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10/22/13 3:27 P

Use a little insulated bag with those ice packs to keep your food cold.

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10/21/13 11:38 P

I think you can basically eat anything you want. I don't think most things will be bad in the six hours! Cold meals, oh well. Sandwiches are good. Healthy snacks are easy to pack. You could buy a little lunch cooler. Or buy those little packs you put into the refrig, but like I said, why worry? So, it's not hot, or ice cold. You only have to worry if it's something you needed to cook.

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10/21/13 3:07 A

Online Now  • ))
No sure what your accessibility is, however there are packs of chicken and tuna (salads) that need no refrigeration. Three's also milk I containers as well. What an opportunity to make you eat your fruits and veggies! Peanut butter and crackers, jellies come in handy packs for portability, granola bars and these are things that are my go-to foods as I am deployed! I snack on mixed nuts almost, all day! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

BIKINIBOUND!! Posts: 1,787
10/18/13 5:56 P

some 90% rubbing alcohol or high proof vodka mixed with water in a ziploc baggie will not freeze solid..will be slushy and easier to wrap or snuggle a container

IDLECURIOSITY48 SparkPoints: (2,393)
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10/18/13 12:05 P

I recomend
It isn't just japanese food, it has all sorts of recipies. but the most helpful things on the website are how to have healthy food that is safe to keep unrefridgerated and still tastes good at room temperature.
She likes to focus on having a healthy lunch in the right portions, so I like it for that too.

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
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10/17/13 6:54 P

Boiled eggs. Cheese sticks. A baked yam wrapped in foil. Peanut butter and celery. Peanut butter and raisins. Homemade tortilla chips (3 baked Mission Extra Thin) and an individual cup of Tostitos Cheese sauce (200 calories total).

10/16/13 6:40 P

I'm always doing quick and easy. I buy frozen fruit and veggies. For breakfast I do 2 cups of dole mixed frozen fruit and put 1 oz of seeds (hemp or flaxseeds) on them. Then I have an ounce of nuts (pecans, almonds, pistachios, or walnuts). For lunch, I have 2 to 4 cups of frozen veggies such as broccoli and string beans (let thaw in car). I have 1 cup of beans (lima, black bean, black eye peas etc). Then 1 cup of fruit. I put it in my cooler. (note: I have to take the frozen veggies out the cooler for them to thaw. This really works for me.

10/16/13 6:13 P

If you have access to a plug you can get a travel cooler. (for example the Koolatron coolers). They are not as effecient as a fridge, however, will work when Ice packs are also in with the food. It keeps my food cold for over 13 hours while I work in the hospital. I spent $40 for a cheaper version of a travel cooler and I beat the day lights out of it and over 2 years now and still working. Load it up with ice packs and food and works great.

Other coolers that guarantee the ice to remain ice for over 2 days are also becoming more mainstream as well. I know that Sams sells them as well as Amazon does as well. They are only like $25. They claim they are sealed and do not leak so that shouldn't be a problem at all. So there are options for these types of situations. Many options.

HERONDIPITY SparkPoints: (3,498)
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10/16/13 11:24 A

peanut butter and banana rolled up on a tortilla

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (214,703)
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10/16/13 11:06 A

bread or toast, egg, milk or coffee

MARIEWINDSORA SparkPoints: (89,717)
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10/15/13 5:33 P

This cookie recipe sounds awesome! Can't wait to try! :)

JENNKFIT SparkPoints: (63,471)
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10/15/13 10:30 A

Sitting here at work with my trusty little insulated lunch box. I use a little frozen pack to keep everything cool. I'll pack a sandwich, fruit, chopped up veggies, some dip, cheese and some olives. I make lunch the night before and put everything in the lunch box overnight, this lets the lunch box get cold too and helps. In the Winter I'll want to get a good insulated thermos to bring some hot soup with me. Nuts and dried fruit are a favorite throw in my bag treat too.

I'll probably invest in a good, high quality, backpackers thermos. Backpacking, camping gear for food tends to be great fi you need storage and prep options.

Good luck!!

JESMICH SparkPoints: (13,164)
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10/14/13 1:55 P

Dig a 2' deep hole in the ground in the shade and line it or put a cooler in the hole. It's about 40 degrees and similar to a fridge. It works. Bring small grill for cooking lunch.

