolate chips, cool whip, graham crackers) in my house. Even though they resided there my entire weight loss and had never been an issue until I lost the weight. I paid more attention to my protein intake and ensuring I was getting more veggies during the day (over fruit). All my meals are very balanced; some healthy carbs, lean protein and bit of healthy fat (usually 20-35g from carbs, 20-30g of protein and 10-15g of fat). I felt great after, wiped my hands... problem solved. The culprit was sweets. Boy, was I wrong... It didn't matter... it was calories I was after. I just wound up getting into the peanut butter, nuts and cheese.

I had a dog once who suffered separation anxiety. I used to stuff a raw hide bone with cheese whiz or peanut butter to distract her for the first 20-30 mins after I would leave until the worst of anxiety subsided. It's funny how much I feel like that dog now. My husband leaves for work in the evening and I begin licking the peanut butter jar. *sigh* woof. What was I doing to the poor thing?

Unfortunately, there's much more deep-seated issues to binge eating than macros; both emotional and hormonal. Surprisingly, my macros still turn out very balanced at the end of a binge. Let's face it though, sweets and fats just happen to be the best tasting foods. We're hard-wired to crave those foods because they were the best for fattening us up in times of famine in our ancestry.

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6/30/13 10:29 A

I just want to point out that all the binge food mentioned is carbs. We eat it, and it spikes our blood sugar, which then crashes, and we feel hungry, and continue eating. Especially sugary, bready food.

You can't eat as much food consisting of fat & protein. The trick is to limit your carb consumption at each meal. Maybe you eat 5-6 meals, so you get 25-35 at a sitting. No spike, no drop, no hunger. The same feeling is sometimes felt after an oatmeal and banana breakfast, but most of us are at work, and a binge there would gross out our So we only notice it at night, when we head out for " 4th meal ". It's when we act on it.

Nothing wrong with carbs like veggies, fruits, or beans, but sugary food will spike the blood sugar, and you body will automatically produce Insulin to store the excess as body fat, for later energy uses.. Our bodies can only use a tiny amount of blood sugar at a time, so smaller, more frequent doses of carbs are best, if binging is an issue.

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6/30/13 10:18 A

I ate a container of Pralines and Cream Ice cream. I have decided not to ever buy it again since I have no self-control.

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6/30/13 9:16 A

I never binge-ate until after I lost weight. After losing 55 lbs I started obsessing over food. It's all I could think about. I'd finish a meal and want *more*, I'd have to do everything to distract myself. It was daunting thinking I'd have to go another 3 whole hours without eating. I'd come up with a list of things to do to keep myself distracted until that next meal. I found myself spending my free time cruising the internet for delicious recipes (usually desserts) or as I began to coin them, "food porn". I'd manage to behave myself until the evening... then con myself into eating something "light" that wasn't in my meal plan... after that, all bets were off. I'd spend the next hour or so raiding the pantry like a ravenous 105 lbs rat. I'd come to bloated; surrounded by dirty dishes, wrappers, covered in itchy crumbs and 1000-1500 cals above my maintenance. Then damage control for the next 2-3 days before the next one hit.

Well, 3 months later and I'm well over 115 lbs. Don't know because I've been avoiding the scale the last couple weeks (although according to my weekly deficit I've been breaking even at maintenance, lately). I refuse to step on the scale because every time I have lately, it's just another excuse to say screw it and dive into fridge. I need to work out this problem first by focusing on "healthy eating" and a "healthy me".

Luckily, I was strength training heavily during my weight gain and a good portion of it turned out to be "good weight". I actually look better. I gained some muscle and fat in the *right places* where I could use the weight and actually like my body more than I did at 105 lbs. However, that doesn't change that I have developed an unhealthy relationship with food that I need to and am working on.

The last month the cravings are losing their intensity, I've stopped cruising the internet for food porn, I've stopped obsessing over food and what's next on the menu almost completely, when I do have a "binge" I am no longer shovelling 1000-1500 cals into my mouth in an hour. I may go over maintenance by 300-500 cals instead and eat slower. The last month between my lower calorie days and higher calorie days it seems I'm breaking even where I shouldn't be gaining or losing. The calories are also more choosey, instead of inhaling any calorie I can get my hands on... it's at least treats that are *worth it*? If that makes sense. It has to be something really delicious tempting me that gets the best of me, not just eating for the sake of eating.

The biggest struggle I'm facing now is that I get to bed alright, stay in my calorie range, eat great throughout the day and then I wake up in the middle of the night and head for the fridge before I have my wits about me to talk myself out of it. Like my body is on auto pilot and set to try to put the weight I lost back on despite my best efforts. It's like, tricking me.

Anyways, I'm noticing improvements and am gaining hope and more control over it. I most definitely think it's related to hormones from the weight loss. Like my body was trying to put back what went missing. So I'm hoping in the meantime it's just staying on top of it, doing a bit of damage control, staying on track the best I can, recording my binges and it working itself out as my body gets used to my new weight. Who knows, I may always struggle with this demon now but my goal is to learn how to manage it.

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6/30/13 8:25 A

usually my binges involve bread or rolls.

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
6/29/13 6:44 P

Why do we do this? Its like a bad attempt at comforting, that only works immediately, then we're empty again.

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6/27/13 10:07 A

Oh god... You don't even want to hear mine. Same issue as you tho, I didn't have this binging problem until I was losing the last 10 pounds. Now, I've basically been at maitenece for a year and I seem to mess up and have an Uber binge about once a month. If you want to talk or chat about our similar problem, please send me a message.

But as for a binge of mine? Hmm, this wasn't even the worst one I've done but a more recent one so it's fresh in my head.

3 ice cream bars,6 cookies, half box of frosted flakes with vanilla yogurt in a mixing bowl, bunch of trail mix, 3 tortillas with peanut butter and other things rolled up inside, half container cool whip with blueberries, 2 fiber one bars, stale potato chips, toast with butter and jam

You can see at the end how it ends with me just eating to eat. We ran out of good tasting stuff and that didn't stop me in the slightest. I really do feel out of control when this hits

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6/27/13 9:43 A

a medium Blizzard,half of a candy bar, and other snacks. About a 5,000 calorie day with the majority of those ingested within 3 hours of each other.
Someone left me the crackers thinking they were being nice.
Logging it into the tracker helps; I feel like someone who drank too much and is recounting the previous night's mistakes.
I think my body is saying I need more calories. I am down 65 pounds from where I started and I haven't had the urges to binge until recently.
Anyone else have crazy binges like this occasionally?

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