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7/23/14 4:49 P

Thanks Jibbie. :) We had a great time and it was totally needed (first vacay in two years).
I am sticking with 12-14 hr fasts overnight (which is much easier when I stop eating at 8 or 9 instead of 11 like one night last week!) and an AM yoga routine daily. I refuse to weigh myself at this point because if I've lost anything (my pants say I haven't), it will excuse slacking off and if I haven't, it might demotivate me so - no weigh ins. On Sunday I'll measure my waist because my Dr told me I should keep track of that as a better indicator of health than the number on the scale.
My AM yoga routine has been helping me at least in terms of stress reduction. I definitely feel better and more balanced. If I had to guess, I'd say a huge contributor to my weight issues is stress (and the fact that I am a stress eater - stress makes me want to cook, all the time). So anything that helps me reduce overall stress and cope with the stresses I cannot avoid (hi, motherhood) is good.

As for Mercola - I've actually used several of his supplements and I like them. His Krill and EPO supplement is great for hormonal support (but you do need additional fish oil sources for Omega-3's, like CLO), I also love the powdered probiotic drink because it's one of the few high-potency non-dairy probiotics available. I've also taken his multivitamin and the tumeric/ginger supplement. Most natural health advocates these days seem to be monetizing their advice through the sale of supplements, so it's not like he's the only one. I'd say he's been a really good gateway source for people new to the ideas of alternative medicine and natural healing, so on balance, I consider him a force of good. :)

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7/20/14 1:02 A

Forgive yourself as a vacation isn't "normal" life and I'm glad you had a good time. I live in Pensacola Florida where it is 4 miles to the Gulf so I know about swimsuits, but it is SO pretty here. I love the beach.
Glad you know about Dr. Mercola. Yes, he does promote his products, (a big criticism he gets) but I do think he makes a lot of medical sense and he is very fit, so he practices what he preaches.

7/19/14 5:32 P

I am deliberately restarting this after derailing on vacation. A week in a swimsuit has made me all the more aware of how much I've let myself go this year and how urgent it is that I change my life and my lifestyle and my body so I can be more healthy, feel better and look better...for myself, for my husband, for my kids.
Goals this week are to get back in the habit of fasting 12-14 hrs over night and doing 10 minutes of yoga each morning, especially plank and side plank. Over the next few weeks, I'd like to go back to full fasting a few times a week but I am waiting to see about some hormonal things that have popped up. I am experiencing some abnormal symptoms in the cycle can look back to my first post, it was something I was on the look out for with the EODD and it definitely appears that nearly 30 days of EODD had some negative impact on the regularity of my cycles...we'll see. Jury is still out.

7/5/14 11:56 P

Today is Day 20. The last 4 days, I've slacked off on a full-day fast. It's been more 17 hrs of fasting, and then lunch and dinner. I started to feel some serious mood swings on fasting days and it was getting in the way of mothering and family life. I saw a Dr on Thursday and without evening telling her about this whole thing, she recommended the Fast Diet book and a 14+ hr break between dinner and breakfasts, every day, plus exercise 3x/week in that fasting state. So I'm going to go with that for awhile. I haven't weighed in since Monday, the daily weighing was freaking me out. :) This coming week I plan on getting back to keeping up this journal and the recommendations from my dr.

6/30/14 12:41 P

Thanks for the tip Jibbie! Mercola is the reason I started looking into IF in general. A few weeks ago he reposted an interview with the woman who wrote the Every Other Day Diet book/study and that was when I decided to give it a go.

Okay so Days 13 & 14 (today is 15, but it's barely started so I don't want to talk about it. I'm fasting):
13 (which was a fast day) was okay until dinner time when I decided to make turkey burgers for everyone else, because DH wanted them and I was being nice. Apparently, I totally botched them, so a debate ensued as to who made the better turkey burger (yep, I found a man who cooks). This led to making another batch of burgers (this time with his idea of teriyaki sauce), which led to me basically losing all resolve to continue fasting through dinner. I will say, his were better than the ones I made. :)
Yesterday was a feast day, I tried to balance out the fasting fail the previous day by eating a late brunch (break between dinner and breakfast the following day was 15 hours) and I ate big salads with lunch and dinner.
Today I am trying to get back on track. I definitely felt more sluggish than usual the last two days with that break in my fasting routine, so I'm looking forward to getting my energy back.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 64,639
6/28/14 1:54 A

Dr. Mercola (he's a medical doctor) is very big on fasting, and has a lot of information about it on his web site. He recommends fasting two days per week, and then not having breakfast so on the other days you eat within a six hour period. He says our ancestors didn't eat six times per day, which I certainly believe is the case. I've learned a lot from his lecturers on YouTube.

