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7/21/13 9:18 A

Hhhhhmmm, YES! I do chew sugarless gum but your suggestion made me think about purchasing some really yummy flavored lolly pops that I can keep in my desk for afternoons when I have a sugar attack and/or want and need to do some nervous noshing! This wouldn't replace a healthy snack of course, but would address the oral gratification need in a lot fewer calories. Thanks for the idea!

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7/21/13 6:02 A

Hello there,
You say that you are a "munch monster." Much of eating involves oral gratification. Have you ever considered substituting something beside food to satisfy your need for oral gratification, namely: sugarless gum? It helps me greatly to have something in my mouth to chew on, and having the gun in my mouth discourages me from grazing on snacks. Isn't it worth a try? There are so many flavors available now, choosing a favorite flavor could be considered an adventure in itself.
Best wishes for continued weight loss!

Most sincerely,

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7/20/13 9:28 P

Lol!!! Sounds great! I will try it! Thanks.

7/20/13 12:49 P

I'm glad that you found something that will help!

I was going to suggest, since I work at a stressful sort of place, to schedule time for exercise that works out your frustration. I do something I call "angry exercise," where I focus all my frustration and anger into the exercise I'm doing, and hopefully getting it out of my system. It usually ends up looking frantic and ridiculous, and sometimes involves swearing. Very therapeutic!

Be strong!


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7/20/13 12:09 P

I definitely appreciate the supportive responses. I decided to "re-set" my Spark profile and set a new mini-goal of six pounds, which will make my total 50lb. I have reminded myself this isa marathon for a lifetime, not a sprint. Good luck everyone!

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7/20/13 9:24 A

The very same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, except that I didn't lose any weight on vacation. So I'll be watching the responses with interest. One thing I tried that seemed to help is to hover around the upper part of my calorie range rather than try to hold myself to the lower part of the range as I usually do. I might not lose weight as quickly as I had been, or as I'd like, but the important thing for me right now is not to lose the habits that have helped me and worked for me for over three months. It seems to have worked and I'm beginning to feel more relaxed and not as inclined to munch as when I first got back. Hopefully I'll soon be back in the groove that worked so well for me before.
I hope it all works out for you. Hold steady the course!

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7/19/13 9:11 P

I think you should find some ways to cope with stress. There are plenty of articles here on SparkPeople that address stress, and I've used them! I find that I gain more the more I stress out, so it's really important to find something that will take my mind off of whatever is stressing me out. If I don't, I'll worry about it forever... and worrying makes me HUNGRY!

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7/15/13 3:49 P


I am a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.

If you find yourself stress snacking, then do your best to choose healthier snacks like fruit or nuts. try to avoid the sugary treats if you can. Also, do make sure you're eating wholesome nourishing meals. If you're not eating enough at meals, that does put you at risk for eating too much later.

Don't beat yourself up. Do your best to eat more mindfully now that you're back from vacation.

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7/15/13 3:41 P

So how is it possible that I lost 2 lbs on vacation and my first day back at work I am a munch monster? It is so discouraging because although my job is stressful, generally I have liked it. Now I am a bit bummed because I broke a plateau by losing 2 lbs and I don't want to lose my momentum. Was hoping to lose another 2-4 by the end of the month for my vacation to Jamaica in August. I know it's only one day, but I have to get back on the saddle, NOW!!!! Yes, my very next meal will be healthy. Oh brother!!! emoticon Gotta keep it together!!!!

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