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10/14/13 12:20 P

No fridge or microwave? Wow...that's icky. I'd have to brown bag it & pack the same kind of lunch I do for my kids. Make sandwiches ahead of time & freeze a week or two worth...then throw in some bags of baked chips or carrot sticks. Or you can also freeze containers of yogurt & throw those in--by lunchtime they're thawed but not too runny. Homemade cookies or banana bread, etc...and boom--lunch. :)

JACKSMOM1114 SparkPoints: (10,629)
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10/14/13 12:11 P

Banana is my on the run go to breakfast...Also for lunches I LOVE the Bumble Bee Sensations...Spicy Thai Chili has a nice kick to it and with the crackers is only 210 calories and 18g of protein. I was buying them at Target for about 1.59 each but I found them on Amazon under subcribe and save for about 1.25 each.

CROUSTER- SparkPoints: (357)
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10/14/13 11:51 A

thaank great idea

CLICK50 Posts: 74
10/13/13 8:38 P

If you have an immersion heater or electric kettle you can take canned soup. If you bring a frozen smoothie it will thaw by lunch. If you have a cooler/insulated bag with a freeze pack then you have a fridge. Try also stew, chili, oatmeal in a thermos. If you warm the bottle with hot water then discard it, the hot food placed in next will retain heat longer.

CLICK50 Posts: 74
10/13/13 8:38 P

If you have an immersion heater or electric kettle you can take canned soup. If you bring a frozen smoothie it will thaw by lunch. If you have a cooler/insulated bag with a freeze pack then you have a fridge. Try also stew, chili, oatmeal in a thermos. If you warm the bottle with hot water then discard it, the hot food placed in next will retain heat longer.

BOREDA SparkPoints: (355,704)
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10/13/13 4:59 P

Bowl of tomato salad and a piece of crusty brown bread, fruit to follow. Or one or two apples with a chunk of cheese. Simple, filling, inexpensive, effective.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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10/13/13 3:23 P

I make a protein shake with carb free carnation instant breakfast and an egg whey protein powder. I do this the night before and have it in the fridge ready to grab as I go to work. Depending on your protein powder this will have 28+ grams of protein.

FIFIFRIZZLE Posts: 2,148
10/13/13 3:17 P

I forgot all about canned beans, and I love them. Especially canned baked beans, and I love them cold. Even more than cooked!

CLAIRE_PM Posts: 364
10/13/13 12:55 P

Canned beans are also nice -- Like a canned three-bean salad; canned kidney beans (assuming you're able to rinse them.

PATTIEMCD Posts: 1,107
10/13/13 12:26 P

When I worked an 8 1/2 hr shift outdoors with no fridge or microwave I brought canned tuna, beef jerky, pepperoni sticks, variety of flavored almonds, cashews, pistachios, blueberry muffins.... to name a few things.

LOLAMARIE6 SparkPoints: (1,834)
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10/12/13 3:55 P

Sandwiches on Weight Watchers bread with nut butter...I like almond...or even Nutella. Top with sliced fruit like bananas, strawberries, peaches, or apples. I'm sure you'll find a combo ...or combos you'll enjoy.

CERTHIA SparkPoints: (22,539)
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10/12/13 10:40 A

I have a similar situation. I work at a lab, and food is not allowed. Since I work short shifts, 3-4 hours, I don't have a long lunch-break. My hours are during lunch time. I usually scoff down a protein bar during my 5 min coffee-break. The clif builder ones will keep me full for hours.

JCSINGS Posts: 2
10/12/13 9:12 A

I love that people are being creative on this topic. If you freeze some of those applesauce pouches, they too will act as an icepack so you can bring fresh cheese or meat. I can only eat so much jerky--although the Perky Jerky is the softest nitrate free beef or turkey jerky on the market! BUt it is kind of pricey. Costs down--bake your own high protein granola bars, pack with apples and peanut butter, freeze a little applesauce and water and THAT is a yummy lunch!

TJSMITH7 SparkPoints: (13,006)
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10/12/13 8:38 A

Hi there ,You are so fortunate to work at a farmers market where you have a variety of fruits and veggies to eat.
You may want to try protein meal bars and protein packed trail mixes. nut butter and honey make a wonderful sandwich.
You could also freeze a water bottle to use in a cooler. We do this when we go to the pool. The cooler is in direct sun for 3 or 4 hours. The bottles help keep the food cool plus I get cold refreshing water on a hot ,humid day emoticon

Happy getting healthy emoticon
Nothing taste as good as healthy feels !!

