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Workout the week of a race

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4/29/13 8:29 P

'Tapering' or reducing the amount of exercise in the immediate lead up to a race is important for endurance events like a marathon or half marathon, but less important for a 5K (although a mud run is definitely more strenuous than a 5K road race). Longer distances will burn through most (or all) of the body's reserves of immediately usable energy (2000 calories), and it is important that you start the race with full gas tanks.

Taking the day off prior to your race is probably all that is necessary for a 5K.


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4/29/13 4:37 P

I would exercise every day except the day before so you are strong and ready!

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4/29/13 4:23 P

I think it's important to give your body a full day of rest at least the day before the event.

I'm training for a half marathon coming up towards the end of June. In all my research online in half-marathon training schedules (mine is 8 weeks), at no point do I actually do a full 13 miles until the actual race, and the week before the race (it's on a Sunday), I drop from doing 10 miles the Sunday previous, down to 3 miles on Monday, 5 miles on Wednesday and then 2 miles on Friday.

Will be interesting to see how this works - I've never trained for a half marathon. Haha. But yeah, I bet it's all based on the periodization mentioned below.

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4/29/13 1:00 P

It sort of depends on how you've been exercising and for how long, but in general things need to ease up before an event. Normally the goal is to reduce the amount of training you do, but keep intensity up. It's called "periodization" and is a foundation of training. See NSCA's "Developing Endurance" for more info.

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4/29/13 12:16 P

This Saturday I am doing a 5k obstacle mud run (so excited)! Normally I do a hard workout 3 days a week (usually Mon, Weds, Fri), doing about 30 minutes of cardio and 30 strength training. Should I change the days I work out this week so my body is rested for Saturday, or will my body be more ready if I "stay the course"?

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