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6/10/10 12:54 P

I'm so glad you got it out! I had mine out in August of last year. I first became sick with it in 2004, but the docs were hesitant to take it out because I did NOT have stones. When it flared up again in 2009, they finally agreed it had to go. I felt better immediately and it's great not to have to take 10 Zantac 75s a day just to function!

LEANJEAN6 Posts: 16,419
6/8/10 7:52 A

I find that the better way to eat with Spark has made such a difference with my lack of a gall bladder.

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6/6/10 1:33 P

Thank you all! I am doing alot better!!

4KIDS_4ME Posts: 331
6/2/10 10:49 A

Editing because I read further ahead. I hope you're resting comfortably and feeling better.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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ZOESMAMA03 Posts: 446
5/28/10 5:07 A

I'm changing my post because I saw that you got it scheduled that is good. The near constant pain did not sound good.

I'd recommend sleeping in a recliner if possible the first 2 nights. The first 2 were so hard to get up and down off a sofa as it was but bed going from laying down to sitting to standing was tough. Otherwise recovery was a breeze. The shoulder pain from the air if you are getting laproscopic is worse the pain from incision in my opinion. I managed on only 2 days of pain meds weaning off by having them last twice as long. I wouldn't recommend it necessarily though but it worked for me. I did not want to get into them long enough to have withdrawals when I came off. I had that issue with that after my ER visit from the pain when I first learned of it and I was only on them 5 days then. The withdrawals were worse annoyance than the pain of the attack. UGH!


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BUCKEYE_NUT Posts: 630
5/27/10 8:44 A

Good luck! Make sure to have plenty of liquids around for your first day or two home!

5/26/10 11:40 P

Good Luck !

5/26/10 10:03 P

I am happy to say that I get to have my gallbladder removed on friday. I just thought i would update you all.

5/11/10 10:29 A

Thank you all!

GAIL1000 Posts: 903
5/8/10 10:47 A

I had my gall bladder taken out several years ago. The process was minimal and afte a few days - NO pain! I also put it off (for reasons other than yours)but luckily scheduled it on time. Most gall bladder surgeries are now Laparoscopic(as was mine)which means not too long of a recovery time, no hospital stay, and minimal scarring...however (and this is a BIG however) I found that if I would have waited just a bit longer and had to have EMERGENCY gall bladder surgery, they would have had to have proceeded like in the "old" days and I would have been in the hospital for several days ($$$$$) would have had my stomach sliced open (big scar, lots of pain, long recovery time = loss of wages)so talk to your doctor and do what is best for of luck to you! emoticon

SHERRY257 Posts: 4,881
5/4/10 4:47 P

I had my gallbladder out and have felt 100% better since. I think you should not hesitate to have surgery if you have so much pain. I was walking about 1 week after my surgery and felt pretty good. It took me about six weeks to get all my energy back. I have to eat low fat now or suffer digestive trouble--so I do!

4/30/10 11:06 P

My only option is to have surgery . I have been dealing with this for over 2 years. I have tried the antacids, water, & my intake of fatty foods but nothing is helping! Thank you all!

4/30/10 1:12 P

The best thing for you to do is eat less fatty foods, even if you don't see a difference right away. The gall bladder gives your insides extra juices to break down your food. The reasons you probably gained weight after the surgery is because it takes your body more effort to digest and the psychosomatics of being told not to eat fatty foods (I crave french fries just thinking about it). After I had mine removed I lost weight because I would be in EXTREME pain if I ate anything greasy, but about a month or two later it didn't bother me as much, and my weight came right back because I didn't make it a lifestyle change at the time. Working out is the best thing for you at this time, because if you would drop weight, your gallbladder wouldn't be so heavily worked, which would mean less pain. While you are working on it I suggest plenty of water and some antacids. Talk with your doctor about your options. Also eating smaller meals more frequently has helped others, just make them as non-fatty as possible. Try to cut your fat to under 15 grams a day and see if the gallbladder attacks lessen.

You may also want to be picky about the exercises you're doing. Before my surgery I was in tears if I had to really move my upper body. Treading water might work, but mostly leg workouts such was walking and biking were the best for me at the time.

4/30/10 7:22 A

hi all, I had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago, just after my delivary. Life was tough after that, Every day i used to have losse motion, weekness, struggle with my baby.. ooh god. My husband and my family were with me always. Afterward i discovered that i developed allergy towards chillies, milk and raddish. I tried all treatments medine, homeopathy, etc. Accupressure helped and helps me a lot when ever i have stomach related problems. I dont want to scare you, just want to say accupressure is there if u have any problem. I did not gain any weight after gall bladder removal

4/29/10 11:11 P

I hope that I dont gain weight but the pain is so bad I think i would take the weight! I need to lose the weight but its not going anywhere if i cant stand to work out. Anyone else have any experiences?

YPADILLA2 Posts: 1
4/29/10 7:53 A

I just wanted to let you know a side effect from the surgery that affected me, I googled it too so I know I'm not the only one :) I GAINED 30 lbs after having my surgery!! I have never gained so much weight in such a short amount of time. MY pain is completely gone now thank god though now it does not happen to everyone but its possible. Now I just gotta work extra hard lol good luck on your surgery! :)

4/28/10 7:30 P

Thank you! I am so glad that you responded to my question! It does not matter what i eat any more whether its heathly food or fatty food. My stomach is always upset no matter what I eat and drink. I am working on getting the surgery and hopefully something will come through soon! I dont feel like working out any more, so i am trying very hard to keep my diet in check. I agree with you, It will take a fork lift to get me up and moving when my side hurts which is just about all of the time any more. Thank you so much for replying.

BUCKEYE_NUT Posts: 630
4/28/10 4:57 P

Ouch! I remember that pain! I had my gallbladder out shortly before I turned 17. The best advice I can give you is to stay away from fried, fatty, greasy, and spicy foods. As for working out, it would have taken a fork lift to get me moving when I had an attack. I don't have any advice there beside getting the surgery ASAP.
Sorry I'm not more helpful. Feel better soon!

4/28/10 1:54 P

I have recently gotten diagnosed with a gallbladder full of gallstones. Most of the time I am in serious pain, I am going to get surgery as soon as I can afford it, as the doctor said I didn’t have to have it immediately because of the insurance problem. I was wondering to any one that has dealt with this problem, how you diet and work out when you’re in a lot of pain. How do you push yourself to work out? I hope someone can share some insight or just share stories with me. When I am not in pain my stomach is upset and I don’t feel like doing anything. HELP!

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