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DASHKATH Posts: 862
10/4/13 6:12 A

I used to do that at my old job. I would shower immediately afterward but was still a little sweaty. I didn't mind it so much as I only had a couple hours left at work anyway. Now I workout in the AM. That works very well for me and I I find I crave exercise in the morning.

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10/2/13 5:17 P

I do most of my strength training at the fitness center in my office at lunch, and it works well for me. It's the only thing that works for my schedule, so I can relate.

I have to do cardio at other times/places however... just not enough time to get it all in.

10/1/13 7:13 P

I love going to the gym at lunch, and so do most of my coworkers. If you have the kind of job that lets you be flexible it can be a really good option. I usually take a 75 minute lunch, and then work 15 minutes later in the day. (Of course, some days I work 9-10 hours straight because I have a lot of stuff to do so it all evens out).

The weird thing is cooling down afterwards. If you take a shower immediately after working out your body doesn't have a chance to cool off. So you are in a situation where you are clean but sweating. Covering a wet face with makeup is difficult. Just something to keep in mind if you care a lot about appearance. (some girls I work with don't wash their hair after working out, they must not sweat as much as I do LOL). So what I do is go back to my desk with some ice water and cool down, and usually then I can recheck my makeup and I'm good. (I don't wear a lot of makeup, mind you, just tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow and mascara.

It's really nice to get home and just focus on family and making a healthy dinner. Good luck :)

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10/1/13 5:08 P

Would you be able to go to the gym before work? That way it's out of the way and imo, provides a great boost to the rest of your day.

10/1/13 4:53 P

If you can go for a walk at lunch, or dance around your office (if you have one). Other than that I can't offer any more suggestions without more information. Can you take a short lunch and go to the work gym after you are done for the day?

I do not have access to a gym at work so I go to the gym directly after work. Then I can go home and relax for the rest of night.

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10/1/13 2:53 P

I could not do my entire workout during lunch as the time block is not long enough and then you are sweaty afterwards if you are doing any meaningful exercise. What about going straight to the gym after work so that you can focus?

What exactly is your question?

10/1/13 12:58 P

I find that working out on my lunch break at work, works better for me, I was trying to do it at home after work but my husband was always interrupting me with something on television. I am really trying to stay focus it really get hard, but my blood pressure is definitely lower I am off the medicines and this is something I have to do for life, I have to make the time to work out even if I just dance and I love to dance. I am working on loosing 10-15 pounds before the year is up, any ideas?

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