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2/12/11 3:01 A

I work 12 hr night shifts. I do have to plan for the first night of a stretch because I'm up too long. Other than the first night I do ok. Planning is necessary.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 23,733
2/4/11 9:15 P

When I worked shifts, I did not have a problem either.

I did my regular routine, but in different hours.

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2/4/11 4:11 P

My husband does shift work, but he hasn't mentioned any difficulty with a regular eating routine.

1/30/11 10:44 P

Exactly! Between getting sleep, attempting to get your exercise in and eating right it can be more taxing. I have been really diligent to pack my lunch and plan my meals for the week.

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1/30/11 10:40 P

I feel your pain. Although I don't work shift work, I have a job that can have irregular hours at times. For the last 8 months or so I've averaged 6 10 hour days a week and there was a string of 30 consecutive days I worked 7 10's during the summer. Hard to get motivated for exercise when you are tired on your feet and hitting the drive thru window on your way home is so easy.

1/30/11 10:07 P

Does anyone else work shift work and find it hard to find a balance with finding an eating schedule?

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