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NANDJMOMMY SparkPoints: (8,624)
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8/4/14 4:31 P

I have a cold, think I might go for an easy walk tonight, instead of my normal 4 or nothing at all.

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 2,548
1/23/14 8:33 P

Take the day off. It'd ridiculous to push yourself when your body needs to rest. And please DO NOT go to a gym or class to spread your germs around. Personally, that's why I won't go to a gym anymore.


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LOVINGLIFE43 Posts: 209
1/23/14 8:15 P

I am feeling under the weather tonight so I have cut my workout time in half. Doing nothing will make me feel guilty so half is better than nothing.

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ROSSTECH215 Posts: 47
1/23/14 3:32 P

For myself personally, I avoid working out if I am sick anywhere (head cold or stomach). I feel like my body prefers to rest to get better quicker. That's just me.

GECKO722 SparkPoints: (20,486)
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1/23/14 3:20 P

The rule I normally go by is if I feel sick from the neck up, I work out. But, if I feel sick from the neck down, I take a break. This is normally in regards to colds, if I have a fever I take a break.

BOGO13 SparkPoints: (1,798)
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1/20/14 12:58 P

If I have a cold, I try to do some type of workout as long as I can still breath during it all. I can usually lift if I have a stuffy nose, but it would bother me too much to run if my nose is constantly running.

Last year, I wasn't feeling my best but made myself get up for a 9am group ex class and when I was home an hour and a half later, I felt 3x worse...super achey, fever, and exhausted. Turned out I got strep and I think exercising made it come on that much stronger. So for myself, I don't allow myself to exercise if I know I am not feeling myself. It's better for me to just rest and make sure I am fueling my body with the proper food instead. But yes, it definitely is personal preference! Everyone reacts differently.

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DROPCONE Posts: 1,580
1/20/14 12:51 P

I think this is a judgement call. I've heard lots of recommendations - exercise if you don't have a fever, don't exercise if the cold involves chest congestion, but working with head congestion is OK, all kinds of things. I don't know if any of them are true.

If you have to go to a public place to work out (like a gym), DON'T. Please don't! Nobody else wants your germs. You might think you will be as careful as can be, but there is really no preventing cold germs from spreading in a public place like a gym.

If you can work out at home, and you really think a workout will make you feel better, I'd say go for it, though. Maybe go at a lower intensity than normal if you feel yourself getting overly fatigued.

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1/20/14 12:49 P

I find that gentle exercise helps me feel better when I am sick.

ILLINITURFIE SparkPoints: (3,997)
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1/20/14 12:00 P

I was just wondering if it's good to work out when I'm sick. I have a nasty cold so I'm feeling kinda crappy, but I thought maybe a workout would help me feel a little better?

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