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3/1/13 3:41 P

I'm curious what it is exactly your husband(s) do when they are in their mid-life crisis? I've been married to mine for almost 37 years - he's 57 and I'm 55, and if he went through a mid-life crisis, he did it very quietly because didn't notice a thing. I suppose not all men do this.

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2/28/13 10:01 P

Hold in there. My husband is 12 years younger than I am. He decided to go through a mid-life crisis two years ago that almost ended us. I had to give him an ultimatum and believe me it shocked him (scared the hell out of him actually.) It has been rocky now and then, but definitely worth the extra work put into it. Love him.

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2/28/13 9:01 P

My husband just admitted today that he is going through his mid life crisis. Ugh! I am a few years older than him and I did not go through one. He needs to get over this and quick!!!

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1/31/13 4:47 P

My husband is going through a full-blown mid-life crisis.The stress level in my life is almost unbearable at times. I am hoping there are people (or survivors) in a similar situation to be a support buddy/buddies.

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