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What about Coach Nicole's seated cardio video?


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I don't know much about autism but do you have an occupational therapist you could talk to? I'm wondering if an occupational therapist could help figure out ways for the both of you to exercise (things that would help his motor skills). Are there support groups for parents with autistic children? If so, maybe that could be beneficial for both you and your son.

What about other family members? Do you have anyone close by the would be willing to watch him long enough for you to use the gym at your apartment (even if it is for 30 or 45 minutes)? If you have a place of worship, see if there is someone that would be willing to watch him while you workout. Maybe there is someone there that would be willing to help out or at least offer some support.

I know I asked a lot of questions but I was just trying to think of ways to help you and your son.

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6/8/13 5:04 P

Since my 10 year old is out of school now I can only do the elliptical at work-weekends. I have no sitter and cannot walk or run-bad knees and injury. I do yoga when he goes to bed and am going to try to keep this up. Walking/cardio DVDs are hard on the knees. My son is HF autistic and has no friends so he is with me 24/7. His dad works third shift and does not help out. We can't afford a gym and our apartment gym will not let anyone under 18 in. I am trying to tell myself this is only temporary and I will do what I can while at work. I have SO far to go yet. feeling very fat as it is.

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