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CHRISC1971 Posts: 26
1/4/14 10:05 P

Definitely! Thanks for the input!

Look at them GAINS!
UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/4/14 2:24 P

I don't really, but I did think that yeah, the space and the price issues both say "buy the wind trainer", don't they? If you have a decent bike you can put on it, it would probably be a better investment than a whole large stationary bike.

Deb, in New Zealand
CHRISC1971 Posts: 26
1/2/14 5:37 P

Hello Friends,

I am considering whether to buy a stationary bike or a wind trainer as a supplement to the treadmill.

There's the obvious difference in price between the two, which is something that I find important. I would assume after having shopped around even the most expensive trainer is less expensive than a "middle of the road" (in quality) stationary bike. It would take up less space also... Does anyone use both?

Look at them GAINS!
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