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4/7/14 8:45 P

second zorbs comment. Only slightly different muscle use and the same core benefit if you do your planks from your forearms

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4/7/14 8:44 P

Do the planks on your elbows and forearms, rather than your hands. See the demo at

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4/7/14 8:38 P

For moves that target your legs, for sure (e.g., mountain climbers), and side planks are usually pretty easy to modify. For moves that target your arms and shoulders, though, they don't work as well! (e.g., any sort of walking plank move or push up or table top)

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can you do forearm plank instead?

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I've got a chronic strain injury in my right wrist. My doc and physio have cleared me for exercise and weight training, but I've been advised to stay away from any sort of plank exercise for the forseeable future, even with push up handles. This isn't a problem at the gym, but sometimes I don't have time to get to the gym and I work out at home with exercise videos. Trouble is, a lot of higher intensity or strength training videos have a lot of plank work! With some of them I can make substitute exercises, but for a lot of them I can't. Does anyone have some suggestions for videos that are higher intensity but don't rely on plank work? My doc says it's okay for me to use hand weights provided I don't go too heavy on exercises that rely on wrist strength (e.g., more than 10 lbs).

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