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11/2/13 10:20 A

Olga,lol, I left out the reason why I came here to ask for links... when I went to youtube for "floor exercises" it brought up video after video of pelvic floor exercises. emoticon

Thanks, Coach Jen, I will check those out. :)

Ferncrest, yes, I do love my Pilates... will probably switch to longer or accelerated versions.

If anyone else has direct links or urls, please do post, thanks so much!

FERNCREST Posts: 1,027
11/2/13 8:25 A

Pilates is great.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,544
11/2/13 7:28 A

Check out SparkPeople's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center:

Coach Nicole has a seated cardio workout video there that uses both upper and lower body.

Coach Jen

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11/2/13 5:58 A

Just go to youtube and type in
floor exercises for women
best floor exercises

You will find plenty of them. As far as posting links, a "good" workout really depends on the person doing it. Go through the ones on youtube until you find one that suits you.
Combine them with the seated exercises and you should be able to get pretty much a complete workout.

GRACEINAZ Posts: 2,271
11/2/13 1:05 A

Help! I have hurt my foot and not able to walk, run or dance. In fact, I am even having trouble standing on it.

I'm trying not to get discouraged but I am really at a point where I need to "up" my activity. I already do Pilates several times a week. I can't swim as the pool is too chilly right now.

Can anyone recommend any online exercise videos that are a good workout? If you can, please post links. (I've looked at some of the chair ones but they only used the waist up. I can move my legs just fine... I just can't stand on my feet right now.) emoticon

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