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DEESHAREE SparkPoints: (60,480)
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10/12/13 5:44 A

These are great ideas... If you Are ever on the run and just don't have the time to make your lunch and want to avoid Mr. McDonalds, Ms. Wendy's or Papa Johns, Starbucks has a protein bento box that is less than 400 calories. It was pretty good...

DEBKING37 SparkPoints: (43,748)
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10/12/13 2:01 A

bumble bee and starkist make individual envelopes of tuna no can opener or sink required emoticon emoticon

HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
10/11/13 8:06 P

This is SUCH a great question! I guess we all kind of take it for granted to just pop our food in the fridge or microwave and go. Giving this thought, protein would be the most challenging. I would opt for nuts, low sodium beef jerky for snacks. There are the prepackaged organic applesauces to go to and cheese wedges. Then of course, bananas since you don't have to wash them. Hmmm, this really has me thinking!

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LCRUMLEY81 SparkPoints: (98,859)
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10/11/13 8:00 P

lots of good ideas here...going to add many to my day

FIFIFRIZZLE Posts: 2,148
10/11/13 11:03 A

I have an insulated neoprene lunch bag that keeps cool for four hours. I see others have suggested thermos flasks and freezing drinks. Good ideas!
Try frozen foods such as cooked chicken to see how long before it is edible.
I know protein is your issue so I'd go with canned fish and boiled eggs, mini frittatas which are lovely cold. Yoghurt, you can freeze it. Or make yoghurt in the heat.
Protein shakes, I make my own with whey or soy powder, ascorbic acid powder, powdered stevia for sweetness, skim milk powder for extra protein, and chia seeds which also have protein in them. Flavor with cocoa or instant coffee or a chai spice mix. Add water to the jar, shake, voila, breakfast.
Quinoa is a grain that has protein so maybe this is a good choice for carbs with your salad. You can freeze made up quinoa or other grains or pasta and they will thaw in time for lunch, top with canned fish, you can get tuna in different sauces, eat as a salad.
For breakfast what about instant oats made withhot water, quite sustaining and you can add fruit, or steel cut oat porridge with apple, made in a slow cooker, you can warm & thin this with a little hot water though I like it cold. Cearal with fruit juice not milk...

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MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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10/11/13 10:18 A

Two little insulated for hot, one for cold. Food will be fine through the lunch hour.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
10/10/13 11:24 A

Here's an easy solution. Isagenix shakes! There ya go. Complete meal replacement, 24 grams of protein. I love them. Just add cold water. I have a busy schedule too and these are so quick and easy to prepare. I needed more protein in my diet and this has been such a life changer for me. Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

CHERYLSBUTT SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/13 11:04 A

I am a fan of fruit and nuts and water with my vitamins when I have no time or
appliances to create a better breakfast/lunch. I try to keep a boiled egg handy so
I can get my protein too!

DANAEBOYCE1 SparkPoints: (16,080)
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Posts: 224
10/9/13 10:37 P

celery and peanut butter, apple, cucumber, pretzels, and cashews. thats the kind of stuff that i pack for my sons lunch.

SHELAGHB Posts: 13
10/9/13 4:48 P

I travel around town for work so often have to catch a quick bite in-between meetings in the car. My secret is a 6-pack fitness cooler. It has space for water, shakes, meals and comes complete with custom fit ice packs. I often make cold chop salad with protein, lettuce and left over veggies, pack a protein shake and pumpkin bar for mid-afternoon and always keep something handy in case of a hunger emergency or late night. It also has space to store supplements, drink packets and other things. Check it out. It's worth the $$

10/9/13 3:31 P

I live in Florida. We have two seasons, Hot and REAL hot. I also vote for the small igloo or playmate cooler. They are not much bigger than a lunch box. I also use frozen bottles of water to keep things cool. I always want something cool in the heat and humidity. I pack things like tuna salad, chicken salad, fruit, veggies and hummus dip. I like to marinate chicken tenders in italian dressing and bake or grill them. I do a bunch at once and eat them in sandwiches, all by themselves, in salads etc.

