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5/2/11 10:17 A

good advice from everyone.
I was training for a marathon over a year ago but quit when i went back to college. now that summer is coming up, one of my good friends who runs cross country is going to train me up.
id say some advice is try to find a running buddy. it isnt for everyone, but for some people it really helps keep your mind off of the burn, or how far you have gone because you are caught up in conversation. some however need to run alone. i need the other person there at least in the beginning of training to really help push me.
one of my favorite sayings i tell people who need a boost, or two actually, is for one, don't be afraid.and two, its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.
go for it!

ALICIAYOUNG1127 Posts: 110
4/12/11 5:33 P

Patience and perserverance is the best advice Ive heard..I am still overweight..but I have already lived through two 5k races..signed up for a third in september...then I am on to a 10k!!! I cannot wait to feel that good again..anyone out there trying it..just go slow as you can..and take the time..its very worth it!!

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
4/12/11 5:01 P

The best advice I received? Never say can't. If you tell yourself you can't do something, you won't be able to do it.

Even being an unathletic and (at the time) overweight/borderline obese woman, I told myself that I was going to become a runner. Not "I'm going to TRY to run" but "I AM going to run." When I started out last spring, I couldn't even run half a mile without walking. Now I'm up to 3 to 4 miles, and I'm looking to sign up for some 5K races this spring/summer. Once I run a few of those, I'm going to shoot for 10K. All it takes is patience and perseverance!

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4/12/11 1:33 P

I've been an on-again, off again jogger for years until this past Dec.
I think you need to know what makes you tick: I realized that one of the reasons I kept quitting was my patience and expectation level. I'm a fairly good athlete but running takes awhile to master and go any type of distance. You need patience with running and that's definitely not my strong suit.
I realized that if I started small with a 2km loop that can be added on and I reigned myself in at the beginning, than I can constantly improve.

Typically in the past I would map out a 5k route and just go run, usually most of it, but I'd feel like crap and then I wouldn't improve. This time, with my smaller loop, I broke it into blocks/hills/chunks and so every week I was basically able to add another 'chunk' and therefore see the improvement and therefore continue going see the was a wonderful, vicious, positive, cycle.

Imagine my surprise last week when I could finally hit one of the trails (still snow covered) of a 2.5 length and I practically ran, none of this jogging, and felt like I could have done it twice. Feels amazing. I've set summer goals for myself and am sure I'll be able to maintain them.

Again, it's important to know who you are, what makes you tick, and capitalize on that. Find out what your fear is (embarrassment?) and figure out how to turn that around or eliminate that fear (jog in a quiet area at off times?). Or maybe you're competitive and the race is a good one.

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4/12/11 11:33 A

Just do it! as has been said below, running is for you. Be proud that you are doing it and know that there will always be people who are faster than you... and then there will be all those people who don't even try.

You Can Do It! (asthmatics too! I am one, you just have to start slow and let your lungs adapt, slow and consistent!)

SPAZZY21DMH Posts: 76
4/12/11 11:16 A

I just started running about a month ago - so far I am able to run a 11-12 minute mile without stopping. I do end up with some strange pains in my legs so I've started to really focus on consistent stretching before AND after my run. I've been using a treadmill (as the weather isn't good for being outside just yet) and I have to say I'm kinda nervous about taking it outside. I recently started playing with the incline on the treadmill so I can be ready to go outside - as I know the groud is not as level as a treadmill :) Any advice for transitioning to outside running? I think my time is good for now - I'm happy with being able to go a mile in about 12 minutes (sometimes 15 depending on the day haha). Thanks!

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4/8/11 9:46 P

When I started running, I felt exactly the same way. What helped me was to remember that it was for ME. When I ran my first mile without walking, that was for ME. When I earned the endurance to go 5k, that was for ME. And when I could finally run the whole 5k, that was for me too. These are my triumphs; I will always have them and no one and nothing anyone says can take them away from me.

CRISPY20 Posts: 342
4/8/11 9:31 P

My advice: don't compare yourself to anyone else. Worry about doing better than you did last time. Go 10 more seconds without stopping, make it farther up that hill before you take a walk break, add one more mile. I am a slow runner. I'll probably never win my age division unless I'm still running at age 90 and there's no one else in my bracket! But I do try to beat my past times for races I've done before. Runners come in all shapes, sizes & speeds. Don't worry about what other people think. You're out there doing something great for you.

Start slow, get shoes that work for your feet/stride, and keep on plugging along. When I started I couldn't run 1 block. These days I'm training for a half marathon.

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4/8/11 3:45 P

Last year, at the age of 45, I decided I wanted to be able to run. I had picked it up a few years ago but didn't keep it up. I had run (I use the term loosely) a couple of 3.5 mile races - only once without taking walk breaks and even then I felt like I was merely running on the spot, I was so slow - so I decided I needed some kind of formal plan. Not sure why, but I picked a beginner's half-marathon training schedule. It's all about covering the required distance, no matter how you do it, and time and speed don't matter at all. It suited me just fine! The upshot is I actually ran a half-marathon last September and crossing that finish line was the most exhilarating experience I've ever had. My advice: pick a training plan to suit, do what you can, keep at it and, in the words of Nike, "Just do it!" It's just one foot in front of the other. Repeat.

