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1/13/12 10:47 A

Don't sleep in mine....

But I do have them laid out the night before along with my gym bag packed with an outfit for work and I pack my lunch and have it sitting ready for me to just grab from the fridge as I walk out the door.

I can get up 10 min before I have to walk out the door and get to my 5am Spin class on time.

I really prefer the AM workout since I don't have all day to talk myself out of it and say "nah, I'm too tired today".

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/13/12 10:40 A

It's nice to know that I am not alone in struggle to juggle it all!

DEE0973 Posts: 1,517
1/13/12 10:31 A

Hi there,
I exercise early in the morning before work and it requires me to be up @ 4am to get in a good 40-60mins of workout. I also workout on my job during lunch b/c there's a gym. I do this b/c with a family when I get home there are so many competing things that exercise is usually the last thing on my mind.
When I miss a AM workout due to being tired or appts, I force myself to change into workout gear as soon as I get home and the kids and hubby knows to give me atleast 40mins to get it done because it is important.

You can include some early am exercises at home and during your day when the baby takes a nap. What about giving him some entertaining activities to do by you while you workout?

Good luck in what ever you decide.

JBUT66 SparkPoints: (2,095)
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1/13/12 10:26 A

I work out in the morning for the same reasons expressed by the other working moms here - It's the only time I have to myself!! I have read that it takes three weeks to establish a "habit" for lack of a better term. But, I think the idea is that if you can establish and stick to a morning workout routine for a few weeks, you will find it gets easier and becomes something you actually look forward to and feel good about. I have also read that people who workout in the morning are generally more successful at sticking to their routines and keeping the weight off.

Good luck!

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/13/12 10:14 A

Hello Gooseberry,

I also exercise early early in the morn. I get up at 4:30 or the latest 5 to get my workout done. I work full-time and have 2 kids. I get off off work in time to pick kids up from school, but I find that my afternoons (4pm and on) are filled with homework help, cooking dinner, dishes, bath time, after school sports, etc. My the time I have some moments to myself, I am just too exhausted to work out.

Mornings are the only time that I am not "needed" because everyone is sleeping.

SCORPIOCANDY SparkPoints: (27,170)
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1/13/12 9:55 A

I generally work out first thing in the morning (3am) for about 2 hours before I go to helps to wake me up and get the day started...especially since after work there is so much to do, including homework for school.

Good luck, I am sure you will work something out.

MRSTTHARP SparkPoints: (0)
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1/13/12 5:00 A

me too April! Hard to say no when the alarm goes off if you are already dressed!

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1/12/12 11:00 P

One great tip for making early morning workouts ( a little ) easier- go to sleep in your workout clothes! This really works for me.

LADYSHEL SparkPoints: (16,433)
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1/12/12 9:48 A

I try to workout early morning, 4:15am and almost everyday during lunch at work. But if I am tired, I may not make the morning workout.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/12/12 8:09 A

I workout before work because it's the best time for me, and the one I can be most consistent with. Life gets in the way after work sometimes, shuttling kids to activities, being worn out from the day, etc. So, I get up between 4:45 and 5:00 and do workout. Some days it's a struggle b ecause I'm tired, but I've been doing it for 9 months now, and the consistency has made it a habit.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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1/12/12 6:51 A

I typically do my exercies late or early. When the family is safely tucked in their beds. On rare occassions I go out during the day. I am a runner and fortunately live in a fairly safe neighbourhood so that being out between 10:30 at night and 5:00 in the a.m. is not an issue. I do wear a reflective vest and lights on the front and back. This works for me.

I think what is important is finding a schedule at works for you, that you will be able to maintain over time, and that you will enjoy.


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1/12/12 5:47 A

I too exercised early in the morning (0430) before changing shifts. It was very very good for me as it was easy to ditch the workout in the late afternoon and evening after a tiring day at work. That and it was done and I didn't have to worry about it anymore that day! Good Luck on your workouts whenever you do them!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
1/12/12 5:08 A

I found your question fairly long and vague, to be honest. I find if you give too many details people will pick up on what they want. If you had said: I need to work out in the early morning for my job. What does everyone here do for exercise? You may have found more appealing responses. Short and sweet, a lot of people don't read the long questions until the end (myself included).

-GOOSEBERRY- SparkPoints: (0)
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1/12/12 5:04 A

Thank you both for your replies.
I do take him for walks and we play and are active all day. What I'm talking about is doing exercise videos, Pilates, weight training, etc. Intentional exercise. I know that the walking with him and playing does count, but that's not enough for me to reach my goals.

I guess no one else here exercises in the early morning!
Or it just wasn't the question to ask.

Thank you again, both of you, for taking the time to respond. I do appreciate it very much.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
1/12/12 4:18 A

Can you take the boy for a walk? Walking and pushing a pram would count towards your exercise, and getting kids outside is good for them! Join in at the playground too, that gets you moving. Active nannies means active and healthy kids!!

MRSTTHARP SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/12 6:55 A

I think they have a site for new mommies here and exercise. Maybe since your job is being someones fill in mommie you can incorporate some of their advice into your daily activities. I know that some of them actually use their waking time to involve the little one

-GOOSEBERRY- SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/12 6:25 A

I have a lovely job but it has very long hours. I work 10 to 12 hours a day as a full-time Nanny for a sweet little (almost) two year old boy. While I do move around a lot during the day, by the time I go home, I'm done but still have house stuff to do and spend time with my husband and thank goodness for Crockpots!

I've figured out that the only time that would really work for me is to get up around 4:30 and exercise. Somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 as my schedule varies of when I get to work. I am more of a morning person. The little boy takes a two hour nap but I can't always count on that and I'm still working on other things when he's sleeping. I'm still trying to figure things out as to when would be best for me to work out but just wanted some ideas, encouragement, any thoughts on working out in the early morning, if that is when I decide to do it. I work out at home.

Thank you!

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