BITSNPIECES38 Posts: 981
10/9/13 1:41 P

St. Dalfour makes a quality lunch product that doesn't require heating or refrigeration. No preservatives. I like the 3 Bean and Sweet Corn, the Tuna Pasta, and the Wild Pink Salmon varieties. They even include a little spork and packages of salt and pepper.

Bumble Bee Tuna has a Spicy Thai tuna medley that comes with crackers, it would be good for lunch if you had some fruit to accompany. They have other flavors, too, but I'm partial to the Spicy Thai version. There are lots of options in the canned/pouched chicken/tuna aisle, actually.

There's a company called GoPicnic, and they specialize in putting together little lunch box packets that have everything you need - a protein, plus a fruit snack and even a little dessert. They are usually under 500 calories per container. I have heard very good things about the Hummus one.

All of these are available on Amazon - I'm in the US so I don't know about shipping costs to Australia. GoPicnic has it's own web-site.

10/9/13 11:56 A

I work on an airplane, no refridgerator or oven most of the time. Think raw vegan options, cut up veggies, bring soup in a thermos, fresh fruit or in a can, almond milk and cereal. It's healthy and tastes great. emoticon

10/9/13 11:23 A

If your nit allergic to peanut maybe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches could or crackers or I used the igloo cooler with the frozen blue ice cube that you freeze overnight in your fridge I buy enough to get me through 2 days for just in case I forget to freeze them I have a back up they stay frozen u also used the water frozen too to help keep my water colder and help the freezer packs but I buy the bigger ones put one on bottom and one on top we never had an issue I sent my husband tuna and chicken salad in already made with mayo he never got sick over it you can do Ham and turkey salad too I hope the igloo idea helps or any plastic cooler would work but I like the lunch mate pails best by igloo

10/9/13 10:50 A

avocado and turkey on weight watcher's multi grain

10/9/13 10:35 A

I pack my lunches for college and since I study in the library on lunch, I don't have access to a microwave or fridge, either. I usually pack things that are easy to transport that are satisfying and will hold me until I get home.

Some examples:

Rice cakes with little wedges of cheese.
String cheese
Chicken breast sandwich
Hard boiled eggs
Wraps made with light cream cheese, lean ham and tortillas - cut into small pieces.
Tuna in pouches

I didn't mention any of the fruits or veggies, since you have access to those throughout the day.

Good luck!

SWEESIN Posts: 1,484
10/9/13 10:34 A

I have found that making these breakfast cookies and having an additional 2 oz. of protein like lean ham, beef, chicken or egg is and easy and quick breakfast. These cookies can be made and wrapped and frozen for use. You can also find a great muffin recipe on site that will do the same thing.
Healthy Breakfast Cookie
Submitted by: VALARIE27

Makes a big Cookie. 1 cookie per serving.

Minutes to Cook: 12

Number of Servings: 12


3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup white flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbsp butter
1/4 cup applesauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 Tbsp sugar
1 egg
4 oz sweet potatoes puree-baby food
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup smart start cereal or bran flakes
1/3 cup dried craisins
1/3 cup almonds

See Fun Halloween Dessert Recipes


Whisk together the first 6 ingredinets and set aside. In another bowel combine butter, applesauce, and sugars. Mix until sugars disolved. Add egg, sweet potato puree, and vanills, mix well. Add flour mixture. Now add oats, cereal, craisins, and nuts. Do not over beat. Use 3-4 Tbsp of batter per cookie, on a greased cookie sheet. Flatten cookie slightly. Bake for 12 minutes at 350 degrees.

Number of Servings: 12

Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user VALARIE27.


JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,750
10/9/13 10:10 A

I agree with the hard side cooler suggestion. Another Floridian here, and my family has used them for years with great success even in very, very hot weather. Just keep it out of direct sun.

If you use a cooler: pasta salad made with FF or low fat italian dressing, veggies and tofu/leam ham/chicken/tuna; cheese and meat roll ups (no bread); spinach salads with goat cheese, etc.

If you don't use a cooler: nut butters (I prefer rice cakes or apples to bread), tuna/chicken pouches (you can use mayo packets which don't need refrigeration or mustard; I like to eat mine with celery sticks), hummus with broccoli (or another protein rich veggie); baby carrots are great as a side and do well without refrigeration.

