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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
2/4/13 10:08 A

I just use my google calendar. It does not populate anything for me, but I can decide what I am doing what days and I get a pop-up on my phone (I use the Android platform) to remind me. I can carry over the same schedule each week if I want to, or change it.

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2/4/13 8:17 A

I actually use a week by week agenda book. Just bought it at walmart and I figure out before the start of each week what I am doing and adjust the schedule depending on what I have going on that week. I also record my workouts and track distance, time, level, etc. Then I am able to look back when I feel like I am making no progress and see how much has actually changed. If you are worried about getting bored just change up the dvd every few days and cycle them. I generally do 2 different dvd's each week but you can add as many as you need to so you don't get bored! Good luck!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/3/13 11:42 P

The general minimum is 2 days, as in if you work out Monday afternoon, don't do it again until Wednesday afternoon.

However, when I was PT training, they taught us that once a week produced best results. That is with a trainer, where you can go much harder.

So somewhere in the middle!

1-2 is fine if you're pushing yourself. If you're not so much, then 3 is okay. But always at least that 48 hours in between sessions.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (265,047)
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2/3/13 11:03 P

I've always heard that strength training should be 2-3 times per week (versus 1-2 mentioned below). I know you're supposed to rest your muscles at least 1 day in-between strength training.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/3/13 10:40 P

Yeah, due to work schedules and other complications, I don't know that any app would really do that very well.

Why not just do it yourself?

Sit down and write out what days you can work out on.

Then write out what workouts you have available.

Now fit the one into the other. Make sure you include ST 1-2 times a week and cardio 3-5 times a week. Other than that there really aren't any rules.

If your weeks are roughly similar you can just do a weekly schedule and then do that for six weeks then change it.

H0KIE_GIRL SparkPoints: (3,588)
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2/3/13 7:07 P

What you can do is just create a calendar on Word and then just fill it in with different videos and just go by that for the entire month. Yes it is you making up the workouts but if you do it a month ahead of time I don't really see it as making you get bored - its just you randomly picking videos based on which ones work well with each other and then think about cardio you do outside of videos and which days with your work schedule is the best for those.

FAERIES7 Posts: 44
2/3/13 7:02 P

I'm wondering if anyone knows of or if there is a workout calendar website where I can put in my information, like which workouts I want to do, for how long, and how often and the website will calculate and populate a workout calendar for me? I'm finding that I need a calendar. I need something/someone to tell me to workout and which exercise/video to do. I get bored pretty quickly so I have quite a few videos. I hate to choose which one to do. so I figured if it was already chosen for me there'd be less complaining on my part.

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