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5/19/12 11:44 P

Thank you guys! I really appreciate your quick responses. Will talk to my doctor Monday.

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5/19/12 11:38 P


Your doctor should be the one recommending what exercises you have been cleared to do. If you are still uncertain you may want to call his/her office and pass along the suggestions the other posters recommended.

Coach Nancy

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5/19/12 11:33 P


I have dealt with chronic plantar faciitiis. Get a referal to a podatrist. That is your best chance for a long term recovery. Until then, ask the doctor what you can and cannot do. I had very different instructions from a podiatrist about exercise than you recieved, so your doc knows your situation best and you should follow those guidelines.


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5/19/12 11:30 P

Anything non-impact is fine. Do you have access to a bike, elliptical, stair climber, rower? These are all non impact activities that probably won't hurt your foot (although, stair climber I'm really just assuming because it's not impact ... haven't actually tried that one).

And, of course, swimming. :)

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5/19/12 11:28 P

I have to put Insanity on hold, sadly - I was almost through the last week of the first month when my plantar fasciitis reared it's ugly head. Now that I know why my foot is hurting so badly, I am taking necessary precautions and what not to heal... Until it's healed and I can go back to more rigorous activities, I'm in the market for less intense workouts.

So far I have thought of Pilates. Most of which can be done laying down. I have an MTV dvd which is alright, goes through most of the basics and offers beginner, moderate, and advanced variations.

Can anyone else suggest other workouts I can take advantage of while my bum foot is healing? The doctor says no jumping or bouncing around, so zumba and tae bo are out.

Suggestions welcome! :) emoticon

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