6/27/14 6:33 P

Day 11 & 12:
Weighed this morning - 174.6. Moving in the right direction = win.

Yesterday was another fast's sort of feeling more routine now. I have had some bad mood swings the last two fast days, but I think that might also be due to hormonal factors, since this is a time in the month where I typically get a little touchy (I'm a joy to live with, I swear).
On non-fast days, I have been feeling less hungry, so I think my stomach may be shrinking. My appetite is definitely down, or at least, my portion sizes seem to be.
Today I went for a walk with my kids and we saw dolphins at the local beach. Super cool!

6/25/14 1:14 P

Day 10:
Weighed today - 175 = yay! As I've said - I'm happy if the weight comes off slowly as long as it stays off, so if I can only lose 2lbs or even 1lb a week, I'll take it. I'd like to lose 40lbs by this time next year, so that's more than doable even with just 1lb per week. I am secretly hoping that things will accelerate a bit now, because we have vacation coming up...but as long as I can stay on track with some loss, I'll take it.
My short term goal now is to stick with this EODD for another 30 days and then I'll reevaluate my progress.

6/24/14 7:40 P

Days 8 & 9:

Yesterday was a "successful" feast day - as in, I ate normally and didn't over do it on anything. And at the end of the day, when I was tempted to chow down on an Almond Dream ice cream bar "because I was good today." I ate a handful of macadamia nuts instead a tbsp. of chocolate chips. I slept well last night too, which was great.

Weigh-in this morning was 176.6. Apparently the 10lbs I gained in the last 3 or 4 months are not going to be NEARLY as easy to get off as they were to put on. I'm starting to worry a bit as I reflect back on how I got from 165 to 177 in such a short period of time. I'm not sure where I went of the rails so badly and that makes me wonder if there are underlying things going on. I know sudden weight gain can be a symptom of other stuff, like thyroid issues and since I have a family hx of thyroid issues, plus I've been having this lingering neck pain for the last few inner hypochondriac is a little piqued.

Today is a fast day and it's been fine so far except I ran out of lettuce, so instead of my usual giant salad + protein, I ended with a bowl of homemade thai curry (chicken, veggies, coconut milk, curry paste) and a head of steamed broccoli. A little too much activity this afternoon has made me ravenous, so I'm trying to keep it at bay with a warm drink. If that doesn't work...maybe a pickle or some celery? Last time I broke my fast early (last Friday), I felt really bad the whole weekend. It's mind over matter baby, I can get through this.

Trying to convince the hubs to start up with me...he's got a few lbs to lose (not nearly as much as me, that's for sure!) and for our (big) (coming next month) anniversary this year, I'd really like to hire a photographer and get some nice family photos for a change. It would be nice to do that when he and I are both in better shape and feeling more comfortable with how we look in pics.

6/22/14 1:29 P

Day 6 & 7:
I weighed yesterday - 176.6. Hardly counts as weight loss, but since it's in a general downward direction, I'm going to count it anyway. :)

