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9/7/13 11:30 A

Great ideas everyone, thanks so much! I appreciate the time you took to help.

WANT2BHEALTHY60 Posts: 240
9/7/13 11:14 A

Might it be that you are more worried about if you will continue to be motivated after the cruise? The suggestions given are all excellent; following them at least somewhat will help you stay on track.And think of how proud of yourself you will feel if this doesn´t become a roadblock, just a slight detour.

9/7/13 11:07 A

If I were you, I would plan on tracking my calories and exercise while on the cruise. I know if I didn't, I'd start ordering bright, beautiful, fluffy drinks with umbrellas...and drinking them by the gallon!

It's okay to treat yourself a bit while on vacation. Just be sure to balance that out with activities. I know for a fact that there are gyms, excursions, and activities during those cruises that you can use to burn off calories like crazy. Keep yourself busy...and avoid the temptation to lounge next to the pool all day.

Oh, and HAVE FUN!

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,452
9/7/13 9:12 A

You can try planning now what you want to say to yourself when faced with the unhealthy choices. Like a mantra, or reasons why you are trying to become healthy. Or take a visual reminder, like a photo of how you want to look, and look at it before you go to get food. It is all a mind game, and positive self talk is better than negative self talk. But start practicing now, so you know what works. And keep practicing when you get back.

LEANJEAN6 Posts: 17,005
9/7/13 7:18 A

my ""himself"" semi-retired-I worry about how we will manage financially when he retires----

SPARKED1011 SparkPoints: (16,554)
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9/7/13 7:02 A

I've been trying to manage my weight for years. Have gotten to goal twice and put it back on again. It's so hard for me to get motivated for more than a day. I'm on a roll now, and in a good place in my head with it. I'm finding ways that I can live with this for life. I'm worried about an up coming cruise. I know in life I'll always have things come up that I'll have to manage, and I think once I get past this successfully, I'll be able to use this experience to deal with the next challenge, but there's still that little nagging in my mind thats asking, what if I fail, can I recover and get my motivation back? There will be many healthy alternatives available, I'll just need to be mindful and and search them out, just hoping I do the right thing at crunch time. For sure, I'll be getting my activity in! Thanks for letting me alk this out.

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