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6/8/13 3:40 P

this is a great blog about one woman's journey and the importance of balance in your life.

6/7/13 5:48 P

I think it depends on how often you are doing this. A big treat meal once a week may well help to keep you on track for the rest of the week, just make sure you average out over the week to be in your calorie range. If you were doing it often, I'd say no. Also, when I know I've got a "big night" coming up I'm more careful in the week leading up to it. Burning up a few hundred extra calories a day for a few days BEFORE you eat the big meal is much better. Let's face it saying "I'll burn it off later" doesn't ever lead to anything good.

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6/4/13 12:05 P

My POV is:
It's O.K. to eat or not eat anything you want. It's also O.K. to work out or not work out as much as you please. One does not justify or excuse the other. You have to look at the consequences of each action or inaction you choose to take. You can't truly barter with your body so just accept and deal with each set of consequences on their own.

6/4/13 9:51 A

It is ok to eat a cheat meal. It is also ok to exercise.

I'm not so sure it is ok to exercise in order to justify eating a cheat meal. Our bodies just don't work that way.

I never really worry about how one will affect the other.

Exercise is good for you, and helps tone your body. It really isn't about exercising off the calories.

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6/4/13 8:56 A


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6/4/13 7:46 A

IF you want pizza Why not make your own healthy version, using loads of veges and reduce the cheese. Make your own base and use bran and herbs for added flavour, and just make it thin! Then eat less than you would have normally, and have some salad to go with it.

I don't believe in exercising SO THAT you can eat a load - that is counterproductive. To do that, to me, seems like there is the propensity for some kind of eating disorder rationale going on.


NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
6/4/13 7:39 A

what dragonchilde said.
the only other alternative i will add is that when people tend to get into the habit of doing this, they tend to start upping the cheats and lowering the exercise. in other words, since it worked for this one time, you have the 600 cal starbucks drink because you'll burn an extra 300 cals at the gym. then you have the 1000 cals of pizza at the gym and that brings your gym total up to 800 cals. and they forget that your regular exercise is already included in your ranges. so it's not just 800 cals at the gym, it's 800 cals on top of what you were doing. and since you're fat and happy you slack off just a little, so you don't burn as much, even though you already ate everything. so you're increasing what you need to balance out at the same time you're reducing how much you're actually balancing out.
if you want to "cheat" one of the best things that you can do is to ditch your loss ranges for the day and eat in your maintenance ranges. so if you were set to lose a pound a week, your maintenance ranges will be 500 cals over your loss ranges [for a 1/2lb per week it's 250 above, 2lbs per week would be 1000 cals above]. that gives you 500 cals of extra pizza [or whatever] for the day and if you stick to your ranges the rest of the week, you should still lose about 6/7 of a pound. keep in mind that if you do weigh in close to one of these off days you might not actually see a loss because of the increased sodium.
another option would be to bank up some calories to be a little more relaxed. say you're ranges are 1200-1550. if you spent 6 days [either the 6 days before or the 6 days after] eating in the 1200-1450 range, you'll bank up [or balance out if you do it after the fact] 600 cals to do with what you please for that 7th day and still be in range on a weekly basis.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/4/13 7:38 A

If you want to make pizza part of your menu, that's your choice.
However, as said by previous respondents, don't set yourself up for the binge/purge type of mindset (I can eat 'x' because I'm going to exercise the pants off myself to overcome it)

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6/4/13 7:22 A

Online Now  • ))
You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Check out this video where a guy eats pizza while another guy is running on the treadmill. It takes moments to consume that pizza but it would take hours to burn it off!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/3/13 10:56 P

I agree with most everything Dragonchilde said, except the part about 1000 calories being a LOT of pizza. Turns out, a 6" Individual Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut) has about 700. Add a side of greek salad, bam! There's your 1000.

There are, however, better pizza choices to be had.

I would be more inclined to update my Fitness Tracker to reflect the "typical" activity I do per week, let Spark recalculate my ranges accordingly, try and work within that range (understanding that ON OCCASION I might go over), and consider any excess exercise I did to be a "bonus."

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6/3/13 9:40 P

No, it's not. But not for the reasons you think.

By working out to burn off junk, you're setting up an unhealthy binge/purge cycle that can lead to eating disorders and other disordered eating patterns. There's even a name for it. It's called "exercise bulimia".

"People who suffer from exercise bulimia often binge on food and then exercise obsessively to make up for it. Exercise becomes a way to control calories, justify eating, and punish oneself for eating too much or eating the "wrong" things."

If you want to eat a "cheat meal" then work that into your overall week's calories; eating just 100 calories less over the course of the week would give you plenty of wiggle room for that pizza.

It's never a good idea to "punish" yourself through exercise, either; that sets up a negative association that working out is something you do to fix being "bad", or to try and undo harm, rather than something you do as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

I don't think it's ever okay to deliberately binge. 1,000 calories of pizza is a LOT of pizza. There's no way that's an enjoyable experience in the end. You're going to be bloated, overfull, and not at all comfortable. Binges happen; I get that; you can't "fix" them, though, you just have to pick up the pieces and move on.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet, and you shouldn't try. Make healthy choices; instead of 1,000 calories of pizza, eat a couple of slices, and enjoy a huge salad with it instead.

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6/3/13 9:38 P

I think almost everyone who works out probably cheats a little, thinking "it's okay, i'll work it off later"
I hear some people have a specific day of the weak to cheat/eat junk.
But I can't restrict myself all 6 days until the 7th...I usually have one or two little "cheating" snacks and then try to work them off.

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6/3/13 9:26 P

Just wondering of others' take on this: Is it okay to take a cheat meal and eat 1000 calories worth of pizza if you go to the gym and work off at least half of it? emoticon

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