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Danirella, I also teach MS and know how you feel about time demands and exercise. Time during the day is taken with planning with fellow teachers and other admin duties. After school, I have 3 kids in year-round sports. I teach math, so my grading is different, but the activities we have to do to teach math take a lot of time to prepare. My fellow teacher also wants to fit in exercise, so we've made a commitment to each other for 2014. We will walk together, right after the dismissal bell and before we start our afterschool groups with kids (just 10 min) every day. We plan to make a circuit around the building that we can finish at a brisk pace in that time. Take two more for a restroom break and have a quick snack waiting in our rooms. It's not much, but it's a start and we're hoping it will pay off in more energy to get through our afternoon and evening responsibilities. I've also started taking the "long route" to the office when I have to check my box. I'm on the first floor, but I go upstairs to walk across the building then down to the office and reverse on the way back. It only adds a minute to my travel time, but I get those stairs in the process. :) Good luck getting it all in!

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10/31/13 4:17 A

I know it isn't much, but are you able to get 5 minutes roll-downs and stretches in DURING the class, but involving all the kids, too? That way they will get to oxygenate their bodies more, too, and might even help with their learning :-)

Little snatches here and there soon mount up emoticon


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10/31/13 2:54 A

I was also going to suggest waking up early to get in a workout. Even if you do 30 minute dvd or walk it can help. Some I feel is about routine and then it gets easier

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10/28/13 10:46 P

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Does your school offer a fitness program for your school? Mine did. If they don't, you should suggest it to them. It's awesome to workout with your fellow teachers. I taught 8th grade GT English for 29 years.

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10/28/13 10:41 P

I'm not a teacher, I'm a nurse. But I do understand being busy and trying to work out after 12 hour shifts.

First, you have already said that you will be a better teacher if you take care of yourself. So keeping that in mind: Spending time with family and friends is also about taking care of you! So is exercising. And eating well.

Try to take a real lunch break. Away from the students. A 15 minute break is not long enough to decompress let alone eat. But if that is all you can get then try to take it as a real break. You will be better for your students if you do.

Can you incorporate a bit of exercise during the day? I'm assuming that you have large covered areas in the school due to the weather. I know we do here as it gets very cold and snowy. Can you spend a recess walking quickly around a play area?

While grading papers can you use some small weights? 5#s, 10 reps each of various upper body exercises will make a difference. Gradually increase the sets.

Park as far from your classroom as you can.

Not knowing your morning routine or commute time can you either squeeze in a 30 minute aerobic workout or walk? I get up at 7am and am at work between 7:45 and 8 am. I work out in the evenings. Hubby is up at 0430 and goes to work at 7:45. He has plenty of time to workout. I've also told him he could clean house and do the cat boxes ....he doesn't seem to get it though....

A couple of other thoughts:
Can you get help with grading? Either a classroom aide or student teacher or ???
Assign less work? Just kidding!
Have students grade their own work during class? (I don't know what ELA is so forgive me if these ideas don't work).

If you live with someone, can they do some of the things that you do? Running errands or cleaning house? Or can you hire some house hold help? Let someone else dust, mop and clean bathrooms.

That's all I can think of. But small increments of exercise are effective. Just fit it in when you can.

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10/27/13 8:43 A


I am an ELA teacher at a middle school in Maine. I love my job. It is my life. But unfortunately that doesn't leave me a lot of free time. I go to bed at 10. I get up at 5:30 so I can get to work by 7:10. Once there I am with students all day. I get one planning period. It is the only time during the day that I get to put together curriculum with my team members. I get a 15 minutes lunch. I usually spend that time working on behaviors with students and eating lunch. After school I grade and eat supper. Then I go to bed. Then I get up the next day and do the whole thing all over again. On the weekends I spend my time cleaning, running, errands, going grocery shopping, and grading. I will admit that sometimes I see friends or family. There is a never ending pile of work to be graded and I am always behind. I know that If I am taking care of myself I feel more energized, I stay healthy when everyone else is sick, and I am just a better teacher for my students in general. However, when I spend time working out instead of grading I feel incredibly guilty and like I am shirking my duties. How do you find time to take care of yourself and get your school work done? Are there some easy exercises that I could do at home while I grade? I am looking for any kind of suggestion to make finding a balnce between school and taking care of me easier.

Thank you!

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