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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 38,600
9/2/14 8:42 P

I'm not quite understanding what you are referring to, but you can receive points for articles multiple times, there is no limit for those.

Coach Denise

PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
9/2/14 6:57 P

Loved the SP Choices for the moving selections one can do to earn points. Especially the Workouts You Can Do Anywhere which had many many choices for picking something that fit into the day and time allowances so many of us face. You could keep that one on every day and SP users could pick and choose something new all month long. Sometimes articles or recipes are just rehashes of previous offerings, so of course you can not earn Spark Points because you've already done it once. (Surprising how many times you learn something new just by rehashing something you've already read at some previous time in your existence.) It would be nice if points could be awarded even if you'd read that information before this date.

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