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IFFILAYO SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/09 11:14 P

I love all genres of music, so I listen to a very eclectic list while I'm working out.

This is my current list:

GIRLFRIEND by Avril Lavigne
BOOM BOOM POW by Black Eyed Peas
POKER FACE by Lady Gaga
SPACEMAN by The Killers
SPOTLIGHT by Jennifer Hudson
GONE by Kelly Clarkson
VIVA LA VIDA by Coldplay
SIN WAGON by The Dixie Chicks
CELOS by Marc Anthony

MAYOOSH2 Posts: 1
11/14/09 11:14 P

bob sinclair-rock this party
bob sinclair-sound of freedom
David Guetta - Love don't let me Go
david guetta love is gone

LEAVES1026 Posts: 1,173
11/14/09 11:06 P

i listen to Jay-Z's newest and to Shinedown! also, some reggaeton.

DAVEFITZ1 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/09 10:59 P

Depends on the day really.
Bon Jovi,
Guns n Roses,
Sarah Brightman,
Andrea Bocelli,
Check out "Afro Celt Sound System"

11/14/09 10:11 P

anything by Rhianna seems to keep me pumped

GINKA501 Posts: 5
11/14/09 9:43 P


SOCCERMOM172 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/09 9:11 P

If you like No Doubt. Their CD The Singles is great to work out to.

BREQUIE Posts: 90
11/14/09 8:38 P

Planet Rock, by Afrika Baambata
Din Da Da by George Kranz
(Favorite Running songs)

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
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11/14/09 8:26 P

Dave Matthews Band

KIRSTEN SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/09 8:20 P

My favorite workout song of all time is C & C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" (Everybody Dance Now). That song always gets me going. I also just burned a Michael Jackson workout CD.

ANNIE653 Posts: 5
11/14/09 8:03 P

Bhuddar bar Volume VIII - Disc begins slow for warm, up then increases in tempo, then slows again which fits perfect for a 40 minute work out.

11/14/09 7:47 P

I can listen to just about anything. Here is just a few of the songs from the different genres in my playlist.

Anything by DMX,Eminem, Jay-Z or T.I
Kanye West-- Stronger, Amzaing
Gnarls Barkley-- Run
Slim Thug -- I Run
Fabolous -- It's My Time
L.L. Cool J -- Mama said Knock You Out & I'm Bad

Travis Tritt T.R.O.U.B.L.E and Southbound Train
Rascal Flatts -- Life is a Highway ( or the original version)
Everlast -- Folsom Prison Blues remake
Johnny Cash -- I walk the Line
Merle Haggard -- Mama Tried

Isreal Houghton and New Breed -- I Just Wanna Say
Damita Haden -- No Looking Back
Mary Mary -- Shackles and In The Morning

Kelis -- Bossy
Mary J Blige -- The One, Family Affair and Just Fine
Sean Paul F. Eve -- Give It to You
Gap Band -- You dropped A Bomb on Me
Stevie Wonder -- Signed, Sealed Delivered
George Clinton -- Atomic Dog
Prince -- Let's Go Crazy
Pink -- Get The Party Started remix
Pussycat Dolls -- Buttons, Don't Cha
Christina Aguilara -- Dirrty, Candyman

Rock & Classic Rock
Fall Out Boy -- This Ain't a Scene, I Don't Care
Lover Boy -- Loving Every Minute of It
Bob Seger -- Katmandu & Old Time Rock n Roll
Red Hot Chilli Peppers -- Higher Ground
Rolling Stones -- Only Rock n Roll
Stevie Ray Vaughn -- The House is Rockin
Lynard Skynard -- Call Me The Breeze,Give Me Three Steps
ACDC -- (anything)
Free -- Alright Now
Bad Company --- Feel Like Making Love
Billy Squire -- The Stroke, My Kind of Lover
ZZ Top -- Give Me All Your Lovin

Hard Rock
Ozzy -- War Pigs, I Don't Wanna Stop
Marilyn Manson -- The whole Mechanical Animals CD
Korn -- Coming Undone

SCHEMARA553 Posts: 6
11/14/09 7:44 P

I actually prefer to read much more than listen to music while working out. And I can't do both, unless the music is quiet and soothing and wordless. It only will work if you're on a machine (Elliptical for me) and I know that some people have a really hard time reading while working out, but for me it just really focuses me somewhere else and music only makes me concentrate on how hard or fast I'm working out, which actually makes it much harder to get through it for me. I'm not one of those people who actually enjoys sweating my as* off, I just like the results

11/14/09 7:36 P

Kings of Leon-Any and all of their music
Kerli-Walking on Air
Slipknot-great for elliptical/running
I'll be back if I think of anything else but these would be my top suggestions emoticon

ADAMST3 SparkPoints: (27,833)
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Posts: 1,821
11/14/09 7:25 P

I'm a fitness instructor who loves music from and!

