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12/15/13 9:53 P

yep, not easy but worth it. choose one bad goodie per day, and only a bite if necessary.

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12/15/13 6:55 P

I can relate! I work for a loved chiropractor, so all our patients bring us in food. Especially now around the holidays. I allow myself one thing a day, though. I just track it and move on. Since I allow myself this treat, I don't always want it. I think if I deprived myself, it would be harder and I'd end up eating way too much.

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12/15/13 3:21 P

Contribute something healthy when you can. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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12/15/13 2:05 P

We had a potluck last day of school.
The only thing I could eat was some cheese and a few grapes.

Everything else was delicious(donuts, crepes, dips, cake, chips) I'm sure, but all of it full of gluten, sugar, unhealthy calories.

That's okay, though.
I had my days of eating whatever... its not about the food, anyways, its about hanging with my confreres.

: )

12/15/13 2:34 A

So true. I had an off-the-rails day on Friday- I availed myself of the danishes at breakfast, then had a piece of cake to celebrate a colleague finishing a big project, then found myself craving even more sweets!

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12/13/13 6:58 P

emoticon emoticon Like this Topic! Yes when I was visiting my Uncle on Wednesday at the hospice there is a canteen for you to relax in & they sell sandwiches all different toppings tuna mayonnaise with cucumber you get the drift.. oh yes they had a cake out on a plate with cherry`s in wrapped in cling film The Cappucino looks alright like you know what the Kals Would Be. In a small glass with a handle on. Hence the sandwiches Sorry! But even tho they are Nice ohh h lets not say delicious! I could take my Snacks 2 Packet Crisps about 80 Kals low Kal Chocolate oh & they do have hot water to press on machine! good for taking my own cappuccino or hot chocolate! Now heres the thing where do I eat? surrounded by sandwiches or OUTSIDE AT THE BACK OF HIS ROOM DOOR which is a quiet area & water fountain! with chairs sanded down summer garden benches! that's emoticon idea! or on the couch just under the t.v. in Canteen. Fine if you have got your own food! Or what way better to bring a sandwich in homemade low Kals or Shop bought Low Kals! Or even Cup Soup!

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12/13/13 3:59 P

Great Topic all!!

I work at a Credit Union and everytime we have guest speaker they bring doughnuts - or cookies (to a 9am meeting) - everytime we have a busy day, the manager buys candy or chocolates to 'Thank"us - and Christmas?... Every happy member brings us goodies/baking/cakes/cookies or a box of chocolates... my job is a Carb Paradise!

This year- on Nov 17th I decided it was TIME. I found an eating program that really spoke to me - a gloriifed carb and sugar addict- and decided to follow it this year-

Part of the program is "no refined sugar or carbs"... I know you are thinking I am completely insane, but I have to tell you, this is Working for me!! I have never stuck to any diet for more than 24 hours and I have been 90% faithful to this one (not giving up my wine or coffee yet, but hey, I'm only human)

Being able to say "Thank you, but I'm not eating that right now" was weird at the beginning, but as I am starting to look better, my coworkers arent pushing so hard (Peer Pressure is the pits, but they stop squawking when i counter with "I really want to feel better more than I want to eat that".... If that doesnt work, i start talking about my digestive issues and how it has improved since I stopped eating bread... that usually kills any last efforts of 'But you just HAVE to taste this."

Anyway - I've been loud and proud about my new program - eating tons of healthy food and feeling like a million bucks. It took a few days, but the cravings have subsided. The junk has stopped looking appealing and now I am craving protien and Sweet Potatoes. I LOVE and the wonderful changes that have happened in the past 4 weeks... Looking forward to the next 4 xox

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12/13/13 12:31 A

i work with buys and they do not bake. i did not participate in a cookie exchange and i pack healthy snacks to occupy my mind. i have been working on mindful eating so i dont go get something unless i am really hungry,

ASCHU2 Posts: 78
12/12/13 1:55 P

I work at two different schools, and one of them always has junk food on the work table, and one almost never does. The conversations are exactly the same, and I can enjoy my coworkers and being with adults (I teach elementary kids and need the mental break with adults, so working in my room isn't great for me) without eating the snacks. With that said, I do take a small bite of something homemade, I skip the store made junk, I always "indulge" when someone brings veggies and salsa, and during really difficult times of year (like now), I bring my own, pre-portioned treats. Today, I knew I was feeling like I needed extra ammo, and sure enough, there are mint cupcakes on the staff table. I brought 13 Trader Joes dark chocolate mini star cookies for 130 calories to enjoy instead without feeling deprived.

