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11/8/11 8:59 A

About a year and half ago a blockage was found in the main vessel of my heart and was repaired with stenting. The chest pain continued (although not nearly as bad and not in the arms or neck as it had previous to the stenting) and in October of last year I was diagnosed with Microvascular disease which is blockages in the small vessels of my heart. I have been told by my physicians that this is not something than can be fixed but with the right meds hopefully the symptoms will get better or subside. I am told this condition will not "kill" me but it is very uncomfortable and it does worry me when I have these episodes of chest pain. I would like to work out at a more agressive pace but right now the only thing I am able to do comfortably is walk and thats not even at a very fast pace. Does anyone else have this condition and can tell me what they have done to deal with it?

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