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Working Out & Eating Enough???

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Posts: 320
1/25/13 9:39 A

I've been told 20 different things by 10 different people about my question so this article really puts things into perspective.

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Posts: 220
1/25/13 9:31 A

That's interesting

Posts: 320
1/25/13 9:06 A


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1/25/13 8:32 A

Okay, first and foremost, are you tracking your work movement as exercise? You are likely overestimating your calorie burn. It's okay, this is really common! So common, in fact, that Sparkpeople has a way to figure out what you need to do to account for this:

The problem with counting daily work activities as fitness is that your body adapts to the movements, and you're not burning as much as you think you are. If you were really burning that much all the time, you wouldn't need to lose weight. ;) You ARE burning more than you would at a sedentary job, but I would not count it as purposeful exercise.

Follow the steps in the above expert answer, and adjust your intake accordingly, but don't track that work stuff as exercise.

Posts: 320
1/25/13 8:22 A

So on the days I work, I tend to walk 20+ miles and climb at least 50 flights of stairs. I work every weekend, 10 hr shifts, and 1-2 days during the week. With this kind of walking workout, SP wants me to eat 2000-3000 cal a day. I think that eating that much isn't going to help me. I am currently starting Atkins/Low Carb and I love my diet but I need to know if I'm hurting my weight loss by not eating enough. Should I eat more on days I work/workout? I only ask because my fitbit says that I've burned over 3000 cal on those days.

Ok, should I eat my normal 1500-2000 every day, even though on working days I burn a lot and non working days I don't walk more then 5000 steps? I think this is hard to word to get the answers I need. Eck, someone help!

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