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5/4/12 11:27 P

(double post)

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5/4/12 11:08 P

It's possible. LOL. Baristas can be twitchy sometimes! (Not without reason... coffee customers are HARD.)

5/4/12 11:04 P

Haha, maybe I pissed off the lady that made my americano.

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5/4/12 10:54 P

There's no way to know for sure; there's too many variables that can cause a headache to begin to guess. One way I know it's a withdrawal headache? I take whatever it is I'm withdrawing from (if its caffeine, for example, I drink a cup of coffee) and if the headache eases, I know it's the withdrawal. ;)

If you were drinking regular coffee, there could be another culprit that you might not even know... It's not unusual for staff to pour the decaf in the regular pot. ;) I've been guilty of that when I was a waitress. You could be having a caffeine withdrawal without even knowing it!

5/4/12 10:05 P

I have my diet pretty much dialed in, and have been on the same track for a long time. Since I hadn't seen any scale changes in four weeks on a plan that has always produced results in the past, I decided to cut down my useage of stevia and truvia to see if it would help. Could this have caused something that felt like a withdrawal headache today? Or was it a coincidence, and I really got it from the lady with the long fingernails that wouldn't stop clacking on her keyboard at the coffee shop? I never get headaches.

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