Observations from almost 1 week on this plan:
- Weight loss is not as dramatic as I thought it would be. This could be because I haven't been eating very well on feast days. Or it could be because I am one of "those women" who doesn't respond well to fasting. Who knows...I'm giving it another 2 weeks at least.
- On average, I'd say I definitely have had more energy during this week of intermittent fasting than I've had in awhile. That's a huge plus for me.
- I do not sleep as well on feasting days. I've played around with it some and I definitely have to stop eating several hours before I go to bed in order to get a decent nights sleep and not feel totally wasted in the morning. On post-fast mornings, I've been able to almost jump out of bed in the morning.
Goals for this week:
- Snack less on feast days. Be more mindful of meal time and make sure to prepare the meal, sit down and enjoy the meal and not eat between. I have found myself eating meals standing up a LOT this week and I know that leads to more overeating for me. If I just stopped mindless grazing, I'd drop 5lbs instantly (not really...but probably over the course of a month or two, that change alone would make a serious dent).
- Stop eating by 8pm on feast days. Based on my experience this week, no eating after 8pm is mandatory if I want to sleep and not be a zombie the next day.
- Try to follow 80/20 on feast days: as in 80% healthy fats, protein and veggies and 20% other stuff. I've been reading through the studies on the every other day diet and I know in some of the literature I've come across, there was discussion about groups with more calories from fat having better weight loss results overall. We're big fans of the healthy fats in my house - pastured butter, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, etc, but sometimes I have to do a better job at working them into my meals. I need to make sure that on feast days, I'm not just shoveling junk into my body (pretzels, root veggie chips, cupcakes).
- Family vacay is coming up around the 4th of July and I would really like to at least be back down into my normal jeans again (that's about 5lbs). I haven't felt good in a swimsuit in 6 years, so I have zero expectations there but I would feel *better* in my swimsuit if I was at least under 170. I have to be realistic here because that's 2 weeks away and in the long run, I'd rather lose the weight slowly and keep it off than lose it fast and have it come back double or triple time. This is NOT supposed to be a crash diet. It's supposed to be a lifestyle. I need to keep telling myself that.

...Today is a fast day and it's feeling harder than usual. I got up early today to get DH out the door for a seminar and my kids and I are all a bit tired and grumpy. :) I'm going to try and take a nap with the little one and hopefully wake up around lunch time. :)

6/20/14 11:37 P

Day 5:
No weigh in...went to bed late last night (noticing a trend her), got up feeling decent/well-rested despite eating a snack at 11:30 last night.
Today I fasted through lunch (around 1:00), but then we had a bday party and I got sidetracked by sandwiches and root veggie chips and also cake (which was adorable, btw...quite proud of how it turned out). I had some soup tonight - veggies, chicken broth and orzo, plus an egg muffin (eggs baked w/ onions and chicken sausage) and some ice cream. Not feeling very great today - it was a long day and I'm wiped out.

I'm already noticing that with this program, I've started looking forward to fasting days. It's hard to go through the day and not eat, but it's not hunger. I don't feel hungry...I feel stronger and clearer...but I also have to break the emotional ties with food that I have (which is one of the big reasons to fast in my book, even this way with the on-off-on cycling). I was planning on just eating lunch today as I normally would on a fast day and then going back to my routine (fasting through breakfast tomorrow), but after we got home from the party, we had a stressful afternoon with lots of rushing to help the hubs and lots of fussy, tired, overwrought children and I could feel my resolve literally die. It was weird.
I'll probably fast until lunch tomorrow and then just stick to the schedule (fast on Sunday, normal on monday, etc). I don't seem to be losing weight yet, but if that starts, I could see how this could be a very easy permanent lifestyle change if it works. And again - have I mentioned how my energy levels have improved? I never notice this kind of change on a pure, daily calorie restriction plan (like 1600-1800 cal/day vs. 2200 one day, 500 next). I would feel like I was in a fog and a constant state of starvation on those plans (which I've done many times...with wildly varying degrees of success). The last week - especially on fast days, I feel sharp and alert and energetic and that feels good. :)

6/19/14 2:11 P

Day 3 & 4:
I attempted to post yesterday, but after two browser crashes, I walked away and went about my day without it. :)
Yesterday was a fasting day. It went off without a hitch. I wrote yesterday that I was feeling surprisingly energetic, despite a really bad night the night before (slept longer but woke up feeling hungover and terrible). I had a salad and a leftover turkey burger patty for lunch with some avocado and a pickle. Instead of drinking coffee all day (as I did on day 1), I just had my usual morning coffee and drank water the rest of the day. I still didn't go to sleep until 2am, but I was on a roll with a knitting project and probably could have slept a lot earlier.
I woke up today at about 8am and felt well rested so I'm wondering if it is going to be a pattern - sleep well on fast days, feel hungover on feast days...That would be bad. I'll have to tweak my eating pattern, maybe stop eating earlier in the evening on feast days or something.
I weighed this morning, still 177 but it's only been three days. So far I'm happy with how things are going and I feel pretty great mentally and physically (good mental clarity, no mood swings, sufficient energy, not feeling starving).