KATHY391 SparkPoints: (7,485)
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Posts: 916
10/9/13 9:06 A

lunch ideas:
peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread- that doesnt need to be refrigerated or heated
tuna on wheat , but you have to pack a can opener so that you can open the can at the moment your going to eat.throw away whatevers left when your done.
dried fruit with nuts

breakfeast ideas:
wheat bread alone,
some granola bars
dry cereal alone like cherrios

an apple,
sliced bananas.

water to drink all day its good for you and you can drink it at room temperature.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
10/9/13 7:44 A

i'm not going to be the absolute most helpful because i plan snacks not meals, but i will say that your containers will be what make your options nearly limitless. i live in florida, so in the summer i have a similar issue. and what i have found is that a decent insulated lunchbox and ice packs work wonders. the other thing i couldn't live without is my thermos funtainer. it's shorter and squatter than a drinking thermos, holds 10oz, has a wide mouth and keeps stuff hot or cold for hours. i tend to go for yogurt, fruit and granola. when i know i am going to have to eat lunch later, i put the yogurt in my funtainer, add frozen fruit and seal it up. i keep the granola in my regular lunchbox because it doesn't have to stay quite as cold as yogurt. but i do that with my yogurt at just before 8 in the morning, i can't eat it until after 1:30 in the afternoon because it is still too frozen to eat. and that's with the funtainer sitting in my black car in the florida sun. anything that you can freeze in advance will help keep everything cooler for longer.
to some degree all coolers will sweat a little. if you're worried, wrap a towel around your cooler and change it out every day or so.
the other thing is to figure out the best options at the food court and bring things that complement them. so if you could buy yogurt, bring fruit.
pbjs are staples for a reason. for a more adult version use a wrap and some sliced fruit instead of bread and jelly. shelf stables cheeses and crackers along with whole fruit can be a good later in the day option. and do plan it that way. have your more perishable meal first and then rely on the more shelf stable items. because there are more and more shelf stable items that are pretty decent every year. just head to the store and start reading labels. there is dried fruit, fruit cups [applesauce, pearsauce, fruit in its own juices], jerky, cheeses, and cup of soups [here we can find dr macdougall's, nile and health valley which have decent ingredient lists and all you need to add is hot water and you can have lentil curry, chili, potato leek, black bean and a variety of other soups.] to name a few. it does take some exploring to find out what your store has, but it can make a big difference in your options.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,223
10/9/13 7:09 A

Here in the States, you can get a small "Playmate" type hard-sided cooler; it's about the size for a 6-pack of canned soda. These work better than an insulated soft-side bag type cooler. And won't be dripping. A couple of those gel-type freezer packs, and your food should stay cold. We use them here in Tennessee where it can easily top 100 in the summer; my sister is a letter carrier in Florida (where it can get even hotter) and uses one every day for her lunch, in an un-air conditioned mail truck. She freezes not-quite-full water bottles and uses those instead of the gel packs.

So that'd be my first suggestion. Opens up the possibilties for protein quite a bit; you can then go with leftover roast chicken or other sliced meats. String cheese. Hard boiled eggs. (I'd suggest peeling them before packing them, just to save on time during your quick break.)

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,046)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,732
10/9/13 6:54 A

Lots of options to mix/match:
tuna/salmon pouches
fresh green beans
kale chips
canned vegetables (straight out of the can)
fresh fruit
celery and peanut butter.

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THELOVELYBIRD SparkPoints: (3,422)
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Posts: 106
10/9/13 6:21 A

I know there have been similar topics to this one, but I haven't quite found the answer I'm looking for.

Here's the deal: I work at a farmer's market for 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. I also live in Australia. Summer is coming, and it will be my first Australian summer as well as my first summer working outside at a job. There's no access to a fridge or a microwave for my breakfast/lunch break and I need some ideas for breakfast and lunches. I work at a fruit stand, so I can eat all the fruit I want, but I need some ideas to get some more protein in my diet.

I'm not really looking for "snack" ideas. I know small snacks are great, but because I get two quick breaks and then work 3-5 hours in between at a VERY busy market, I don't have time to snack and need a meal that will fill me up for those long periods.

I'm reluctant to trust a cooler or insulated bag just because it can be 40+ degrees celcius some days (over 100 degrees farenheit,) and a dripping cooler stored in a dark dank cupboard during those long shifts won't be great.

I know it's a tough one! Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been buying lunches at the food court at work, but there aren't many healthy options and it's quite expensive.

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