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6/17/11 3:10 P

those r great lunch ideas emoticon thx. I pack a lunch every day n nxt yr my son will need a packed lunch for school.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
6/4/11 6:55 A

I need some easy meals for picnics without going thru the drive thru ! emoticon

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
6/3/11 9:23 P

Fit N Fresh containers are some of the best food containers on the market, in my opinion. Like you, I have limited time for lunch, and limited resources. (I'm a teacher.) Not only does each container come with an ice pak, but the containers are designed for different types of meals, eg a container for salads, one for fruit or veggies and dip or yogurt, one for a sandwich and a few sides, etc. At one point, they were available at the Sparkpeople store as well.

Hope that helps, good luck!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
6/3/11 8:03 P

Pick one day to cook a lot of chicken, perferably grill it with minimal spices.

You can make chicken salad, chicken pita pockets, chicken rollups, chicken soup , chicken on top of a green salad, chicken stir fry, chicken and pasta etc etc

I agree with the poster below, get a good insulated bag and a big wide mouth Thermos to keep your food hot or cold !!

Bring along some fruit and maybe a yogurt and you are good to go !!


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6/3/11 9:50 A

Try to get yourself a good lunch bag and ice pack to keep things fresh

salads (spruce up the different lettuce varieties and you may want to try and add fresh herbs like dill etc)
lots of your fave veggies that are in season and on sale
lean protein (turkey rollups, chicken breast, tuna etc)
put dressing in separate container and add later so it doesnt get soggy

old stand by for me
tuna or chicken salad lettuce wraps
i use romaine or boston lettuce as they wrap the best
one can of tuna or chicken breast
tbsp of greek yogurt or miracle whip
tbsp of your fave mustard
salt and black pepper
onion chopped fine
celery chopped fine
mix and bring your lettuce separate to wrap

whole wheat pita pockets with grilled veggies and mustard
lean protein and low fat cheese

pasta salad (portion based on your liking and if you want leftovers)
whole wheat pasta
low fat feta
low fat italian dressing

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6/3/11 6:01 A

SOO I am currently working from 10a-8pm this summer so I can save up to go abroad... Basically 1. I can't eat out often because it is too expensive and 2. I only have a 1 hour break....

Anyone have on the go LUNCH and DINNER ideas that are quick to make and don't need to be heated?

I feel like I am on top chef :) but I don't think my work has a microwave because I am going to be a swim instructor....

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