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I've found that when doing shift work, I often eat extra meals, but I plan them to be smaller. I eat when I wake up; high protein snack before work; snack 2 hours into work; meal 4 hours in; snack 6 hours in; and then bedtime. Your mileage may vary !

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I used to first, second and third (not at the same time of course). Police and fire. I am retired now though. Have fun!

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I work the 3 to 11 shift. The last 3 weeks I have been working 10 to 630. So the problem is I need some advice on how to do meals. I usually get up anywhere between 10 to 12n so if I do breakfast when I get up I am going to be hungry before my break time. I also am usually starving when I get off work and I go to sleep be 2 and 3 . So should I eat when I get home. I need to get a routine for this shift of how to do my meals. would love suggestions and friends maybe who work this shift or would just like to help or cheer on an almost 50 lady who really wants to be healthy and be thinner and more fit by summer so I can boogie board. lol

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