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Winter running

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Posts: 64
1/6/13 1:09 P

I wear trail running shoes when it's snowy, but not icy, for extra traction. I put screws in an old pair of runners several years ago and use those when it's super icy. I don't use the screw shoes all that often, though, because they feel pretty awful on sidewalks and roads that aren't icy. They're the best on icy backwoods trails. I live in Michigan and run all winter long. It makes the nicer weather seem just that much sweeter.

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Posts: 837
1/6/13 12:34 P

Your local running store might even put the screws in as a service. Mine does it for something like $10 or $20.

Posts: 2,349
1/6/13 9:11 A

I love my Yak Trax, but have never heard of screw shoes before. Will look into it.

Be careful out there! A broken ankle or leg is not worth slipping on icy roads!

I love to walk and jog in snow, but slush is a mess, and icy roads can be dangerous.

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1/6/13 4:02 A

That sounds like an accident waiting to happen. If you hit black ice it is going to hurt.

A treadmill would stop this. I have one and love it as it is great when it is raining

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1/5/13 11:04 P

screw shoes are better than Yaktrax or anything you can buy at a fraction of the cost.

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Posts: 211
1/5/13 10:56 P

I'm new to running, but want to keep going in the winter..the roads here are plowed, but not well my run today, my feet were having trouble getting traction, it felt like I was running in sand. Way too much work for the small amount of forward motion I was going...I was thinking about adding ice cleats to the bottom of my running shoes, but not sure if its worth it or what brands are good....

Has anyone tried adding ice cleats to the bottom of their running shoes? Do they work? Is it worth it? Are there any brands you would recommend?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated...

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