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8/19/10 11:39 P

I agree with intheworks1, the Phillips earbuds are pretty nice and very inexpensive. I wear them running/walking, at the gym, on a trainer bike...decent sound and they never fall out. I've had them for almost a year with near everyday use and no issues. All I can ask for out of $9 headphones.

SCHAMRICK Posts: 1,050
8/19/10 7:42 A

Just bought a set of 220s. Noise cancellation is great and they offer three different fit sizes.

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
8/17/10 2:09 A

So I know there are expensive headphones out there that are probably much higher in quality than these but for working out I use these:

The holder goes around your ear and keeps them in place. Never had a problem with them falling out and I'm pretty active when it comes to the things I do for cardio. They are much better than the ear phones that come with the ipod.

I couldn't imagine spending hundreds of dollars on something that I'm going to work out in and get sweat all over. I've had mine for going on 2 years now and haven't had any problems with them at all.

GABROWN11 Posts: 4
8/15/10 4:17 P

I like the Skull Candy Gel Buds.

ADFENDER3 Posts: 23
8/15/10 11:56 A

I got Bose earbuds last yr for my birthday. They come with 3 sizes of silicone rubber covers so you can get close to matching your ear canal size.The sound is great.The fit is alittle less than great.

INTHEWORKS1 Posts: 981
8/13/10 10:43 P

Great question. I found some Phillips earbuds for about $10. They stayed in my ear well, which most don't. The downside was the soft rubber cover of the buds kept falling off. I bought a second pair and Gorilla Glued the soft bud cover on. We will see how that goes.

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8/13/10 8:18 P

I ran into the same problem recently. I had a pair of Klipsch headphones that were perfect for workouts. Unfortunately I wore them out and had to incest in some new ones and didn't want to spend another $150. I found that MEElectronics has some good choices. I bought these and am pretty happy with them.

The bass is a little heavy and the highs aren't as crisp as my Klipsch. Then again, I'm using them while running/working out and not concerned that they aren't perfect. I found them through an online retailer for $30 instead of the $50 MSRP.

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8/13/10 3:06 P

I'm having a hell of a time with headphones. I had a nice pair of JBL ear buds that were great but, the cord frayed and eventually split altogether. That particular make has since been discontinued and now I'm on my third replacement. The problem is that they fall out of my ears when I start running and jumping.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm at a loss and I can't keep shelling out $100.

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