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EHUERTA4 Posts: 4
5/13/13 9:05 P

I aimed for 1500 today and ate just a little over 1500 calories. I'm doing cardio- ballet, dance, boxing, & small weights. No my daughter is 3 now and I gained a lot when I got a hormonal IUD and have been working off the weight since it's removal.

Thank you so much for the advice

5/13/13 7:52 P

I too agree with about 1500-1800.
Aim for weight loss of no more than about 1/2 pound weekly.
Do include cardio and resistance training---so you really do focus on toning.
I assume you are not breastfeeding??


EHUERTA4 Posts: 4
5/13/13 3:47 P


thank you I didn't think about that I was being a bit spacey :)

I was worried I wasn't taking in enough because i'm not looking to starve myself and well I love food! I wanted to make sure I took a healthy approach.

EHUERTA4 Posts: 4
5/13/13 3:46 P

I'm wanting to lose about 10 lbs to get to my pre pregnancy weight. I'm more worried about tone and definition instead of pant size but I became very busty when I became pregnant and never lost it. I feel comfortable at 137 but I'm aware that muscle weighs more than fat. According to my scale my fat percentage is 25% and I'm not sure how good that is.

5/13/13 3:24 P

You are already at a healthy weight for your height.
How much are you wanting to lose?
Perhaps you are wanting to tone, lose fat and build muscle??
Can you share more about your plan??

SP Registered Dietitian

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/13/13 3:22 P

You can't multiply the BMR for "light activity" and then also try to figure in the exercise. One or the other. The light activity IS your exercise level.

Try Spark's way - multiply BMR only by 1.2 to account for day to day non-exercise work. Then add in your averaged weekly exercise (288).

Then, as the PP said, you're already at a normal weight for your height. If you do have fat to lose at all, you will lose it slowly and should not aim for more than half a pound a week. A full pound is only suitable if you're actually overweight. So you'd only subtract 250.

+288 = 2083
- 250 = 1883

So you should be eating somewhere around 1600-1950 or so daily.

By taking in 1200, you're creating a daily deficit of 880 calories - which is far too high for someone who is not actually overweight. Your body's response will more likely be to stop losing weight, than to lose it.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
5/13/13 3:00 P

1. the 1200 floor is a nutrient minimum [it's really hard to get all the nutrients you need in fewer calories]. your exercises calories do not come in to play there at all.
2. at 5'8" and 148lbs, you're already at a healthy weight for your height. if you can get a bodyfat number then that is going to be a better guide of what you have to lose than the number on the scale. but without that info, you're going to have to scale back your loss goals. losing 1lb per week just isn't realistic when you have so little weight to lose. you're looking more like topping out at 1/2lb per week or aiming for 1/4lb per week. when you don't have a lot to lose, you do have to eat pretty close to where you maintain, so it can take a long time to see results.
this is how your ranges are calculated. the short of it is that if you're burning about 2350 a day and you don't have a lot of weight to lose, you should be eating somewhere close to 2100 cals.
you can't really take a small part of your total burn for the day [your exercise] and compare it in any useful way to what you eat. you have to look at your total burn [your bmr + your daily activities + your exercise] and compare that to your intake and see if that leaves you at a deficit or surplus.

EHUERTA4 Posts: 4
5/13/13 2:48 P

So last night I calculated my BMR which gave me a number of 1496.2 calories. Then based on a light activity level I took my BMR x 1.375 which gave me 2057.275 calories to maintain my current weight of 148 lbs at a height of 5' 8''. Typically to lose weight you subtract 500 calories which brings me down to 1557.275 calories but I'm also exercising 6 days a week which is burning 337 calories.

I'm only taking in 1200 calories so when I work out does that mean I am only leaving myself with 863 calories? Is that too extreme to lose weight?

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