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MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/4/12 12:15 P

My kids really like the Wii boxing, that can really get a little sweat going. Something that my kids and I do is just turn on the music an dance, hop, bounce around tghe house for 30 minutes. We laugh and have a good time. We don't label "exercise" or "working out". We just have fun.

IZZYS_MOM Posts: 100
1/1/12 11:59 A

If you look on amazon, there are some fun hip hop kids videos or dancing. Would he be interested in yoga? I have read it is very good and relaxing for children. My 3 year old daughter likes to "do" yoga videos with me, and she is surprisingly good at it. And as others said, the wii has a lot of fun games that are fairly active.

CRACKERJACK2825 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 262
12/26/11 3:03 P

Go to and search Shaun T's Fit Kid's Club. It's $19.95 plus shipping. My daughter does it at school every Tuesday during PE, and the kids at her school love it. She's also nine and she wants me to get it for her to do at home.

LISADAWN1312 Posts: 288
12/21/11 10:04 A

When we can't get outside, we all use the Wii and have mini-competitions to get an overall winner. It is a lot of fun!

LINDYSPARKLES SparkPoints: (32,005)
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Posts: 178
12/17/11 5:18 P

I don't really know of any workout DVD's for kids, but I know my 6 year old really enjoys doing the Wiifit activities. Its more like games rather than an exercise, so its fun for her.

We are also members at the YMCA here, and with that we can sign up for any of the kids programs we want to, so we've got her in swimming lessons, Hip Hop jump rope, sporty kids, and one that I can't remember what its called, but its an hour and a half long, and the kids do 45 minutes of playing a sport in the gym, and then do 45 minutes of fun swimming in the pool.

It keeps her busy and gets her moving throughout the week.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
12/16/11 4:04 P

If I wasn't already over my Christmas budget for my 10 year old, I was htinking of getting her Tony Horton's kids's DVD. (He did P90X.) I think she'd like something like that. has a few different kids videos listed. You could also probably do a search at Amazon, too, and get some reviews and stuff.

TINA2OLD SparkPoints: (0)
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12/16/11 11:49 A

I have never done DVD's with my kido's but we love to grab the dogs and head out and hike and see what we can find in the great out doors!!!

ANDREADAV SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 151
11/20/11 9:10 A

My boys both do workouts with me on the Wii Fit plus we go bike riding,hiking, jogging and work in the yard frequently. They love using the Wii Fit and doing the exercises on this site plus anything outdoors.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,991
11/19/11 2:36 P

How about saving some money and just having him play outside?
Rollerblading, shooting hoops, bicycling, etc are all things MY kids did.

QUEENCREOLE SparkPoints: (15,143)
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Posts: 725
11/19/11 8:22 A

Hi everyone! I wanted to get my 9 year old son some fun workout DVDs for kids that would be fun and entertaining. I saw on amazon that Billy Blanks even has one just for kids. Has anyone purchased anything like this for their kids? Any DVDs you would recommend? Thanks!

Queen... Trying to get my whole family fit for the new year!

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