12/11/13 9:50 P

I haven't worked in an office until now and I am still getting used to a sedentary lifestyle. But I just used all my office treats as an excuse to come out as gluten-free and thus say no to all the cakes, cookies, pizzas, and pies galore. :)

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12/11/13 5:07 P

I am a nurse and the break room is littered with cookies and crackers all the time. I just make sure I bring things like a bag of carrots, nuts, or yogurt and then I just resist the temptation to eat the junk food. Most of the time I can but not always =(

HOMERWISCONSIN SparkPoints: (15,629)
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12/11/13 4:34 P

Be the a$$hole that brings in a veggie tray without dip. Do it. Maybe it will sink in what a pile of garbage that has been brought in.

Don't succumb to temptation. If it's being pushed, take a slice back to your desk and throw it away, making sure it's wrapped up. Ultimately, it's your body, your health.

12/11/13 2:45 P

Ever notice that the majority of people bringing in the junk food also constantly talk about losing weight, give out advice on diet, exercise, the latest healthy living article and complain about the 5 - 10 pounds they will pack on during the holidays.

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
12/11/13 11:47 A

Continuing to stay away from peers desk and everyone else who feels this is the time of the year to bring in food. A carrot cake showed up in the break room this morning, all gone and I age none, I have got to stay strong.

DACOWGIRL0102 Posts: 10
12/11/13 11:00 A

Wow, I am so happy reading these post for why I work where I do. The goodies table here is in another area/building so thankfully I only see the goodies when I need to talk to someone in that area. That said, there always seems to be a reason to bring in goodies here. I try to take small portion at the potlucks where the goal is for a meal. The holiday goodies I try to keep tunnel vision and make it in and out as fast as possible.

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12/10/13 4:13 P

I know I'm kinda late to this party but had to share that I deal with this, too!

Anytime someone goes on vacation they bring back gifts/treats. Outside my office is a table with the inter-office mail boxes and a side for just snacks- candies, cookies, cake, pie, whatever can fit, it goes there. ALL DAY.

I usually give myself an exception to refusing the snacks- if someone brings in these Coco Puffs from a local bakery, I will have one! I never buy it on my own and it's rare that someone will bring it in.

If it's homemade (like pie or a cake), I'll take my slice but just eat 1-2 bites- just for the taste. I really take my time to "experience" the treat. If I just shove it in my face, I usually want more because I didn't get a chance to really enjoy it. Same goes for cookies or other treats- I'll take just one and really take my time to enjoy it.

But I notice that once I give in to that one, I want more. So I try to remind myself that it's easier to resist if I don't give in to it in the first place.

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12/10/13 3:27 P

KKIDDO, I liked your travel blog. Traveling alone is the best way to go! If I waited for my friends to want to go with me somewhere, I'd never go anywhere!

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12/10/13 2:45 P

Ok, someone at work just got a holiday goodie basket and opened it. It was six boxes tall, all filled with individually wrapped cookies, whoopie pies, brownies, etc. These are now beautifully displayed on two platters on the conference table by someone who does not sit anywhere near it. Thanks.

After they were arranged on the platters I re-arranged the platters on the table. I can see the table from my desk, but I moved the platters so that they are at the farthest edge away from me, and not visible because of a wall that sticks out. For good measure, I also moved one of the chairs at the table so the tall chair back blocks my view of the platters when I stand up. I also announced what I was doing so that if anyone is nice they will try to keep it that way for me. There are a few things there that I like, but there are also many things that I don't like, so I will try to remember those if I have to go to the printer and accidentally see it. Sugar cookies to me are not worth it.

When I do these things I try to make it clear that it's not that I don't want the nice gesture. I try to make it known that it looks really good so no one is offended at me rejecting their food. "It looks sooooo good but if I eat one I'll eat all of them so there won't be any left for anyone else." That's sometimes true. :) I hear people opening them and eating them already.

I'm eating my snack I brought from home--cottage cheese and grapes!

