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GRACILU Posts: 466
3/16/14 11:46 P

All the original Zumba videos and its the only set of videos that I have seen any fantastic results

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3/16/14 11:29 P

I like the SparkPeople workout Videos here on Sparks and the Leslie Sansone Walking Videos and yes they have seemed to help me out.


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3/16/14 11:23 P

I love Insanity and the Bootcamp Workout Videos from Nicole Nichols.

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AKACATE Posts: 903
3/16/14 9:40 P

Jillian Michaels - No more trouble zones It is an oldie but a goodie. It seems to be the one I always go back to.

3/16/14 7:52 P

Trying to create a routine.

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3/16/14 1:25 P

They all worked, as long as I faithfully did them, but didn't have the time to devote to them, so just put music on or go out and walk, when I have time to do it. You can buy some cheap at yardsales, so you won't be out a lot of money though. I keep my Richard Simmons ones, use them now and then, because I like the music.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
3/16/14 11:56 A

Leslie was always a go-to for me all during my decades long fitness & weight management journey, especially when I got tired of all the other routines.

I don't use videos much anymore. I just walk and lift weights and get some yoga in or whatever. But I've kept all my Leslies.

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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,961
3/16/14 11:46 A

Step Reebok, The Firm, Turbo Fire, Kettlebell

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3/15/14 8:37 P

I definitely want to rotate this, sounds good!

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DAGNY99 Posts: 1,277
3/15/14 3:56 P

I like Leslie Sanson because it takes little space and coordination. I do it in the hallway in the winter.
In the basement I have tons of workout dvds I can't remember them all but...
Tae Bo workouts were fun with billy blanks I did his bootcamp for like a month or two rotating his dvds
Marie Winsor Pilates for Pilates
Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam, Chalene Extreme if you have the room and are in already ok shape (I don't recommend Turbo Fire to beginners)
I really don't like Denise Austin workouts, I have a few of her dvds but didn't like them
I had a P90 dvd, just one...I did like that
Jillian Michaels...I have lots of those. I dunno it wasn't the workout I really looked forward to doing. I tended to not workout if I knew I planned on doing that, but I did stick to the Shred for 30 days
There was a band workout by Gold's Gym I liked...the workout came with like 3 color bands depending on the resistance and the lady mixed cardio in with the strength
That is all I can think of...I got alot of dvds from second hand stores

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FEFIFO Posts: 11,173
3/15/14 3:33 P

Leslie Sansone Power Walk 5 miles. You choose the miles you want to walk 1-5 miles. I do the 5 mile walk. Yes, It definitely burns the calories but you have to eat right too as with all life-style changes. emoticon

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3/15/14 1:27 P

CarpetC and Eelpie checking them out right now

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/15/14 1:23 P

I get all of my workouts from Youtube.

I do pilates, yoga (vinyasa) and just started Leslie Sansome @ home walking.

But, there literally is every type and every level on there.

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3/15/14 1:10 P

Coach Nicole's 28 day boot camp, Denise Austin, Joyce Vedral, tae bo and kickboxing are my favorites. I also do YouTube workouts, there are hundreds of them.

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3/15/14 1:04 P

Workout videos ,Jillian, p90X, Insanity etc. I've done p90x, bootcamp and spark videos. After you get going there is no stopping. Unfortunately its a bit too much for me now, and yes it worked!! I did this along with sparkpeople tracking food and exercise the combo was amazing. So bottom line is looking for a new routine what have you tired or doing?

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