Happy Music

SHARYNAT Posts: 159
11/14/09 7:17 P

Rap, definitely...

THICKCHICK11 Posts: 18
11/14/09 7:16 P

"I'm Fat" by weird al---it's irony gets me moving.

WMCOLEMAN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 11
11/14/09 6:59 P

Rap Music

APPLEPIEDREAMS SparkPoints: (204,362)
Fitness Minutes: (94,733)
Posts: 10,180
11/14/09 6:56 P

Thanks for the suggestions - Insomnia by Faithless is my current favorite

11/14/09 6:55 P

Pendulum's album Hold Your Colour is a particular favorite of mine. Oingo Boingo is perfect for a brisk walk, too.

THROOPER62 Posts: 33,094
11/14/09 6:36 P

I like to work out to 50s & 60s music my favorites are Wipe Out, Wild Thing, Classical Gas, We Aint Got Nothing Yet, Hanky Panky, 96 Tears & Your My Soul & Inspiration.

11/14/09 5:58 P

Now I'm a little bit different (some would say wierd) but when I work out I don't listen to music. I have comedy stuff on my mini I-Pod. Blue Collar Comedy Tour, an evangilist/comic named Mike Warnke. I find working out less troublesome if I can laugh while working out.

Now I grant you some people give me wierd looks when they see me laughing during a workout but to me its fun

STOVER22 Posts: 1
11/14/09 5:34 P

I also love the 50's and 60's music. It really keeps me moving. No music and I am not motivative

11/14/09 5:09 P

I know it's silly but Britney Spears' newest CD Circus and also the one before that, Blackout, have some great tracks on there! They are up beat and make you wanna move!

ALAINAW30 Posts: 112
11/14/09 5:05 P

Upbeat jazz standards. I love Natalie Cole.

H0TTMOM1989 Posts: 160
11/14/09 4:59 P

crazy by Pitbull, it is a hip hop song but the chorus is a great cardio work-out! and the casper slide. the chorus of crazy goes "now jump up lets get crazy" over and over. so if you jump, great cardio!

11/14/09 4:39 P

Satisfaction by Benny Bennassi. The tempo is exactly the speed at which I jog!

MAMADELIGHT Posts: 3,973
11/14/09 4:25 P

Moby, Fat Boy Slim, JT, Foo Fighters and Pink.

JMH_39 Posts: 92
11/14/09 4:13 P

Go to the Dynamix website. You will find tons of music there tailored to workouts. I got the Amy Bento's Kickbox Surge cd from there and it is awesome.

ANGELALEGNA Posts: 1,174
11/14/09 4:06 P

Someone mentioned Supermassive Black Hole, I love that song, it gets me going. Mine is from Muse. Another one that really gets my blood pumping is Switch by Will Smith! Wiggle off that Giggle I say.

EDROLET SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (36,038)
Posts: 584
11/14/09 3:41 P

If you have Itunes, search workout music and you will get lots of hits!

DIXIEBALL19 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 847
11/14/09 3:26 P

I use 50's rock and roll.....twist and shout, limbo, these boots were made for walking, etc....I find that anything that makes me feel like dancing also makes me feel "more" like exercising. emoticon

11/14/09 2:53 P

Pretty much anything with a fast rythm. I play alot of industrial when I work out. Industrial has a consistent stompy beat, perfect IMO(even though I do belly dance fitness, haha)

For anyone into that kind of music: Combichrist, Distorted Memory, Angelspit, Assemblage 23, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Psyclon 9, Grendel, Wumpscut, KMFMDM, Agonoize....could go on and on...but my tot fell for a nap and taking this time to go excercise.

AJLAVOIE Posts: 155
11/14/09 2:21 P


Alex Gaudino especially!David Guetta too!


KARLYKARZ Posts: 453
11/14/09 2:03 P

So I have a weird rule for myself. Certain songs are my "work it hard" songs. So that means when those songs come up on my playlist I have to work hard. If I'm running that means hold a fast pace for the entire length of the song. If i'm on an ellitical or bike, turn up the restistance and go fast for that whole song...
That being said, my "work it hard" songs right now are Jai Ho from the Slumdog millionaire soundtrack and Circus by Britney Spears.