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FORTYPLUS56 Posts: 3,197
12/10/13 2:04 P

My job always has a cake or donuts or something homemade in our breakroom. I was in the habit of tasting a small portion. But this time of year there is so much. I avoid the breakroom and eat at my desk or elsewhere. I also make sure I have healthy snacks with me everyday.

MLEHTO Posts: 734
12/10/13 1:59 P

Like others have said, this time of year the break room has something luscious in it every single day. Fortunately, the break room is upstairs and I am downstairs so I can avoid it. I also tend to pick and choose what I take when I indulge. It usually has to be homemade and something I wouldn't make myself and that I haven't had in a very long time. And then it's just one and I savor it.

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,898)
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12/10/13 1:24 P

Yesterday there was a plate of brownies on the table in the break room. I put a paper towel over it so I couldn't see it and could forget about it even though it was just two feet from me. People kept passing through and asking what it was and I just explained what I was doing but that they were welcome to partake if they wanted. After lunch was over I got rid of the paper towel so others could see and enjoy them.

ETA: Today when I went there again, someone else had covered the brownies with a paper towel. My ideas are catching on!!!

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BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
12/10/13 8:56 A

I have to stay away from some of my peers desks because there is always some type of candy, and chocolates always available. I keep fruit on my desk, center so that I can see that instead of all the candies.

DEEINRI SparkPoints: (20,434)
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12/10/13 6:39 A

During this time of year, I bring healthy snacks. I avoid the areas where the food is as much as possible. When something is offered, I take it and then before I get back to my desk, I hand it off to someone who truly wants it or I'll feed the garbage. I have done pretty well this holiday season, but I'm ever watchful and remind myself to stay strong.

BULLRN58 Posts: 70
12/9/13 4:35 P

eat what you take

KKIDDO Posts: 48
12/9/13 2:33 P

This is such a relief...I am not the only dodging an onslaught of food all the time. I've gotten much better at ignoring it. I tell myself like a lot of people here that I'd rather have fresh, home made food and dessert when I'm ready to indulge. I often wonder how much weight people have gained working in this environment.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,750
12/9/13 9:57 A

Unless I move my office to a restaurant, I don't think there can be any more food available all the time. I forgo the free lunches at lunch meetings and eat my packed lunch. I bring in my snacks for the day so I avoid all the temptations that are always around. I save my work treats for things like celebrating a co-worker's birthday with a sliver of cake.

OOLALA53 Posts: 12,923
12/8/13 7:31 P

You've already had some good input, but I'll say that nearly 4 years ago, I determined to cut out all snacking on weekdays. I rarely bend the rule and it has been a fabulous decision. Yes, I too thought I couldn't do it ,except I also knew I didn't want to keep having random eating lead me to overeat. My colleagues are pretty much used to it by now. And they've seen me lose over 40 lbs. with no calorie counting or "diet." And I limit sweets to weekends, holidays, my birthday, and few other days a year. 40 years of failure inspired me.

I used to have tons of trigger foods. Now, there are just a few I have to be very conscious about. Practice, practice, practice!

SAMMI-SAM SparkPoints: (26,311)
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12/8/13 6:43 P

it is always best to go for fruit & veggie dishes.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/8/13 12:59 P

If the food is on the other employees desk and Not being shared, it is their property (food). Ignore it as with any other desk item, tell yourself its Not Yours! If the food is offered to you, do not accept it, make a excuse such as thanks for the offer but i'm meeting someone for lunch/dinner, planning a large meal at home after work, I'm allergic (very commonly used) , But Never admit to trying to lose weight or eat healthy because you may be sabotaged.

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,898)
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12/8/13 11:36 A

My company was not quite this bad but it was bad enough. I gained almost 20 lbs. from giving in too many times. Candy jars and cookie tins and holiday gifts were left in public places and in the break room and they were hard to ignore. After I found SP I started covering them up when I ate lunch in the break room every day. I'd move them to the opposite side of the room while I was in there and turn my back to them, or I'd close the donut box or cookie tin and sometimes cover it with napkins or a paper plate. Then it just became an empty box to me. People laughed at me but they knew it was my thing and it worked for me much of the time.

