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5/13/14 8:14 A

I also work out at night after dinner's done and kids are bathed and in bed. I get to the gym around 8:20 and usually leave around 9:30 to 10. Based on research, and my reluctance to spend lots of money on protein shakes, I drink a nice glass of chocolate milk. Science is showing that the carb to protein ratio makes it an awesome recovery drink post-workout. Plus, it's delicious!

Here are some links:

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4/21/14 2:46 P

Like others have said you need to count your overall calories for the day versus the ones you are losing to be able to lose weight. That being saying there are a couple of options that you could use after the workout. I would think the smoothie would work best as long as it isn't overloading with calories and it fast acting to fuel up those working muscles. It also isn't laying in your stomach all night say like chicken or other protein meats.


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4/20/14 1:17 P

I agree with the others - it's fine to eat at night, especially after a workout. Your body needs fuel to recover! I like a Progenex Recovery protein shake right after my workout. It serves two purposes - it helps my muscles recover from what I just put them through (CrossFit for me), and it also helps curb my hunger long enough for me to get home and eat a healthy dinner. Without it, I find myself getting "hungry" and/or making unhealthy dinner decisions because I'm so hungry.

The best thing to do for yourself is experiment - try one thing for a couple of weeks, then try something else for a couple of weeks. You need to give it time to take effect, so don't go off of one or two days of experimenting.

If you truly feel bad or see poor results when they eat before going to bed, but you're hungry, try a low-carb dinner. I small or medium salad with a bit of protein may do the trick. You don't need to eat a lot, but putting some fuel in the tank after a workout can be beneficial.

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4/19/14 9:44 A

How's it going? I looked at the GNC lean shake and it looked like a good one. What is your workout like? How long? etc. I work out at night too, so this is always a concern of mine too. Let's keep in touch.

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4/17/14 10:15 P

Thank you very much

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4/17/14 9:22 P

Here's an article with info on what to eat after a workout:
. It's ok to eat after you workout at night - you really want to make sure you are refueling your body and meeting your calories and nutrients needs.

Coach Denise

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4/17/14 11:16 A

I use lean shake from gnc is that good enough?

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4/17/14 9:01 A

Have you thought about a real high quality protein shake? There are some good ones out there and you can mix them with almond milk and add fruit to make a healthy thick shake that is filling and good for you. And you won't go over your calorie budget.

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4/17/14 6:52 A

The issue of what you eat is less important than fitting it into your overall calorie budget for the day.

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4/16/14 11:54 P

Hello I'm trying to lose weight and my only problem is dinner I've been going to the gym eating clean during the day but once night comes I make a bad choice this week I'm starting back up and wanna do it right. I would like to get some help on what is ok to eat at night since I work until 6pm and I get to the gym by 7pm what is ok to eat after since all I have all day is breakfast snacks and lunch I know is not good to eat so late But I don't get out the gym til 830 which only take me 5 to 10 mins to get home since is across from where I live.

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