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If you can't find time for longer workouts, there are many benefits to ten minute sessions. I found when I was a young mother, I had more opportunities to be active, as opposed to doing cardio. There are many places within the house that you can do something - lunges while vacuuming, squats while on the phone, calf raises when brushing your teeth, jumping jacks during commercials.

Kids love movement, and when you play with them. Having them participate with you will benefit both you and your children, and you will be modeling such a healthy behavior. Child obesity is a real problem.

I loved this article - it gives us permission as adults to have fun like we used to as children:

At the bottom of that article are links to others - the one about the things our kids can teach us about weight loss is another great article to read.

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Look at and ZWOW's on youtube. Both are 12 minute workouts normally. I know a lot of kids who do the workouts with their parents.

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If your children are really young, are you able to pop them into a pushchair or pram and take them for walks? If they are older, you may be able to go for exploratory walk - looking for bugs or dried leaves, etc.

Where it comes to exercise within your home, you could get some walks in by putting your laundry away one at a time. I do this as my main exercise - with my groceries as well, and sometimes it can amount to a fair bit.

While you are sitting watching TV you could be doing chair exercises. I used to have Richard Simmons on many MANY years ago, and I would be on the floor doing my exercises with him, and my young daughter would be copying! That is setting a child up for healthy habits later on :-)

While you are standing at the kitchen bench you might be able to walk on the spot. Get a Gym Ball to sit on at the computer, or while watching TV. They exercise the lower back and deep abdominal muscles doing just that trying to maintain your balance. Of course, when you are on them it is rather difficult to not bounce up and down and end up rolling around the floor with them. It all helps.

If the children are a bit older, then kicking a ball around the back yard will give all a good workout and good family bonding time.

Have you got a stretchy exercise band? They are VERY cheap and a great muscle toner/strengthener.


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It's been a long time for me, but I had 3 small children when I was a stay at home Mom. I used to take them for lots of walks Generally, I'd have 2 in a stroller and one on a bike. I also bought a used Nordic Track ski machine and did that whenever I got the chance. We sometimes did "Sweatin' to the Oldies" together (I know that's very dated, but we used to have a ball and giggle the whole time). I managed to keep my weight down using these things. Then i got a gym membership and was able to drop the kids there while I worked out and that was very handy, and also provided a break for me. You have many options. I think it's wonderful for the kids to see their Mom active and healthy. It sets a wonderful example!

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Hi, my name is Eleanor and i wanted to know if anyone has some work out ideas for me? I'm a stay at home mommy and wanted to know if anyone has any tips for me. Thanks :)

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