Now the managers who receive the gift baskets have moved to another building, and morale is quite low so people don't feel like bringing in things to share as much. One guy used to bring in baked goods almost every day in December and he mentioned it the other day. I told him his stuff was amazing but I just wouldn't be able to partake. I've since heard that he got mad about something else and that he won't be bringing in treats. Low company morale stinks but it cuts down on the goodies! I did, however, bring home plenty of lemons and limes that someone brought in from their trees. Those are good for making your water taste better, squeezing on baked fish, and making homemade, sugar-controlled lemonade and limeaid.

In time, things may change to make it easier for you, I hope!

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HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,898)
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12/8/13 11:21 A

It sounds like you have developed some good strategies to deal with this. Extreme situations call for extreme responses. It's very hard, especially this time of year when everyone is baking their grandmother's special recipe whatever. Some tricks I've picked up:

-Tell everyone you can't eat the stuff. You're allergic. You can't stomach sugar. You don't want to gain weight. Whatever real or made up excuse you need to tell them but let them know you won't be eating it. There's always one person in the office that doesn't eat the junk food and you are going to be that person. It lets them know where you stand and it keeps you from backsliding because you told them you wouldn't do it.

-Think of the junk food as poison. It is, if you think about it--loads of chemicals and artificial things and too much of it leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, and knee pain.

-Picture that the goods were made in a filthy kitchen, with cat hair and the cook licking his/her fingers and that the batter was dropped on the dirty floor before it went into the oven. Whatever it takes.

-For me, I find that the regular Hershey's etc. made with corn syrup makes me cough afterward, and makes me feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something. Sometimes thinking of that beforehand is enough of a deterrent.

-If they're ordering the same (albeit awesome) pizza every week, it's no longer a treat. It's something you can get any time so it's not special and you don't need to eat it except when you truly get a craving for it.

It's tough, hang in there!

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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12/7/13 7:59 P

"Especially this time of the least at our clinic the "junk" food is tucked inside an empty office (that's never empty might I add!) and the door is shut. Many times I walk past with full hands of work so bypass but I always look and do stop sometimes."

Let me just tell you it is incredible when you figure out how to break this compulsion. I go to a deli 3 or 4 mornings a week for coffee, and on occasion have just broken out into a huge smile when I realize that once again I am going to walk out of there without really even noticing the pastry display. It feels so good not to be tied to that anymore.

JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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12/7/13 6:10 P

I agree SIXFOOT1! We have free/discounted food on offer where I work too, but have come to realize it's not actually "free" to be eating pasta, rice-heavy wraps, pizza, chicken fingers, etc. Now I bring my own healthy lunches in.

SIXFOOT1 Posts: 310
12/7/13 2:25 P

I really agree with what KAPELAKIN said, and I do the same thing as far as setting boundaries around what I will let myself indulge in. For example, I will only eat a donut if it is from Krispy Kreme or Top Pot (a Seattle local favorite). And then I use my portion control and only have half of it. I note it in my food log, and try to make sure I stay in my calorie range the rest of the day. Donuts from anywhere else are easier to say no to.

I also use my lunch hour to get my exercise in. It helps me avoid going out to a restaurant, and I'm better able to stick to eating what I packed. It might make me seem anti-social to my coworkers, but I'm okay with that.

If we are having a potluck or something, I will bring in a healthy option. I also try to use a dessert size plate instead of a dinner plate when I go through the line. I also usually wait to hear what items people are raving about, so I can fill my plate with the best items, and not just eat something mediocre simply because it is on my plate.

I'm pretty frugal so if I saw there was free food on a particular day, I would usually eat that and save my packed lunch for the next day. I've learned that that "free" food comes with a price. I've learned to say no with a lot more consistency.

12/7/13 1:59 P

It's hard, but once you get in the habit of ignoring the food, it becomes easy. Don't let junk food have power over you.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
12/7/13 12:10 P

Wow, there is frequently junk food around my office, but not on the scale many of you are dealing with. That would be difficult.

One thing that helps me is to be choosy and have high standards for what I'll eat. I am not going to break my diet for some cheap, mass-produced cookies someone bought at Wal-Mart. That knocks out 70% of the temptations right there. Last week, they had a big pizza party, but the pizza was from one of the cheap chain pizza places, and so I just abstained, because it's just not good enough. There are a couple co-workers who are very good bakers, so I will occasionally make an exception and eat a cookie or candy they made, and one of those is worth saying no to 10 of those cruddy Wal-Mart cookies.

