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I worked midnights and second shift for 30+ years. "Breakfast", for me, was the first meal of my "day". Lunch came in the middle of my shift. "Dinner" was a typical person's breakfast-time.

In fact, our local restaurant knew us so well that if we went in to eat in the morning, they brought my husband a breakfast menu and me the dinner one! It only took a time or two of tipping the kitchen staff in thanks to instigate that. And yes, it created a lot of confused expressions on the part of other diners! LOL

Don't abandon your healthy eating habits because of your hours. There's no reason you can't have good lunches at work. I know of very few places which don't at least have a microwave available. And if you do work somewhere which has no eating facilities at all, you still can pack cold lunches which don't catapult you off a good nutritional plan. The sweets (in liquid or solid form) will actually reduce your efficiency - energy and stamina - if you rely on them to "stay awake". And using that type of crutch eventually catches up with you: you end up having to resort to them more and more to get the same effect. And we all know where that ends up. We're here trying to turn that around!

Eat a good breakfast, whatever good lunch you can devise, and your best meal after work. Then don't just drop into bed! Tired or not, that's the time to do most of your household things and not drive any neighbors crazy. They don't seem to be cognizant of the same consideration... but none of my neighbors (when I was living in an apartment complex) appreciated it much when I'd start vacuuming at strange hours. Do your noisy stuff when they've gotten up and gone to work. You'll still have plenty of time for sleep before they start coming home from their day jobs. If you get off slightly before "up" time for others, go shopping! It's the best time in the world to be in a grocery - when the only "traffic" you have to navigate are the stockers. I loved it.

Nights can be miraculous for those of us suited to it. You just have to stop trying to fit it into a day schedule. It's different. Nevermind "typical"!

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If you can set a schedule that you can live with so you get regular sleep, that will be really helpful. Drinking coffee isn't a bad thing if you aren't overdoing it or loading it up with sweeteners and cream. Pop and candy, not so much. It will be hard, but find an eating pattern that works for you and stick with it as much as possible, no matter what time of day you eat your biggest meal. Eat healthy foods so your energy evens out. Eat a regular meal - not sweets -- on your lunch break. I think regular sleeping habits and healthy, normal meals will be the best way to even out your system so it works for you.

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It really will not matter what "time" you eat...whatever works for you.... You will probably do much better at work though if you lose the coffee/pop /candy! Take something healthy instead...even a protein bar will be better...! Use the opportunity to drink lots of water--it will keep you alert as well as pop. Or try some herbal teas...and go for short walks around your office as much as possible....

Do you have a set sleeping schedule? That's probably the most important thing to do for yourself...! When we are tired, we often try to "energize" with excess carbs---not good! It just doesn't work, does it?

When I worked midnights many years ago, I found it suited me best to switch my meal pattern to go with my work schedule: eg, brkfst was before work, I ate my lunch during work, and dinner afterwards! LOL--ever seen the look on folks faces when 2 or 3 people are on the beach at 0800am, bbqing steaks??!! Then I slept during the afternoon... Pizza just didn't sound good when I just woke up at 10pm...!
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I work midnights and have a sit down job and have gained weight since I have been on this schedule. Can anyone tell me when should I eat my biggest meal or what should I do to help with my unhealthy eating habits. I find myself drinking pop/coffee to stay awake at night. I am snacking on candy to keep me energized. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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