DKUBO04 Posts: 124
3/22/11 3:14 P

I have always wanted to start running, but I end up letting all those others keep me from it. I can only run for about 2 minutes before I have to stop. Of course, having asthma doesn't help. A co-worker of mine tells me that anyone can run. That is how she lost 85 pounds. She looks awesome and is an inspiration to me. I have seen before pictures (Her drivers license) so I know that she has done well. I look to others who have "been in my shoes" for inspiration and tell myself I can do it, with asthma. (I always have my inhaler with me and my doctor has approved of my walk-run method).

TONYAGIRL1 Posts: 258
3/22/11 2:51 P

I started running about a year ago and ran my first 5k last Oct. It was great. I was one of those at the gym that looked at the guy or gal beside me running and thought I'd never, ever be able to do that.

So, one day I tried it. Lasted about 30 seconds. The next day 1 minute. And the rest is history. I am constantly trying to increase my speed and mileage. It has been a great motivator for me.

SQUID1 Posts: 279
3/22/11 12:57 P

I think it's really hard to start running, but the walk run thing is the way. You need to walk first. If you've got that going, just break out into a one minute run, not too fast, and see how it feels. You'll get such a calorie burning boost, and cardio fitness boost, by being able to increase your heart rate for a couple of minutes, that you'll be chomping at the bit to add more minutes! Just do it slowly!
I love to run, and have been doing it for about 12 years now.

GYMCHICK9 Posts: 67
3/22/11 12:55 P

That is SO great to hear! Remember one step at a foot in front of the proud of yourself at all times!

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
3/22/11 12:45 P

I just want to thank you for posting this! I have dabbled with running a while ago for about a week or so. I used to run all the time but I havent for about 2 years. It is frustrating just because I know I allow my mind to tell my body it doesn't want to so I dont. It is the only thing I let myself shy away from.
It is just nice to hear so many encouraging words - thank you!

3/22/11 12:08 P

I love the Nike mantra of "Just Do It". Also do not let running snobs get to you. You know, the ones that look down on someone like me that runs a 9-10 minute mile. I used to let "snobs" keep me from races. I used to think that if you were going to be a runner that was all that you should do. Back in my high school cross country days in the late 70's all I did was run. But now,I love ZUMBA and other forms of cross training and could never imagine just running.

That being said there are room for all of us in running. I do respect the elite by not pushing to be at the front of the pack (actually chips all but eliminate this!) I will respect elite runners, but in turn want them to respect the fact that I ran the same distance (albeit slower) that they did.

MUM-BUM Posts: 644
3/22/11 11:53 A

Great idea.
I think the biggest hurdle for me was the idea that taking up running meant running for xx distance at yy pace. Say - 3 miles at a 10 minute mile. Well, for someone not used to running and/or out of shape, that simply isn't a realistic goal.
Find a program that shows you how to gradually start running, like a couch to 5K.
I started running in Jan. At first, a minute was incredibly hard. This past weekend, I ran for a full 6 miles with no walk breaks. I am not setting any speed records, but I did it!
For me it is about realistic goals and baby steps.

OCCULTPIZZA Posts: 3,466
3/22/11 11:46 A

Crawl, Walk, Run!!! ~smiles~

When I first started this program I weighed 400 pounds and had 3 terminal illnesses and several chronic maladies...

Today, I weight 277, I was happy at 285 until I decided to take up rock climbing, as I AM an avid FCHWA (Full Contact Historical Weapons Association) I enjoyed being the "Bonecrusher" that I was in the ring ~grins~, but I think I can find a happy medium at around 200-205 ~smiles~.

I had to start by walking down the block and back once or twice, as I could barely walk and my legs looked like I had elephantitis...

After a year and getting down to about 290 I started jogging 4 miles on hard ground, at first I would get tired and then go to a brisk walk until my "Percieved Exertion" level went down, then I would start joggin' again...Eventually I could jog the whole 4 miles in about 50-55 minutes at 290 pounds ~grins~, and with Chondroitin, MSM, & Glucosamine my knees have had no problems, and I have had a partial kneecap blown off ~grins~.

The only thing that limits a person is themselves, one by trying to do too much too fast, or by not doing it at all ~smiles~.

I AM now down to 1 terminal illness my Immune System is pretty much back up an running, I haven't had Pnuemonia in 3 years or so now...

I backpack, rock climb, Snow shoe, Hike, Job, etc.

I feel better than I have since I was like 24 ~chuckles~, I AM 46 now :)

One of my terminal illnesses was "Morbid Obesity", even at 295 the doctors said I was healthy and took me off my cholestorol meds ~smiles~, as I was eating right by this time too, why waste all the energy and time looking sexy, getting healthy, just to eat burgers and processed poop?! ~chuckles~


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GYMCHICK9 Posts: 67
3/22/11 10:54 A

Hey Everyone!!

I am a runner of about 5 years now...I just seem to hear from a lot of friends and family that they are fearful to begin running...that they think they "Suck" at it just because they can't go really fast or can't finish a full mile.

I just thought that this message board might be helpful for anyone that it interested in running, but has NO clue how to begin or if anyone needed words of encouragement to JUST DO IT!

So...if you have ANY training advice or just positive sayings, quotes, ANYTHING to get someone motivated to just try - please add to this board!

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