The other thing, is to bring a big container of raw, cut up veggies like broccoli, celery, bell peppers and cucumbers. They take a lot of chewing, so they keep me occupied and by the time I'm done eating them, I'm full and not at all tempted by whatever sweets happen to be lying around or brought into meetings. Tea is another thing that could be helpful, since it's essentially calorie-free, but has some flavor, and is also hydrating. I have some peach herbal tea that has a wonderful smell and can help quench sweets cravings.

FAIRHAVENQUEEN SparkPoints: (30,318)
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12/7/13 10:55 A

I can totally relate to this topic, too! I worked really hard for a year to get from 213 to 145. Then I got a job where people bring treats into the staff room--candy, donuts, homemade cookies, etc.--and in my first 4 years of work I got back up to 175. This year I found sparkpeople, and am now 2.4 pounds away from my goal of 135. But to do it I've had to completely avoid the staff room. I eat in my classroom instead, and bring all my own food.

VUKELK Posts: 623
12/7/13 8:53 A

Especially this time of the least at our clinic the "junk" food is tucked inside an empty office (that's never empty might I add!) and the door is shut. Many times I walk past with full hands of work so bypass but I always look and do stop sometimes.

HADLEY123 SparkPoints: (22,511)
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12/7/13 7:27 A

Lots of management guides recommend putting a candy dish on your desk to make you appear approachable. I view candy on people's desks as a prop designed to manipulate my opinion. That works for me.

My weakness is always the pastries. Very hard. Fortunately, I'm in a different work situation now but not long ago I was at a desk job eating pathologically because of the high stress and easy availability of goodies. I'm mostly on the road now but I still go to an office and have to deal with those candy jars.

When I was driving that desk, my partner and I would challenge each other to bring in or order in healthy foods. Lots of fruit, nuts, hummus/veggies, etc. Getting a friend to share your shame might help. We ate well and had such fun with it. Not to say that I didn't sometimes wander over to the donuts and bagels, but it was easier.

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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12/7/13 2:06 A

I also have this problem, plenty of cookies in the break room with vending machines that have unhealthy choices.
Now I bring tea to work and my own snacks so I can still have a break with my co workers but stay healthy. It wasn't easy at first but after a week I could feel the difference and it motivated me to keep pushing

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/6/13 11:07 P

I worked for 20 years at a pizzeria, so I understand having bad food at your fingertips. The trick is to not eat it.

The real problem here though is that you crave it so much. You should be able to walk by an M& M dispenser, without craving them. I know this is NOT true for most people, but it is what actually needs to be addressed. Their will be food at every job, or event that you go to, and you can't hide from it, so you have to find out why you have such cravings around those foods.

For me, I started low carb, and those cravings disappeared. I took chicken to work, and ran it through the oven 4 times ( 28 minutes ). I'd eat that with a salad, and never had any cravings for the pizza again. Not saying that I didn't ever eat pizza again, but it was on my terms now. I ate it when I wanted to. Cravings returned then, but after 2-3 days of low carb, they go away again.

It has been months now since I had pizza, bread, pasta, or sweets, because I crave them so much. All of these were at the pizzeria. Cinnamon Bread, Pepsi, pizza, and 2 candy machines with 8 kinds of candy for just $.25

So unless, you can convince the entire business to switch to healthier snacks or treats, you need to address your cravings. One idea that would help, is to bring in your own snacks.. maybe a bowl of fruit. That way, when you are hungry, you can have an apple, pear, etc.

If these cravings are too strong, you might want to consult a dietitian, and see what they have to say.

JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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12/6/13 7:49 P

That happens at my work too, - but I only try and eat treats that are homemade. Otherwise, I just ignore them or say I'm saving mine for later (but don't actually go back for one).

ALIHIKES Posts: 4,293
12/6/13 6:19 P

I usually work from home, but when I travel to our corporate headquarters, or visit other work sites, there is a LOT of temptation. Usually: Pizza, candies, cookies, and cake. Not the most balanced calorie intake! I try to avoid the temptation but sometimes that's all that is available.

LAURA7051 SparkPoints: (9,684)
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12/6/13 6:04 P

Wow, I sympathize with all of you who have to deal with that on a regular basis! My employer has 4 floors, and I work on the floor that has the fewest number of employees, many on the road frequently.

