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4/14/14 12:44 P

Hi, I as well just tore my ACL in my left knee 3 weeks ago. It will be a few months before I can get surgery because my daughter just had meniscus surgery last week...have to time it where we aren't both in PT at the same time. So I spoke with my doctor and he recommends the stationary bike to help with ROM and I downloaded a progressive PT program. It recommends certain exercises at different times past the initial injury.

This is the link to the exercise program recommended:

These exercises will help strengthen the leg muscles prior to surgery as well as help with recovery of range of motion.

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6/20/13 9:36 P

I'm new on here, but I'm dealing with the same problem as you right now. I tore my ACL a few weeks ago but I won't be able to get it repaired for a while. I talked to my physiotherapist and she gave me some great suggestions for getting into shape and preparing for the surgery. Water running and cycling have been my best workouts so far, since they work on strengthening, as well as range of motion without putting much stress on your knee. I like to do high intensity intervals for both exercises since they burn a lot of calories :)

I had ankle surgery a few years ago and I know that dropping some of my extra weight at the time helped to make the recovery fairly speedy. Best of luck with your surgery

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4/11/13 9:10 P

My ymca has a special water aerobics class for people with joint problems. It is called Happy Hinges and I do it because of a severe ankle problem. Spark also has some seated exercise videos which may help you out as well. Best wishes!

4/11/13 8:02 A

I am having menicus surgery tomorrow, April 12th. I don't know if you tried water exercise or not .... but that's what I was told to do... my knee hurt just as much in the water as on land...ugh! I am anxious to get the surgery over with and on to rehab. Last year I had started running and had just made it to three mile... but my knee couldn't handle it any more. I was being treated for arthritis of the knee... I switched docs and after an MRI the torn menicus was revealed. I do have some arthritis in my knee but not enough to warrant knee replacement - PTL! I just came back to SP and hope to get back on track. I had weight loss surgery three years ago and DO NOT want to gain back the 100 lbs I lost... however this knee is interferring with losing more weight as I know I can do!

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4/1/13 1:45 P

water aerobics and if you can a deep water class

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4/1/13 1:32 P

Online Now  • ))
I have a friend who does water aerobics as therapy as she has bad knees. She loves it! emoticon emoticon emoticon

JHOFFMAN3641 Posts: 12
4/1/13 12:27 P

Have any suggestions for exercises and eating with limitations? I tore the ACL in my right knee completely along with meniscus tears and an ankle sprain. Surgery to fix the meniscus tears on the 19th of April. ACL won't be replaced until next year due to job issues.

Looking for some inspiration, exercises, motivation or encouragement to shed as much weight as possible before and after the surgery.

Thanks! emoticon

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