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8/13/13 6:33 P

Would it be feasible for you to get a buy a few sessions with a personal trainer? They could evaluate your weaknesses and then set you up on a customized program based on your needs. They can also make sure you're doing the exercises with proper form so you avoid injury in the future.

Coach Jen

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8/13/13 1:55 P

I have what is probably a pound or two of steel in my ankle from an accident. Also have serious issues with my back. Is there a pool anywhere near you that isn't incredibly expensive and isn't tied up with high school and college swimming?

SE2832 Posts: 31
8/13/13 12:45 P

I blew my left knee out in highschool (I was squatting 315lbs at the time) and have tried many different types of activities since to keep moving. I am now in my forties now. Running is out, treadclimbers are out, treadmill with incline is out, any kind of serious weight training with the knee is out. Walking was ok but not enough intensity for me.

Two things that really worked with almost no knee pain. Karate and horseback riding. Karate is a good overall work out. I did Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan for years, and it builds excellent core strength and strong flexibility for you whole body.

For the horses, I use double offset or bow-balance stirrups to take the pressure off my knees and ride mostly Dressage, some huntseat. It is a huge core workout, and very little impact on your knees. And the horses are great for stress. They are so in the moment, it is hard to hold onto any outside pressures while you are riding.

Plus nothing helps like taking off the pounds for knee pain. When I dropped 20lbs I stopped taking my usual dose of NSAID to get moving in the morning. Cutting back on the simple carbs really helped with the inflammation also.

Hope you find your ideal workout. Best wishes.

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8/13/13 11:48 A

I am not old enough to have such bad, old knees. I'm about 40lbs overweight IMO -some say that's too much to lose but it puts me 5lbs above the low range of healthy wt for my ht and my frame is small. I like intense cardio but my knees and sometimes back let me know I can't handle it. Same with tons of squats/lunges.
Most of my life I have had zero core strength even though I'm relatively strong. I can bench press 50lbs on a bar 15reps/3 sets and am working towards 60 as we speak. I can lift 20-25lb dumbells easily for most exercises except lat raises for which I have to drop to 5 for some reason! Shoulders are hard too because I end up using my neck.
When I do planks, even watching myself in a mirror, I have no conscious feeling of "the right form." I have the same problem in tennis - I have trouble feeling my body in space and feeling the"right moves/form" vs the wrong ones. Whenever I start getting in better and better shape, my knees and back start to give/hurt and the last 3x I ended up with serious back pain and on meds, unable to workout for 4-5 weeks, and eventually back to my old food and lack of routine habits - mostly because I gain even watching foods because I'm already eating at 1200-1500 so when exercise stops, I can't drop calories lower, activity stopped, body adjusts and I gain slowly but I gain. After 2-3 weeks, I get angry, frustrated, upset and I allow myself to eat less carefully, to have wine, to have sweets sometimes and that makes it worse and so on. I need to find a way to stop the pendulum of hard/intense/exercise to nothing but I don't lose or feel good when I only do cardio 30 mins/day and I admit I am not good at WEight training without a gym/plan/class. Don't have that right now so I'm doing Chris's basic stuff but I will have to add and I'm not sure how w/o a gym/machines etc.

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