Thankfuly, very little food is left in our coffee room to tempt me. I am so lucky for this because I would really be in trouble if it were the way some of you have described! I mean, some days it's a major achievement for me to have not stopped to buy a bagel or brownie on the way into the office (even if I've already eaten breakfast at home)! And even if I've dodged that bullet, I still sometimes hope there's something tasty sitting on the counter in the coffee room when I go in there to prepare my morning mug of tea.

So I'm lucky. And I've also established the routine of bringing healthy snacks from home. Most of the work week I bring lunches from home too, so it keeps me from eating out too frequently and having to subject myself to the temptations outside the office. After eating a lunch out, I used to always stop in the drugstore for my afternoon snacks. The convenience of having my own lunch and snacks close at hand (right in my cubicle) makes it less likely that I'll seek out the vending machines, lobby shops and restaurants and every tempting thing beyond.

MALLY89 Posts: 20
12/6/13 4:55 P

This time of year is really hard at my work, because vendors are bringing their yearly thank yous which equate to cookies, candies and other sweets. On top of that my boss' dear wife keeps him on a super healthy diet at home, so he has started bringing in a dozen donuts into the office 2-3x a week...I used to eat two per day, but since I started back on Sparkpeople, I have avoided them. It's turning on my sabotage monster in my brain. I just have to remember the end goal, and not let donuts and christmas treats break away at my resolve. Thank you for sharing in my hardship too! :)

WHEELS54 Posts: 492
12/6/13 2:57 P

Lots of food available in my office too. From co-workers and also from vendors who will bring in donuts a couple times a week. I just say that candy, cupcakes, brownies etc. etc. make my pants shrink!

CEMOSES Posts: 20
12/6/13 2:22 P

can totally relate. And junk food is the one "reward" we get. As I get older it gets easier to say no(because there are more health reasons for dieting) but work is definately a problem. Also I am in a job that you sit all day. emoticon

KKIDDO Posts: 48
12/6/13 11:13 A

Hi Jenna...gosh, it feels good to hear someone else understands! My gosh, it's so crazy.

I love what you're doing and I've been trying that too. I eat breakfast at home now so I'm not hungry. I bring all my lunch fixings for the week on Monday (healthy salad stuff) and then I have some almonds on my desk to curb my sweet tooth or if I get hungry before the end of the day.

We can beat them!

JENNA3 SparkPoints: (74,860)
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12/6/13 10:42 A

I can so relate! At my work place it's always a minefield of junk food. In our break room alone is a set of half my triggers. They keep full containers of M&Ms, peanut m&ms, nut mix, fig newtons, chocolate teddy grahams, graham crackers, cheese nips, wheat thins, peanut butter, and gluten-free crackers. While half of that sounds healthy, none of it is for me. I'm allergic to peanuts, so there goes half the things that are pseudo-healthy.

In addition, they do bring in fruit every Monday, which is nice. Then they refill all the snacks every Wednesday. And they bring in pastries every Friday. Ugh! I haven't even been the break room today since 7:30am 'cause I don't want to see what today's pastry is.

We have our Goodie Day coming up, too. Then they'll put up a table right outside the boss's office with everyone's idea of fabulous desserts, cakes, pies, cookies, rum balls, etc. And I sit right next to the boss. Yay.

I fight it by bringing my lunch every day, including a sweet treat that's right for me. I bring in healthy snacks and keep them in my desk. And I just remember this every time I see the junk: I don't need it and I won't miss it.

KKIDDO Posts: 48
12/6/13 10:24 A


I just had to vent and see if there is anyone else out there that has the same issue. I started at my current company five months ago and I absolutely love it. The work is great, my boss is a sweetheart, my co-workers are kind....but there's food everywhere!!! I mean it's like nothing I've ever seen. Sure, a lot of places order food and people bring in food, but this is madness. They order Chicago's most famous pizza every week. A co-worker has three different M&M dispensers on her desk. There is a cookie swap next week. They gave out pie and cake for November birthdays....on the same day. I'm not exaggerating. There is constant food around and it's never the good stuff AND it's all my triggers.

I literally have stopped walking by certain people's desks so I don't see the food. I ignore the pizza (I have a hard time eating one slice of pizza) and I am working from home on the cookie swap day. I know all that sounds extreme, but once I get going on that stuff it's hard for me to turn it off.

Any experience with this?

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