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8/29/13 10:05 A

I disagree completely. While planning helps, it's not the case that you're doomed to failure if you don't meticulously plan things ahead of time. I can't tell you how often I've rolled out of bed and stumbled into the gym half-awake with no breakfast.

You don't need pre-workout supplements of any kind. "Natural" is a marketing term, and is utterly meaningless when it comes to supplements (and most foods, for that matter.)

Energy bars are not necessary for anyone, and commercially prepared ones come loaded with so much crap in them you might as well have a snickers. If someone wants to use them, and find them convenient, then that's fine, but they aren't necessary, and you're not destined for failure.

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8/29/13 8:02 A

You don't need supplements... just a balanced and healthy diet.
You don't need energy bars... most of them are full of additives, sugar, etc. anyways. More naturally occurring food for carbs would be the better option. (ie; your fruits, veg, whole grains, dairy etc)
You need protein. There are people out there (low carb folks) who can perform with little carbs; however... you're not going to find anyone in fitness neglecting protein.
I perform optimally, fasted. Not everyone requires pre-workout nutrition.

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8/29/13 7:49 A

This is generally known - you need to fuel your body for any activity.
However, beware of those who say you must eat "x" before/after exercise, without giving peer-reviewed studies to back it up.

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8/29/13 5:27 A

To perform any action you require prior preparation. If you aren’t prepared in every respect then chances are that you wont be able to perform the desired action optimally.
workout nutrition:
• Fruits and vegetables
• Safe and natural pre workout supplements
• Energy bars
• Water

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