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I posted a few months ago while battling my FIRST war with Viral infection number one about gaining weight due to not exercising because of my illness. a few weeks later I got better, got back on my diet, and 2 days later WHAM; Viral infection number 2. One week later, better, go back to normal routine, WHAM; Viral infection number 3. Finally I'm healthy for GOOD AND I got the flu shot to make sure I STAY that way. Now I have to get back to working out so I can get this pesky "I've been sick for 3 months" weight to go bye bye.
Before I got sick I weighed 181. I am now 194.
I would like to go back down to at LEAST 185 by December 23 (I'm going to Florida for Christmas, and I want to look as good as possible).
I have a friend who will be working out with me and keeping me in check while I'm on Christmas break so I should KEEP losing weight once I get to florida. But, working out has been an issue the last few weeks. I recently had a big change at work from a fixed position, to a floating position. So now I do any and everything at odd hours. That's okay I get paid more for that, but it wrecks my day as far as having time to work out. (I can BARELY squeeze meals in!)
So, I have a question. For my body type, (I'm Russian, German, Italian and Irish in descent, so I'm rather husky anyway. Very muscular and very thick boned.)
I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall, and I've got a medium metabolic rate. I tend to eat less than my required caloric intake for the day because since I've been sick my stomach has shrunk TREMENDOUSLY (Inside of course, outside I look the same as always).
so If I can get a piece of toast down in the morning? I'm lucky.
The bottom line of this very long post is,
is there a perfect amount of time that I should work out per day in order to lose weight for my body type, height and current weight?
If so, what is it?
Also, my body tends to need LOTS of protein (3 servings a day or I get sick. no really, I get SICK!)
So what would be the perfect balance in my food groups there?
Tips and suggestions are very welcome!

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