It used to be Lady Gaga- Poker face but i'm sort of over that song.

Beyonce always gets me going to :)

SARA1SCHOM Posts: 173
11/14/09 1:58 P

I think ABBA is great workout music!

11/14/09 1:47 P

There's an Australian band by the name of Sick Puppies that has a few songs that definitely get my heart pumping. The songs that come immediately to mind are "War" and "You're going down" Here are some links to preview them:

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LEBMIG Posts: 30
11/14/09 1:44 P

September! Her whole album is great to run to. The beat fits my footsteps, and there are plenty of those "inspirational" moments to keep you going.

HWEISEL1 Posts: 15
11/14/09 1:38 P

Thanks!! I also have some 80's :o) Good suggestions. Hopefully today I will have a good workout at the gym. Now I need to decide if I should buy a nano vs using my iphone. It's kind of bulky. Ah, well. There are worse things.

Again thanks!!

MONICAT1977 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,689)
Posts: 122
11/14/09 1:32 P

Someone previously mentioned the Top 5 Power Songs thread, which has a lot of excellent suggestions. Here's a link to it. Enjoy!

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BREN4376 SparkPoints: (17,501)
Fitness Minutes: (10,914)
Posts: 1,118
11/14/09 1:26 P

Hell ya! Justin Timberlake/ FutureSex/LoveShow 1 hour and 16 minutes worth. LOVE IT!!!!!

TKUCIFER Posts: 185
11/14/09 1:26 P

I have a two fold suggestion that is working really well for me! First, find a tempo that works for you; my walks go from 110-130. Use a program to test some of the songs you like and see how they fit in (I used Tempi on my iPhone but Cadence looks promising--and works on your desktop). Then create a playlist of your music that keeps you on track.
I have a two-mile, 30 minute set that goes: Fuego-Cheetah Girls, Supermassive Black Hole-from Twilight, (the baseball game), Legs-ZZ Top, Strangelove-Depeche Mode, Disturbia-Rihanna, Just Dance (Red One Remix)-Lady GaGa, Poison-Alice Cooper and Pumping on Steel-Billy Idol. Pretty eclectic but lots of fun. I am looking forward to using Cadence to find substitutions as well as develop workouts of different intensities.

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
11/14/09 1:22 P

Check out the post called top 5 workout songs over at the spark cafe. There are a lot of great suggestions there too.
Right now Black Eyed Peas, The Killers, Sugarland and Nickelback are a few favs for me.

SHEENANASH1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,457)
Posts: 1,289
11/14/09 12:50 P

if you like heavy beats and rock music i find that anything by three days grace gets me really pumped up.

11/14/09 12:49 P

I just made a good, long playlist for walking. Sometimes if I listen to something a bit slow I change my pace to match the tempo, so I decided to pump it up a little. I've got Black Eyed Peas, ELO, Paul Simon, Arcade Fire, Erasure, Billy Idol... And of course, you can never underestimate the power of the King of Pop! ;) Sometimes, cheesy 80s music is just what I need to keep the smile on my face.

TINABLEAP SparkPoints: (1,992)
Fitness Minutes: (15,563)
Posts: 728
11/14/09 12:41 P

My newest song is Promises in the Dark by Pat Benetar. It really gets me running. I also like 80's dance music to work out to.

11/14/09 12:34 P

Dance Wiv Me by Dizzy Rascal...awesome to listen to towards the end when you are really giving it all you can. For me it takes me to another level:)

TINYGIRL22 Posts: 88
11/14/09 12:29 P

I listen to Nickleback.. and I heard ladies in the locker room talking about how they listen to Eminem!

I think Lady GaGa is a good choice.. or the song I love by Regina Spektor is called "The Hotel".. and "Fidelity" by her.

EROSE1110 Posts: 8
11/14/09 12:28 P

Most people want upbeat, bouncy music to work out but I find that my favorite music works best. Music that I know the words and can sing along with is best for me because I just follow the music in my head and I don't realize that its been 20 min on the elliptical! The beat doesn't really make a difference as long as I know the words. It doesn't work for everyone but its worth a try and will save you from having to buy new music. :)

HWEISEL1 Posts: 15
11/14/09 12:20 P

I am currently workout, but I am having trouble with motivational music. I just downloaded Britney Spears, song 3 (LOL, it has a good fast beat) and I love Ciara, but I need other tunes to keep me pumped for my workout! Any suggestions?? emoticon I am king of lost. Thank you!!

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