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10/31/13 5:57 P

Thanks for everyone's suggestions. So far so good but it's only the first week. I got a real world bike ride in this morning (why are real world bike rides always harder than those on a stationary bike?). Yea! And a gentle yoga class. I'll try to mix things up between the treadmill and the stationary bike. If I can get up the nerve will go roller skating on Sunday. Haven't done that in 40 years, ack! Was hoping the hooping group in my area would get back to me about private lessons but so far crickets. Maybe I'll watch a bunch of hooping videos on youtube and then go from there. Have never done the video thing before...

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,203
10/31/13 4:34 P

Got a pedometer of some sort to keep track of the number of steps you take each day??? that can be motivating if you like to see higher numbers each day. Leslie Sansone and the indoor walking DVDs are another option. I'm not a runner/jogger yet, so on the exercycle I can get more miles in 30 minutes than I can on the treadmill: 7 miles vs 1.5 miles. 28 day Boot Camp Challenge is another way to keep the motivation going for 30 days. Good Luck!

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10/30/13 1:45 A

Rodney Yee has wonderful YOGA videos.

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10/29/13 11:45 A

Try making a schedule for the next month with 2 different types of exercise each day and make sure you're not repeating exercises more than twice a week. This will give you options each day and keep you from getting bored since you won't be doing the same thing everyday.

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10/29/13 10:40 A

You might want to also try some of the short workout videos in the Articles & Videos tab above - you can mix and match some of those to help you get to 30 minutes or more.

This article also has some various exercises that you can combine to get you moving for 30 + minutes:

You can do this!

Coach Denise

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10/28/13 7:13 P

Hello out there. I've signed up for yet another workplace wellness challenge and by God I'm going go finish this one! It's an exercise challenge (30 minutes a day=gold star and "x" number of miles on a trail across America). I need help on staying motivated/challenged with this otherwise by Thanksgiving I'm going to be heartily sick of the treadmill and not complete the challenge. So am looking for help with thinking outside the box. Have access to a treadmill, elliptical and bike in a tiny fitness center. And can go for a bike ride IF it's above 50 degrees but there aren't many of those days left in WV. Most classes don't work for me because evenings and Saturdays are a no go for me. Will be trying a gentle yoga class tomorrow morning before work. Help!

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