6/17/14 12:30 P

Okay... Day 2
It may or may not have been the 4 cups of coffee I had yesterday, but I was up and wide awake (wide.awake) until after 3am last night. And naturally this was also the night #3 decided not to sleep much and to wake up loud and proud at 7am sharp. Joy.
Despite that, I actually feel surprisingly energetic today so far. I wasn't hungry for breakfast, but I have to be out for several hours this morning, so I decided to eat anyway - scrambled eggs with raw cheddar and salsa on an organic corn/wheat tortilla with a small green salad of lettuce and carrot.
My goal today is to eat normally (as in, avoid overeating) and to stick to 3 meals without snacking. For tomorrow, I need to plan ahead better because yesterday I didn't cook much and the rest of my family was not happy about that. :) So I'm also going to pre-cook tomorrow's food today so that everyone else won't go hungry.
Finally - major planning fail here, I will have to rearrange my EOD schedule because Friday we have a bday party that I am hosting, so I cannot be in fasting mode...or maybe I can. I don't know. I'll see how tomorrow goes. If I think it won't go well, I probably do a modified thing and eat breakfast and lunch and skip dinner and breakfast the following day.
Successful first day means I fasted from about 9pm Sunday night to 9am Tuesday morning, except for yesterday's midday meal. Because of that midday breakup, it didn't feel like that long and felt pretty doable as long as I kept in "mind over matter" mode.

6/16/14 7:49 P

I haven't been on SP in ages, but I was looking for a community based forum to keep track of my experience with the Every Other Day Diet. I'm going to see how it goes here...
For background on ADF (alternate day fasting) you can start here
and then look at google. I've been researching this for awhile and I feel comfortable enough with what I've read that I'm willing to try it now.

I am a 30 yr old mom of 3, still breastfeeding my youngest (who is over 2 and nurses primarily for comfort a few times per day). My most comfortable weight was when I was 24 and 128lbs. Before kids, my normal weight was about 135. The lowest I have been in the last 5 years was 154 last summer immediately after doing the Whole 30 paleo challenge. It is shocking and sad to me, typing out 154 and realizing that I have managed to gain 20+lbs back in the last year.

For my EODD, I am eating 500cals on fast days, one meal at lunch time, including a large salad. On "feast" days I will eat normal, which for me is basically homemade, local and seasonal produce, low dairy (cheese and butter), organic meat and eggs and homemade bread. I struggle with sugar demons big time, so getting that back to a manageable level is really important to me.

Things that I will be looking for over the next few weeks/months of trying this:
- Sleep quality: as a busy mom, I need sleep. I have read some reports that women who do Intermittent Fasting (IF) may have issues with sleep.
- Hormonal issues: I have always had irregular or long cycles and I already know from my paleo adventures that my diet has a big impact on my cycles and hormones. As does weight loss. I am expecting more of that. I practice NFP a la TCOYF, so I am pretty in touch with that situation and will be paying close attention to how IF affects my reproductive systems. Having a 4th baby is something I would like down the line, but it's not on the family agenda yet. :-)
- Mood: Sort of along the lines of the above, I frequently deal with very bad PMS and mood swings, which I know are influenced by my dietary choices. And by my body image. It's important for me to start feeling like I'm making progress with my body and health because feeling good about my body makes me better in every other area of my life. But I also need to make sure I'm not a hangry monster all the time. :)

That's all I can think of ATM. I have not weighed myself in weeks, mostly because I can tell by my clothes that I have put on more weight. I will weigh-in tomorrow for a baseline.
Today was my first Fast Day - I started out with my normal coffee w/ coconut oil (which I've factored into my caloric counts). Walked for about 1 hr with DD3 - not very vigorous. For my meal I had a gorgeous salad of lettuce, celery, red onions and avocado dressed with AVC, himalayan salt and a dash of sesame oil - plus an egg and a strip of turkey bacon. I've been drinking water and sipping hot coffee and so far I actually feel pretty great. Ahh, the honeymoon phase of a new diet - you're all full of glowing ambition and high hopes. :)

This record is as much for me as anyone else - but I am hoping that more women will start talking about this particular approach. And I'm talking about women who are a)not body builders b) not post menopausal (no's just a different demographic with different considerations when it comes to dieting) c) actually overweight (as opposed to the sleek crossfitters who are already fat-adapted primalistas).

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